Get the Flu Shot!

See 2014 FLU SHOT PRICE ARTICLE HERE.  Each year the seasonal flu vaccine is produced to protect against the three viruses or flu strains that research indicates will be most prevalent. This season there is a new vaccine which includes H1N1, as well as H3N2 and a B virus which are different from those recommended for the Northern Hemisphere last season. The CDC recommends a flu shot for everyone over the age of 6 months and recommends that people get immunized as soon as the vaccine becomes available.

Dani got her flu shot today!
Dani got her flu shot today!

Below I have decided to share a brief list of pharmacies and drug stores that offering the flu shot along with their price points, so that people can decipher where is the best place to go to save money when getting their vaccination. These prices listed are from the Orange County & Los Angeles area for Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, & Costco. Other areas may vary slightly. Stores I did not list are other stores that are based nationally but not located in Orange County & Los Angeles County.

Rite Aid – The price is $29.99 for a flu shot and Rite Aid is also offering 25 points to members of their wellness + loyalty program.



CVS – Flu shots here are $31.99, but they also accept insurance and offer a 20% off shopping pass



BI-LOBI-LO shoppers that enroll for the company’s Discount Pharmacy Card will pay a discounted rate of $24.99 for a flu shot in the store.



Giant Food Stores – A flu shot is $35, but Giant accepts most major medical insurance, plus Medicare.  Customers with a GIANT/MARTIN’S prescription savings card receive $10 off of the regular price of a flu shot. GIANT/MARTIN’S has also partnered with several different health- related vendors to offer a free coupon book worth more than $40 in savings, while supplies last, to all customers who receive a flu shot.


Kroger – A flu shot is $25. There is no coupon book, but this is one the lowest prices for a  flu shot in a store.




Winn-DixieWinn-Dixie shoppers receiving a flu vaccination will receive a coupon book with $15 in savings on products like hand sanitizer, disinfectants and tissues, while supplies last. There are 3 flu shot options:

    • Regular flu vaccination $24.99 with Winn-Dixie Reward       Card
    • Intradermal vaccination $24.99 with Winn-Dixie Reward       Card
    • Fluzone high-dose vaccination $44.99 with Winn-Dixie       Reward Card

Costco – A flu shot at Costco is only $15.99. This is by far the cheapest place to go without insurance.  You do not have to be a member to get a shot. Make an appointment because shots are not administered everyday. Print and fill out your vaccine consent form and bring a copy to save time at your appointment.

TargetTarget stores are offering $25 flu shots at their pharmacies this year. Flu shots count towards 5% off a day of shopping at Target.  There is no appointment necessary. THIS IS WHERE I WENT!!!!  GREAT DEAL…TOTALLY FREE WITH MY INSURANCE!!!!



Walmart – It costs $25 for

a flu shot at Walmart, but also you can expect that a registered nurse will be administering your vaccine.



Walgreens – A flu shot here is $31.99.  Receive 500 extra rewards points for balance rewards flu shot.

 Pathmark – Flu shots are $24.99 and with a card get a discount and get your flu shot for $19.99.



Publix – Flu shots at Publix are $30 for a standard shot & $50 for the senior high adult dosage for those over the age of 65.

A few more quick tips

*Make sure to ask all pharmacies if they accept insurance before you pay. Some of them cover cost in full like mine did.

*Check with your insurance company as many insurance companies will cover the flu shot as it is deemed as a preventative expense. Sometimes there is a simple co-pay that is around $5 to $15.

* Those with Medicare can get the shot for free. Check with your medicare insurance policy to get more information.

*Older seniors will also find that many local senior centers will offer shots for $15 to $40 per shot. Sometimes these centers will also take people under the age of 55.

*Veterans can get the flu shot for free if they head to their local VA hospital.

* Also, always check with your employer to inquire about free or discounted flu shots offered through work.

*If you’re in college, the health center also sometimes offers free or discounted flu shots.

This is after we got out flu shots today!! We were so excited,  we rewarded ourselves with the reissued Furbies!!

My Last lil Blurb 🙂

The newest Furbies!! They are too cute!!!

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