Lash spot spa, eyelash extensions, costa mesa
Dani Outside of Lash Spot Costa Mesa

Eyelash extensions and eyelash treatments have become quite popular in the last few years and eyelash shops are popping up everywhere.  Just because these shops are plentiful, it does not mean they are all reputable. I can say that I personally had a fabulous experience at Lash Spot in Costa Mesa!

I am definitely not an eyelash connoisseur. I had a set of fake eyelashes put on me once for my wedding day in 2005 and I vowed never to have them again because all day my eyes were tearing up. I already have pretty long eyelashes anyhow.  However, I was invited to a special event at Lash Spot a few weeks ago and thought I would try this procedure again since it had been 8 years since I had tried it last. 🙂

Lash spot spa, eyelash extensions, costa mesa
Original Eyelash Set on my Wedding Day

I attended the special event put on by Lash Spot called Night of Beauty in which there were several appointments to get a variety of treatments.  They have many different services as options on their menu including everything from mini lash application, full set applications, and even waxing, makeup applications and men’s services!

Lash spot spa, eyelash extensions, costa mesa
Michelle putting on my mini set of lashes

I decided to have a mini lash set applied to each of my eyes which were 20-30 individual lashes added to each eye to enhance my normal look.  I was interested to see how this would look.  My aesthetician that did a fabulous job on my eyelashes shared with me that people have anywhere between 20 & 100 eyelashes on each eye and when I asked her how many I had, she told me I am on the 100 side which made me happy.:) 

Lash spot spa, eyelash extensions, costa mesa
Michelle is an awesome Aesthetician – I totally recommend her

While Michelle explained to me that a lot of her clients are people that have minimum lashes, such as 20-60 per eye, she also shared with me that there were people such as myself that just wanted more to have an even fuller looking set of eyelashes and that there are men as well that come in for these treatments.

I was pretty nervous at first about getting my eyelashes due to the experience I had in 2005 where I had a simple lash strip added to each eye that made me look like I was crying all day.  This treatment Michelle gave me was nothing like my prior experience!  I will admit it was hard to keep my eyes open as she was taping down my lashes, but this could also simply be because I am not used to the process.  After my lashes were taped down, the procedure only took about 25 minutes and was actually somewhat relaxing.

Lash spot spa, eyelash extensions, costa mesa
Eyes Closed with extra Lashes

As Michelle finished my eyes, I made my way to the mirror to check them out and they looked awesome!!! I was so impressed with my lashes and the best part was that they looked totally real!!  Not only did they look very natural, they lasted on my eyes for 7-9 days after the fact and I was still able to use non-oil based mascara to accentuate them!

When I came home, my husband was loving my lashes, batting the eyelashes to get what I want for once seemed to do the trick for the next week or so…I will have to go back for a touch up soon to keep the “Yes Honeys” continuing from my husband.  🙂

Lash spot spa, eyelash extensions, costa mesa
My Good Friend, Fabi and I after out Lash treatments

For a full menu of services offered by Lash Spot, visit their website, Lash Spot Spa. Owners Barbara Rattigan and Jennifer Russell were very helpful and accommodating in the process and they run an awesome shop…so awesome that they also recently opened a new store in San Francisco as well!  Congratulations to these smart business women!  Lash Spot also offers an opportunity to join as a member to get better deals and discounts on future visits for services, as well as all retail items sold in the store at their eyelash extension spa.

Lash spot spa, eyelash extensions, costa mesa
Lash Spot Sign

If you have never been to Lash Spot Spa and live in the near vicinity of either of their locations in Costa Mesa or San Francisco in California I definitely recommend checking them out. If you have ever been to Lash Spot Spa, I would love to hear about your experience below!

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