silva's brazilian, santa ana restaurants, brazilian food
My hubby and I with GM, Alex Ferreira – Silva’s Brazilian Fresh Eatery and Churrascaria

We went to visit Silva’s Fresh Eatery & Churrascaria, a Brazilian Steakhouse this past weekend and it was divine!  Silva’s is located in the South Coast Metro area and their address is 3672 South Bristol Street, Santa Ana, California.  They opened 10 months ago.  We enjoyed an authentic variety of Brazilian delicacies including their top sirloin (Picanha), Skirt Steak, Feijoada (Black Bean Stew), Fresh Broccoli and Cauliflower, Butternut squash, Brazilian fried rice (Biro-Biro) and more. 

We loved each and every item on the menu, but my two personal favorites were the Picanha and the truffle mac n cheese!  We were also super obsessed with the Brazilian Cheese bread (made with tapioca flour) as it is always one of our favorites.  The name for this special bread in Portugese is Pao de Queijo and it has a soft and chew consistency. The moist and cheesy warm goodness of this bread is certainly addictive.  General Manager, Alex Ferreira greeted us at the door and was very helpful in explaining the menu and giving recommendations.

Silva’s operates as both a buffet style setting, as well as al a carte dining.  I loved the fact that for $22.99 we could do all you can eat and enjoy a fresh salad bar with seasonal organic salads, farm fresh veggies, whole grains and sides, as well as meats. The meats are made fresh and carved off the skewers right in front of you and served individually as you approach the buffet.  The meat served included top sirloin (Picanha), Skirt Steak, Garlic Picanha, Tri-Tip and Skirt Steak.  There were also salmon and chicken drumsticks as well.  All of the meats are full of intense flavor and we enjoyed them all!  When dining a al a carte, you can opt to order each item individually instead of as an all you can eat.

silva's brazilian, santa ana restaurants, brazilian food
Me and my love – Silva’s Brazilian Fresh Eatery and Churrascaria

For our dining experience we each started with a Brazilian drink selection. I decided on the Brazilian Mule which had Ketel One Vodka, Caju syrup, fresh lime, and ginger beer. My husband selected a Brazilian beer, the Xingu Gold Brazilian.  Both of these drinks were delicious. I am not one that likes super sweet drinks and I had never tried Caju Syrup before, so I was unsure of what to expect, but the flavor was not sweet at all and blended perfectly. In researching what Caju Syrup was, I found it is a Cashew Syrup popular in Brazil that can be used in desserts, as topping to your pancakes.  The remaining sediment can also be used as a vegetarian meat replacement as it is high in fiber and has a similar flavor to chicken. Since it can also be used a savory flavor, it did not add too much sweetness to my cocktail, which was perfect. 

silva's brazilian, santa ana restaurants, brazilian food
Brazilian Mule Cocktail and Xingu Gold Brazilian Beer – Silva’s Brazilian Fresh Eatery and Churrascaria

This authentic Brazilian dining experience is set in a non-pretentious environment that is very welcoming to dine. In addition to the dining room, there is also a separate bar area and cushy sofas in the front area to lounge in while you wait for a table to dine.

silva's brazilian, santa ana restaurants, brazilian food
Top Sirloin (Picanha) – Silva’s Brazilian Fresh Eatery and Churrascaria (2)

Chef John Vega (formerly of Roy’s Newport Beach) leads Silva’s Kitchen and only uses locally sourced meats and vegetables, while working closely with local vendors, creating incredible Brazilian flavors using modern cooking techniques. Silva’s also promotes daily chef’s specials and happy hour offerings at the bar, which includes fine wine, beer and signature Brazilian influenced and mixologist created cocktails.

“Our recipes are authentic, fresh and put together using the best organic, locally grown vegetables and highest quality proteins” says General Manager, Alex Ferreira. “This is a family operated business and the care we put into every detail of the restaurant can be seen and tasted by our customers.”

We thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience at Silva’s and look forward to going back soon to dine with our friends.  Silva’s is conveniently located in central Orange County and they have such delicious food!  Have you ever been to Silva’s? Please share your experience if you have visited Silva’s before in the comments section below.