Crispa Crepes Irvine French Food restaurants

Visit Crispa Crepes For Fresh, Fast, and Healthy Dining in Irvine (Closed Down)

Crispa Crepes Irvine French Food restaurants
Crispa Crepes Front Entrance

Crispa Crepes is a great place to go for fast, friendly, and casual dining.  Although they have been open since May 2013, I was recently invited to visit their yummy establishment for the first time.  I was excited to sample a variety of savory crepe flavors from around the world, as well as sweet ones!  Crispa Crepes is located in Irvine, California at 3945 Irvine Blvd. next to Albertsons at the corner of Irvine Blvd. and Culver. I grew up in the city of Irvine, so I am always super excited to head back in to town to see what my hometown has to offer!  This time I was definitely pretty impressed.

Crispa Crepes Irvine French Food restaurants
My Desert Crepe in San Francisco on Haight Street

First off a little of my recent crepe devouring history includes crepes I enjoyed in Paris, France and Haight/Ashbury in San Francisco!  I love crepes!  I have tried crepes in dining settings, such as Todai (an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant in So Cal) but nothing compares to fresh crepes made from scratch!  The one in France was amazing and I must say I also loved the one in San Fran, but after visiting Crispa Crepes this past week, I found a place local to where I live where I can have some fabulous yummies as well! So exciting!

Crispa Crepes Irvine French Food restaurants
In Paris, France About to go for Crepes..Very Excited You Can See

Crispa Crepes is independently owned by a French man that moved to California for college upon high school graduation in France and he decided not only to make his home in the states, but to open a fast, fresh and friendly crepe store where he could serve homemade crepes.  Owner, Hadrien Curs opened the Crepe shop, Crispa Crepes with an idea of creating something affordable and healthy, but also very tasty!

Crispa Crepes Irvine French Food restaurants
Crepes From Scratch
Crispa Crepes Irvine French Food restaurants
Hadrien Curs Hard at Work

Crispa Crepes come in a variety of flavors and Hadrien chose to name each Crepe as a different country to blend this French Classic into several other different types of flavor profiles for foods from around the world.  In our visit to Crispa Crepes, I had the opportunity to try French, Mexican, Italian, Greek and Indian. Next time I will have to head back to also check out American, Alaskan, and Moroccan. Each Crispa Crepe is served with a complimentary salad that has mixed organic salad with homemade balsamic vinaigrette!  Calorie ranges are from 550-750, which is really not too bad at all!

Crispa Crepes Irvine French Food restaurants
Happy and Full With My Small Friend
Crispa Crepes Irvine French Food restaurants
The Greek

Sweet Crepes I got to try included Vienna, New York and Crispella. These were absolutely amazing and I must get in to check out the other 2 flavors, Berlin and London, in which I was way too full to sample. 🙂

Crispa Crepes Irvine French Food restaurants
The Indian

My favorite savory crepes were tied between the French, which was a simple ham, Swiss cheese and thyme and the Italian, which included grilled chicken, pesto, tomato sauce, aged Swiss cheese, red onions, and basil. For sweet, I fell in love with the Crispella, just plain…no added bananas or strawberries…Honestly…it was perfect by itself. Hadrien makes his own nutella from scratch and it is amazing!! At 625 calories and a price point of $3.50, I was in heaven!!

Crispa Crepes Irvine French Food restaurants
Vienna Sweet Crepe

Crepes range in price from $3.00 to $8.25 for sweet and savory crepes combined. I believe this is a very reasonable price point for what is offered. There is also a complimentary salad with each savory crepe. This place is healthy, fresh and is great for those in a hurry that also want to eat healthy and have something that tastes to delicious. Head into Crispa Crepes sometime soon to see what they have to offer! I would love to know about your experience below! Which one would you like to try?

Crispa Crepes Irvine French Food restaurants
Happy Friends Loved Their Crepes

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