I am a high school educator that has been working in the school system for a bit over 10 years.  I have a passion for education and I love my job! I look forward to enriching the lives of the fabulous teenagers I work with daily, but I am also always working on finding great deals for my hubby & I’s weekend outings on the side.

saving money
With my husband on our recent 7 year anniversary trip to big island of Hawaii

My passion for saving money really began when I was 16 years old and working at Taco Bell.  I saved $20,000 in the four years  I worked at Taco Bell & babysat due to always looking for the best deals whether it be when I was purchasing clothing or going to the movies with friends. Ok the picture is humiliating…but here it is…Taco Bell D in the flesh…

The evidence….

When I first moved out at the age of 21, I started couponing and even took the time to shop at three different grocery stores to get the best deals to save money. I was hired to do independent shopping trips for family friends because I saved so much couponing.. I found that I could easily save 50-80% on each grocery bill and I would get paid by people based upon the percent I was able to save.

Just moved out, got a check, and ready to save as much as I can…coupons here I come…

In my thirties, I started to buy group coupon deals quite frequently, even to the point that we were forced to use them every weekend night, which started to affect our ability to choose where we were going to eat with friends and even forced us to start eating out during the week which was not good for my waistline and had to come to an end…lol  In buying group coupon deals consistently now for the last year and a half, I have learned the secret of how to manage these deals and not buy too many. I even created my own spread sheet design in order to keep track of deals I purchase, from what sites, for what cities, and it is color coded by what type of a deal it is. This was an important step for me to take in order to not forget what items I purchase and their expiration dates. I think a lot of group coupon sites are counting on you to forget about your deals after you purchase them so they simply get the money and you pass the expiration date and never get the item. This is another great way to save money.

I have decided to create a fb/blog site to share all of my group coupon secrets, tips to save money, review different items I purchase, whether it is restaurants, wine tastings or activities. I am known as a group coupon fanatic to my friends, family, coworkers, and students and it is time to give back to the community and share my skills…I will be posting different deals I buy and sharing the experiences that come along with them…

This has been an idea that I have had in the works, since we started our food blog trying out new restaurants all over town which is my husband’s site and can be found at http://www.tomsfoodieblog.com/  In spending all of our free time together as a happily married husband and wife of 7 years, we have grown passionate about the food we eat, places we go for fun, and where we travel. When we originally started the food blog, it was to report about fabulous restaurants in our community. In time it has grown to include restaurants we travel to near and far.  Since the beginning, we have been incorporating different restaurants that we travel to based upon the deals I purchase on a variety of group couponing sites and I have been contemplating starting www.danisdecadentdeals.com for awhile.  It is finally time to launch and start sharing the insiders scoop on how to save money and live champagne dreams on a beer budget!

This is a blog for people that want to learn how to save money and still live a luxurious lifestyle. I will share many different types of deals, as well as review different restaurants and activities purchased via group buying deals.

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