mendocino farms, fall sandwiches, fall menu

Mendocino Farms Fall Sandwich Favorites

mendocino farms, fall sandwiches, fall menu
Dani with Specials of the Day at Mendocino Farms

Last week I went to dine at Mendocino Farms to check out the 2 new fall sandwiches they were debuting! Having been to Mendocino Farms in the past and enjoying it thoroughly (See my review all about Mendocino Farms HERE) I was excited to go in and devour their new fall specialties!  Since tomorrow is the first day of fall, it is a perfect time to release this article! It is my most favorite season of the year!

mendocino farms, fall sandwiches, fall menu
Fresh Pasta Salads – Mendocino Farms

There were two new fall sandwiches for us to order and we also ordered a side pasta with each sandwich, and since I have a fan that ranted and raved to me about the tuna sandwich I got that one as well!

mendocino farms, fall sandwiches, fall menu
Smoked Turkey Romesco on Pretzel Bun – Mendocino Famrs Fall Sandwich

Sandwich #1 for fall is the Smoked Turkey Romesco on Pretzel. At $9.85 this sandwich is well worth its’ value!  Ingredients on this sandwich include: pecan woodhouse smoked turkey breast, almond romesco, harissa aioli, roasted tomatoes, red onions, and Scarborough Farms baby arugula and they are delicately arranged on a Drago Bakery’s pretzel bun.  The blend of flavors in your mouth from this sandwich is absolutely delicious.  The ingredients blend perfectly together. The only thing I would maybe add to this sandwich next time is cheese, but that is only because I am a cheese fanatic and I eat cheese with everything!  I definitely recommend this sandwich as a lighter option as the turkey feels less heavy than other meat choices for me when selecting a sandwich. 🙂

mendocino farms, fall sandwiches, fall menu
Peruvian Steak Sandiwch – Mendocino Farms Fall Sandwich

Sandwich #2 for fall is the Peruvian Steak Sandwich.  I must say I was a little nervous about this one because it sounded like it would be spicy, but I was ever so pleasantly surprised!  For those of you that are not into spicy stuff, do not shy away from this one!  My husband thought I was just going to give him my half of this sandwich and I definitely surprised him when I ate every last bite! The flavors blended together in an

mendocino farms, fall sandwiches, fall menu
Dani with blue cow outside of Mendocino Farms

amazing way and this steak was out of this world!  For $10.95 this sandwich blew me away!  Ingredients in this sandwich included spicy aji amarillo marinated steak with Oaxacan cheese, herb aioli, red onions, tomatoes, and shredded romaine that was gently placed on a Panini grilled Drago Bakery’s torta bun.  There was also an option to add avocado for $1 which we did do and it definitely accentuated even more flavor. Although it is not necessary, it is definitely worth it to add! I loved it!  Another awesome fact about this sandwich is that it can be requested gluten free!

mendocino farms, fall sandwiches, fall menu
Modern Tuna Melt – Mendocino Farms

The last sandwich we had, which was not on the fall menu, but was a must have because of my reader’s recommendation was the Modern Tuna Melt, which cost $8.95.  This sandwich had all white albacore tuna with fresh herbs, farmhouse cheddar, vegenaise, house made pickles, red onions, and tomatoes on a  Scarborough Farms Greens on Panini grilled buckwheat.  We ended up switching out the bread to be a Rustic white, which was recommended because they were sold out of the Buckwheat bread.  I do hear the Buckwheat bread is amazing though and I must try it next time I visit Mendocino Farms.  The only item I removed from this sandwich was the pickles.  This sandwich had great flavor and I had never tried vegenaise before as that was a first for me. I would say the difference between vegenaise and mayonnaise is that it is a little less creamy, but overall this was a delicious well-balanced sandwich!

mendocino farms, fall sandwiches, fall menu
All Natural Fountain Sodas – Mendocino Farms

To drink I had the diet black cherry flavor from the all natural fountain soda station and was pleasantly impressed. Last time I was at Mendocino I had the vanilla and the cherry regular sodas and I must say for a diet soda, I surely could not tell with the black cherry! It had a fresh crisp flavor. I will get the diet soda again & that is a big statement for me because I usually detest diet soda! It had a great flavor and I was able to save calories. 🙂 

mendocino farms, fall sandwiches, fall menu
Drake’s Farm Feta with Basil Pesto Shells – Mendocino Farms

Every week there are fresh pasta salad options at Mendocino Farms and the two that we tried with our meals were the  Drake Farm’s Feta with Basil Pesto Shells, Grape Tomatoes, Parmesan & Scarborough Farm’s Baby Spinach & the Curried Couscous with Roasted Life’s a Choke Farm’s Cauliflower & Carrots which was a vegan dish. Both of these pasta salads were tasty, but I was all over the Drake’s salad as I am a feta and basil fanatic! 🙂

mendocino farms, fall sandwiches, fall menu
Curried Couscous – Mendocino Farms

I hope you have a chance to head in to Mendocino Farms soon to check out these 2 new sandwiches that are being debuted. I would love to know your thoughts about them below. What is your favorite sandwich at Mendocino Farms?

mendocino farms, fall sandwiches, fall menu
Dani in Mendocino Farms

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