Vintage Bouquet Food and Wine Extravaganza at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills


April 30, 2014 by danisdecadentdeals

Vintage boutique food and wine event, Beverly hills, greystone mansion

Entrance to event 2

This past weekend I went to the 26th Annual Vintage Bouquet Food and Wine Festival at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, California.  It was such a beautiful day with a gorgeous temperature of 72 degrees with the sun shining and a nice cool breeze.  I had never attended this event before, nor had I ever visited the Greystone Mansion, so I was quite excited for a new experience with a variety of different Los Angeles restaurants and wineries.  I was pleasantly impressed with the venue and I hope to go back there to visit again soon. I am secretly hoping someone I know will get married there because I truly do want to attend another event there. 🙂 (I guess it is not a secret anymore, since I am sharing about it here. 🙂

Vintage boutique food and wine event, Beverly hills, greystone mansion

Ruth Chris Burger and most amazing sweet potato casserole ever

In this post I will share all of the photos I took throughout the day. We tasted so many delectable dishes and sipped a variety of different wines.  I have to say that my favorite item that absolutely blew me away was the sweet potato casserole from Ruth Chris’s Steakhouse! I will be trying to emulate the same dish this upcoming Thanksgiving since the restaurant was nice enough to distribute recipe cards!  We also loved the Cajun shrimp appetizer that was being served by Executive Chef from Celebrity Cruises, Rufino Rengifo!  Many of my favorite wineries were participating at this event, but I was introduced to one new winery in particular that I fell in love with! I absolutely loved Knights Bridge Winery from the Sonoma area.  I definitely plan to visit them next time I make a trip out North! 🙂

Vintage boutique food and wine event, Beverly hills, greystone mansion

Executive Chef, Celebrity Cruises Rufino Rengifo

Some of my other favorite vendors not mentioned above in which you can see pictures of below include Ahnfeldt Wines, Beverly Hills 9OH2O Crafted Spring Water, Brix Chocolate, Chaya Catering, Il Fornaio-Beverly Hills, Miner Family Winery, Napa Valley Grille, Peju Winery in Napa, STK Los Angeles, Stella Artois (their apple cider is absolutely amazing!!!), Velvet Rope Bakeshop (Fabulous goodies even with gluten free options!!) and many more!  Did any of you end up attending this amazing event? Please share your favorite restaurants and wineries that were in attendance below. 🙂

Vintage boutique food and wine event, Beverly hills, greystone mansion

Vintage Bouquet Vino and rose

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24 thoughts on “Vintage Bouquet Food and Wine Extravaganza at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills

  1. Kungphoo says:

    Great pictures! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! By the way, the Ruth’s Chris burger looks phenomenal! I’ve never had one of their burgers, but will be trying soon!

  2. Shari Yantes says:

    This looks like a blast and all the food looks delicious! I’m glad you guys had fun!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. Jim Striegel says:

    You always seem to have a great time and I enjoy your reviews.

  4. Lisa Hodges says:

    I would sure like to be your assistant and go to these fabulous places!

  5. Looks like it was a beautiful day in California to enjoy this feast!

  6. I would have to live at the gym if I had your amazing job!

  7. Laurel Bill says:

    You are so lucky to be able to attend these lovely functions! Your pictures look great!

  8. Yvonne Brown says:

    I love vanilla bean ice cream or did they have gelato?

  9. Ashley says:

    Love all of the photos! It sounds like an amazing event.

  10. Another day of fun and food. You guys are the cutest!

  11. tara pittman says:

    The food looks awesome. I would love to try the shrimp ones.

  12. Dov Shapira says:

    How i’d love to be there and taste the chocolate 🙂

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