Melissa's Produce, LA Dodgers, healthy snack options
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Last week I attended an LA Dodgers game at the Dodgers stadium. I had not been to a game in years and when I was invited to attend I was quite excited! Our suite belonged to Melissa’s Produce and the game was the LA Dodgers playing against the Colorado Rockies.  On this particular day there had been a lot of rain, so there was part of us that wondered if the game would be cancelled, but the tickets did say rain or shine, so we made the 2 hour commute in rain and traffic to have a fun filled, jam packed evening!

Melissa's Produce, LA Dodgers, healthy snack options
My love and I at the LA Dodgers Game

Our suite was such an awesome experience in that it was fully catered with amazing eats and of course yummy Melissa’s Produce Snacks galore!  Melissa’s Produce has a variety of fresh and healthy snacks in addition to their fresh fruits and vegetables that you can regularly by in grocery stores across the US. 

Melissa's Produce, LA Dodgers, healthy snack options
Melissa’s Produce Treats at the LA Dodgers Game

Melissa’s Produce provides fresh and healthy snack options to the Dodgers stadium in addition to other stadiums across the US which includes the following places listed below.

Melissa’s Produce Fresh and Healthy Snacks Can be found at these stadiums:

  1. Dodger stadium 
  2. Angels stadium 
  3. Petco Park (Padres) 
  4. Qualcomm Stadium (Chargers) 
  5. Stub Hub center (Galaxy) 
  6. Anaheim Center (Ducks) 
  7. Staples Center (Lakes, Clippers, Kings) 
  8. Rose Bowl (UCLA) 
  9. Coliseum (USC) 
  10. Galen Center (USC)
  11. NY Yankees 
  12. NY Mets 
  13. Barclay Center – NY Nets 
  14. AT&T Stadium – Dallas Cowboys 
  15. Well Fargo Flyers / 76ers
Melissa's Produce, LA Dodgers, healthy snack options
Melissa’s Produce Healthy Snacks at the Game

In addition to all of the amazing food provided by the Dodgers Stadium suite service menu, we also tried a variety of Melissa’s Produce goodies.  Some of the items we tried are pictured in this article and they were the premium mixed nuts, mountain trail mix, tropical fruit and nut mix, Asian mix, clean snax coconut, clean snax cranberry, clean snax pumpkin, clean snax almond, and of course there were a bunch of tasty fruit, such as lychee and oranges! 🙂  My personal favorite of the snacks I mention above is the cocnut clean snax.  They taste like a delicious dessert full of high sugar and calorie content, but they are actually made with chia, flaxseed and healthy items such as nuts and honey. 

Melissa's Produce, LA Dodgers, healthy snack options
LA Dodgers Play the Colorado Rockies

It is nice to know that there are some healthy choices when you go out, so you are not forced to only eat the high calorie items with no nutritional value.   Of course I enjoyed quite a few of those as well, but the good food cancels out the bad right? 🙂

Melissa's Produce, LA Dodgers, healthy snack options
Delicious Morsels in our suite at LA Dodgers Game – Dodgers Stadium

We had such a great time at the game and we even were given the opportunity to meet the executive chef for the LA Dodgers team that cooks for them daily. 🙂 Executive Chef Jason Tingley was happy to take a photo with us which can be seen in my post.

Melissa's Produce, LA Dodgers, healthy snack options
Jason Tingley – LA Dodgers Exectuive Chef

Although the LA Dodgers did not win the game, we had a great time socializing with a bunch of friends in our suite and eating a variety of delicious food items that included fajitas, nachos, flatbread sandwiches, hot dogs and more.  My favorite part of the meal was definitely the amazing dessert cart that comes to each suite individually. When the dessert cart arrived we all happily ran to the door of the suite and attacked the cart with photographs.  We each got to select one item for dessert and I chose the Toffee crunch blondie bar, which was out of this world! I ended up taking it home to devour over the next 3 days! 🙂

Melissa's Produce, LA Dodgers, healthy snack options

So next time you go to watch a game at your nearby stadium, make sure to check to see if they have any Melissa’s Produce goodies to snack on as a healthy and tasty item while watching the game!  As I mentioned above, there are currently 15 places that serve Melissa’s Produce goodies, but I am sure as time goes on even more stadiums will catch on and sell these delectable treats so keep your eyes peeled. 🙂

Melissa's Produce, LA Dodgers, healthy snack options
Game was rained out but started up again to our surpirse

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