OC Fair Food Specialties 2014 (And…Only 2 Days Left to Enter my Contest to Win 2 FREE TIX..Link Inside)


July 21, 2014 by danisdecadentdeals


Bacon Wrapped everything!!!

Bacon Wrapped everything!!!

One of my most favorite events of the year is here, The OC Fair, and while I know I already recently wrote a post about all of the ways to save money at the OC Fair and am currently running a contest, I felt I have to do one more quick article about new food offerings at the fair this year!  The food is definitely one of my favorite parts of the fair and the petting zoo of course!!

Chicken Jerald of Chicken Charlie's With a

Chicken Jerald of Chicken Charlie’s With a chicken drumstick!

Every year the American population always anticipates what kind of crazy new food items the fair items will concoct. Most of us, including myself seem to gravitate towards Chicken Charlie’s for their fresh innovative ideas of crazy fried foods year after year..I am always waiting to see what they will come up with!  This year 2014 was no exception… it was all about the Fried Doritos and Fried Chicken Skins. Some of our old fair favorites for us foodies are back as well as several new items!  Take a look at some of my top picks this year for the fair below! 


Attacking my turkey leg

Attacking my turkey leg

Mind you, there are still 3 weeks left of the fair, so I still have a lot more to eat!  The pictures below represent some of the delicacies I have tasted and some of them I still have yet to try!  I think my two personal favorites at the fair year after year are the turkey leg (every year I have a silly turkey leg pic…see this year’s below, the fried Reese’s peanut butter cup and the fried avocado!  Oh wait…one more…the Australian Battered potatoes!! LOVES!!

Deer Selfie

Deer Selfie

If you have not yet entered my contest to win FREE tickets to the fair, there are still 2 days left to do so! See my article where you can win FREE TICKETS to the OC Fair here & enter now! –> WIN FREE TICKETS TO THE OC FAIR. <– Have a blast at the fair my friends and I hope to see you there! Enjoy my food madness below!!!


Maple Bacon Texas Donut

Maple Bacon Texas Donut

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19 thoughts on “OC Fair Food Specialties 2014 (And…Only 2 Days Left to Enter my Contest to Win 2 FREE TIX..Link Inside)

  1. Fair food is SO good and SO bad! 🙂 I just saw Chicken Charlie’s on a cooking show…it all sounds very unique. On the show, they were trying to create a fried rib!

  2. JoCasey says:

    OMG – that food is like nothing I’ve ever seen before (we don’t have anything like it in the UK anyway!) The Maple Bacon Texas Donut just boggles my mind 😀

  3. Sounds like you had a lot of fun and the pics are amazing! The food is just to die for, yummy!

  4. Laurel Bill says:

    Love, love, love fair food! Our Alaska State Fair falls on the last two weeks of August. Can’t wait!

  5. John Obidi says:

    Turkey legs are always great, yo!

  6. There is a little mexican food stand that sells really good chicken quesadillas.

  7. County fairs are always so much fun! Looks like you had a great time

  8. I love all the fairs that I have been to and this fair looks like it would be awesome to visit.

  9. kungphoo says:

    This looks like an amazing event… awesome review as usual and the garlic fries sound amazing!!!!

  10. jeccica simpson says:

    I love the food yummo

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