We recently went to enjoy the dinner and show, Teatro Martini  at the theater in Buena Park, California. We had a spectacular date night and were seated with a lovely couple in their early 20’s in which we had a blast with laughing the night away.

Shot with our tablemates - Teatro Martini, Buena Park
Shot with our tablemates – Teatro Martini, Buena Park

We arrived 15 minutes prior to show time, so even though we missed the tray passed appetizers and pre-show, we were in time to purchase libations and get our evening started. I opted for a martini called the “Teatro Martini” and my hubby got a beer.  Shortly after, we were called to our table to be seated by one of the people that we were soon to find out was a star in the show.

We were seated on the far right side of the theater with one other couple ready to be chosen all night by the performers in the show to come on stage to be put in awkward situations. We were well aware that we were in for a treat when we were seated as close as possible to the stage.

Shortly before any food arrived, I was approached by the first performer on the stage that kindly came over to grab my hand and lead me to the stage. There we danced playfully while making the audience laugh as they sipped down their drinks feeling nervous they would be called up next I was calm, cool and collected even though I had only taken three sips of the martini I had just ordered.  The blueberry vodka had definitely not caught up with me whatsoever yet, but I must say I am always ready to dance, so it all worked out.

To start our dinner, waitresses came out dressed in a variety of different color tutus and presented us with drink menus and a delicious bowl of fresh tomato bisque. We both ate every last drop of the soup as it was phenomenal!

The second course we received as the show was going on was a tasty salad with a raspberry dressing that our table mate was ranting about the awesomeness of for the whole evening. 🙂 The Teatro Martini show opened with a variety of different stage performers with funny jokes, magic, a contortionist, laughter, music and more.  Teatro Martini really reminded me of a Las Vegas variety show right here in our own Orange County backyard.  Until this night, I did not realize a Vegas show actually existed so close to home down the street from Knott’s Berry Farm in the city of Buena Park!

Salad with rasberry dressing - Teatro Martini, Buena Park
Salad with rasberry dressing – Teatro Martini, Buena Park

For dinner, we were served a chicken breast with a skewer of shrimp, mashed potatoes, and carrots. Our table mate opted to pay a $7 upgrade fee ahead of time (which I did not know existed) to get a steak in place of the chicken and shrimp. The steak looked good as she quickly cut it in half to give a piece to her boyfriend and steal his shrimp to make her dish a surf and turf. Such a smart girl! I will remember this for next time!

Chicken and Shrimp Main Course - Teatro Martini, Buena Park
Chicken and Shrimp Main Course – Teatro Martini, Buena Park

The food was good and we enjoyed munching away when all of a sudden our tablemate was pulled up to the stage to help lock up the performer, “Magic Asian Man” in a strait jacket! This was a sight to be seen as the whole crowd was laughing hysterically as she proceeded to tie of all of the strings, buttons, and snaps to make sure he could not get out. With lots of laughter from the audience, the contortionist (Magic Asian Man) slowly got out of the straight jacket and our table mate came back laughing uncontrollably.

The show continued to go on with a variety of people from the audience being brought up to the stage from the audience including a birthday girl and a few birthday boys. (Great place to go for a birthday might I add!) See some of the photos below!

Lastly, we received a chocolate coffee sponge cake for dessert to enjoy with our bottle of what was left of our Robert Mondavi Merlot wine we ordered with dinner. With our bellies full from a night of laughs and tasty eats, we said good bye to our new friends and took a photo as the dinner show ended.

Me and my love - Teatro Martini, Buena Park (2)

Upon exit to head to our car we took advantage of two different photo opportunities with the performers from the show! They were such a jovial, lively group of people, and we had a blast with them! I recommend Teatro Martini and I would go back again as it had a super fun Las Vegas feel and the food was good. Thank you Teatro Martini for giving us a memorable date night we will remember in the years to come!

Photos with the cast after the show - Teatro Martini, Buena Park (3)

Have any of you ever been to Teatro Martini, which is in the same building as the Pirates Dinner Adventure? Please share your thoughts below if you have. If you have never been, it is definitely a site to see and a very enjoyable show! Teatro Martini is located next store to Porto’s Bakery at 7600 Beach Blvd., Buena Park, CA and it is an adult’s only show. ID will be asked for at the door. Enjoy the show!