Melissa's Produce gift baskets, organic produce, exotic fruits
The beautiful Le Cellier du Chateau – Melissa’s Produce

I cannot believe how quickly the seasons pass. It seems like yesterday that it was March and suddenly November is here and we are nearing December!  It is just crazy how the time flies!  As we approach this holiday season, it is the time to find the best gift for everyone, so I want to share with you an option that I think is pretty awesome!

Melissa's Produce gift baskets, organic produce, exotic fruits
Excited Dani with my Melissa’s Produce Gift Basket – Le Cellier du Chateau

If you like fresh produce, along with wines, organic items, recipes and cooking, I have something perfect for you or I guess you can also give it to the one that you love…or maybe one for you and one for someone else?? At least, that is the way I always tend to think at the holiday season…one for so and so and one for me… 🙂  These gift baskets from Melissa’s Produce are literally great for everyone!

Melissa’s Produce, founded by Joe and Sharon Hernandez is currently the largest distributor of specialty produce in the United States!! They distribute specialty fresh produce and foods processed from fresh produce. The company imports exotic fruits and vegetables from around the world to individuals as well as to different companies and restaurants!  Their produce is fresh and delicious, so I was very excited when Melissa’sPproduce reached out to me asking if I would be interested to check out their amazing gift baskets and share about them with my readers!  Here is the best part…They even gave me a discount code to share with all of you when you make your purchase on the website!

Melissa's Produce gift baskets, organic produce, exotic fruits
Shipment from Melissa’s Produce delivered to my door

When visiting the Melissa’s Produce website, there are a variety of different items available for purchase, including produce, wine, cookbooks, etc, but today I would like to share a little bit with you about the gift baskets because I have a code to offer you 10% off of any of these gifts that your heart desires!!  There is a wide price range of items ranging in price from $10 – $537!  There is something for everyone!  If you go to this link –> you can see all of the gifts offered from Melissa’s Produce and you can use my Coupon Code: DANISDEALS10 that will be good from 11/5/14 until 12/31/14 to get 10% OFF of any of the Melissa’s gift baskets, including gift boxes found in the gift section in the link above. 🙂 Of course this does not include a discount on shipping, but it is an awesome deal for a unique gift that is fresh, healthy, and fun!

Melissa's Produce gift baskets, organic produce, exotic fruits
Arranged beautifully Le Cellier du Chateau – Melissa’s Produce

The gift basket I personally chose from Melissa’s Produce was the Le Cellier du Chateau. It looked like a nice one because it had a little bit of everything I love inside! This basket consisted of 4pounds of the season’s best Asian pears, (which happened to be from Korea this year) a lovely bottle of chardonnay, a 10 ounce medley of nuts and an 8 ounce wedge of parmesan cheese!:)  The Asian pears in this basket were fresh and crisp & complimented very nicely with the Bel Gioiso parmesan cheese and crackers.  The 750 ml. bottle of 2011 Chateau Montelena Chardonnay Alcohol was also quite palatable in that it had fresh crisp flavors along with a creamy flavor.  This wine was 14.1% in alcohol content and the Barrel Aging process of consisted of 10 months, with 100% French,  8% New. Of course, adult signature of someone age 21years of age or older is required for delivery since there is wine in this particular basket.  I thoroughly loved this basket and I recommend it!

Melissa's Produce gift baskets, organic produce, exotic fruits
Freshly packed Le Cellier du Chateau basket from Melissa’s Produce

There are a variety of other gift baskets to select from that include fresh fruits and produce, dried organic products, nuts, cookbooks, and more!  Don’t forget to enjoy my discount code: DANISDEALS10 that can be used for any items in this link TO GET 10% OFF!! Happy holidays and happy shopping!!

Melissa's Produce gift baskets, organic produce, exotic fruits
Super happy D with Le Cellier du Chateau basket from Melissa’s Produce

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