How to Save Money on your Cable/Internet/Phone Bill Monthly

My cat Jezabel happily watching TV
My cat Jezabel happily watching TV

I have decided to write this post about how to save money on your cable bill after I had an overwhelming response on my facebook page when I mentioned I rocked it and was able to obtain two premium stations for free and knock $20 bucks off my bill for the next 12 months. I first want to take this opportunity to say that I am an outspoken individual that is not only never afraid to speak my mind, but I have no problem making requests or asking for favors when I think they will be simple for others to carry out.  The cable bill I include in my repertoire of duties that I take care of as being the person in charge of the bills in my home.

A few years back, I noticed that my cable company where I have my internet, home

Cox Logo
Cox Logo

phone, and TV services started to raise their prices like crazy.  The company I currently have for all of my services is Cox Communications. In seeing the prices sky rocket, I became pretty irate and thought of switching to another company called, Direct TV. Upon putting in a phone call to Cox & threatening to leave, they transferred me to another department where they basically give you discounts off of your bill to beg you to stay with them.  I think that the average customer does not realize that they are usually being swindled and screwed into paying higher prices for the internet/phone/cable TV services.  I am one that always inquires about where I can get the best deal. I am truly like this on a daily basis, whether I am hitting up a fast food joint, shopping at the mall, or going to a fine dining restaurant (usually travelzoo special/groupon/ no corkage fee kind of places)  For those of you that follow me on my facebook page, Dani’s decadent deals, you see this on a regular basis 🙂

Happy D doing what she does best..saving money!!
Happy D doing what she does best..saving money!!

I just want to give you all some tips on how to knock down your cable bill price and take advantage of the opportunity to check out free upgraded premium channels.  So, here goes…I make it a practice to call my cable company every time I have a special that is running out. I make note of the specials I receive from Cox Communications and usually slightly before they are about to expire, or around the time they just expired, I ask for the old promos to be removed so I will not incur any charges. I then proceed to ask about any new promos they have.  Cox always tries to first offer me upgrades that are good deals, but still pay upgrades nonetheless…such as premium channels like HBO for $5 a month instead of $15.  I then explain to them that times are hard, money is tight, and I am a teacher with a credential and a masters degree that has been demoted to a paraeducator that is working out of classification due to lack of jobs until teachers retire.  They ALWAYS offer me something.  You don’t even have to give the same explanation. All you have to do is say that it is a crappy economy and money is tight.

Our loving animals, Jezabel & Pepe chilling watching the tube
Our loving animals, Jezabel & Pepe chilling watching the tube

Immediately after you tell them money is tight, you ask them if they have any “Free promotions” to try out new channels.  The cable companies ALWAYS have promotions starting and ending throughout the year.  There is also an opportunity to ask about a price lock on your bill, at least with Cox there is.  A price lock insures that you can keep your current rates for two years as a continuing customer even when the price rates rise in the New Year.  One more tip about price is that I always first inquire about a discount on services for having a bundle and lower price because we are in bad economic circumstances.  They always have a 10%-20% discount they can give you to keep you happy.  These discounts usually run for 6 months or 1 year and then you have to make sure you have written down when they are up for renewal and make a phone call to ask for the newest promo.  I currently have high speed internet, home phone, and cable for $144 a month and I also currently have free HBO & Showtime.  In 3 months the HBO & Showtime will start to cost $5 a month for 3 additional months, but I will probably call to ask for new promos to get something else for free.

What we look like if we don't  a zombie party :)
What we look like if we don’t a zombie party 🙂

As a consumer of any product, you always have a right to ask if there are any deals or coupons you can use.  Never forget that. Corporations will always want to make the most money they can, but as the consumer, we of course want to save as much as we can, so a simple question of do you have any deals, discounts or promos will guarantee you better prices!  Good luck and post below if you have a good experience with your cable company when trying to get better prices and services! I would love to hear about it! Cheers and happy savings to you!

Happy Dani & Tommy because we saved on cable bill & can eat at our fave sushi place Yama Sushi on the Lake!
Happy Dani & Tommy because we saved on cable bill & can eat at our fave sushi place Yama Sushi on the Lake!

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46 thoughts on “How to Save Money on your Cable/Internet/Phone Bill Monthly

  1. you go Dani! Whoot! I’m about getting the most out of a dollar too! Thanks for sharing your methods! People need as much help these days making their dollar stretch!

  2. Thank you for sharing your strategy Dani. I just received $2.49 off of my CenturyLink internet bill for the month because there is no fiberoptic infrastructure in the area I live, right next to Arizona State University and my internet connection disconnects. After I shared my story about how I’m running a home business, the customer service representative expressed compassion and lowered my bill. CenturyLink is working as diligently as possible to lay down fiberoptic so their customers will have download speeds higher than the current 640kbps. I am blessed! You’re right, we just have to speak up and ask.

    1. SO very awesome!!! Thank you for sharing your story Barbara! That is great that you were able to get your bill lessened. Some times just saying please and thank you and asking for what you need is all you have to do:) I am so happy to hear this story!

  3. Excellent tips here Dani – you are such a great inspiration. It’s so true that you never know what you can get if you don’t ask for it :). I also get the sense that you do that in a very confident way too!!

  4. We do that very thing with Direct TV as well as Verizon and Century-Link. We never fail to get a better deal. Sometimes I will put off that phone call because it is always time consuming but when it is over, I feel good about it because we have just negotiated a better deal and saved some money.

  5. I get regular calls offering me special deals, which I don’t take because I barely use what I have on cable, for example. I’ll have to turn it around and see what I can get taken off my bill. As you say, it’s creeping up more and more … Thanks for the heads up, Dani!

  6. Thx for the tip Dani, my bill is outrageous!! I’ve gotta do something. I’m paying 223.00 a month with no premiums channels, no phone.. Just cable & internet, i’m going into the office and pay my bill today and try and get some kinda help.. I’ll let you know how it turns out 😊😊

    1. Thank you so much for the comment Renee!! I am so happy if I could help! Seriously..just take a moment to call your cable company and chances are you will DEFINITELY be able to bring down the price!! 🙂 I cannot wait to hear the outcome! Please let me know what happens;)

      1. Hi Dani, i went in to pay my cable/internet bill, i ask what promotions or deals they have to offer to save me money, since we’ve been a loyal customer for 17 years.. The rep looked at my acct she dropped my bill from 223.00 a month to 175.00 for 12 months,I can live with that!! Lol.. She also said before my 12 months is up to come back in a see what we can do to help keep your bill lowered.. Thx Dani for helping, much appreciated😊😊😊..

      2. That is soooo awesome!!! I am sooo happy for you!! I would love to share your story with my fans on my fb page as well so other people start speaking out for themselves!! So excited for you & so happy to help!!!That is $50 extra on your pocket monthly!!:-) Happy weekend to you!!

  7. Just tried what you said to do, and they told my husband to switch companies. They couldn’t offer him any discounts, we pay $300 a month for basic cable, phone and internet. Lost almost all of our channels trying to bring the bill down. Cox doesn’t work with you.

    1. Yesidra, ask them to transfer you to the correct department. I would call them back because they work with me everytime I call and I call twice a year as they try to creep prices back up high. $300 is way overpriced. I pay $123 for the same thig with HBO. Tell them you need to speak to someone that will bring your bill down or you will switch companies. let them know your price is outrageous and that you cannot afford it. Maybe you just got someone on the phone unhappy with their job? I would definitely try again. Good luck!

    2. Umm don’t lie Yesidra! Cox doesn’t even charge that much with top tier packages! There is no way you have basic cable phone and internet and pay that much. So don’t lie. And you lost your channels trying to bring the bill down? so you are saying it was even higher? Liar! I don’t believe you.

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