Metrolink Deal for the OC Fair
OC Fair

The OC Fair is just around the corner!  This fun event is coming back to town this Friday from July 17th through Sunday, August 16th!  It’s the 125th Anniversary of the OC Fair & it will be one huge party with concerts, fair foods, carnival rides, animals, exhibits, shopping & more! To see more information about this awesome event, click my link HERE and also enter my contest to win FREE tickets. 🙂

Metrolink Deal for the OC Fair
Dani at OC Fair entrance with Orange

As one of my favorite events of the year, I will definitely be there.  I want to share an awesome deal with all of you that are coming from afar to attend the OC Fair, as well as the locals that want to save some money! This deal comes from Metrolink Trains and the OC Fair Express.  This awesome Metrolink Deal gives people the option to trek from as far away as Ventura, Riverside, Los Angeles and more without having to step foot into their car or fight with any traffic!  The price of the train ticket ends up covering the price of the fair and you save gas money! Sounds like a win win to me! 🙂

Metrolink Deal for the OC Fair
Metrolink Trains

Metrolink Trains have a special deal going on that gives you an opportunity to take the train to one of four OC Train station locations to catch a FREE bus called the OC Fair Express that will take you directly to the fair and give you a ticket to get in for only $3, instead of the normal entry fee ($12) that is 1/3 of the price!

Metrolink Deal for the OC Fair
OCTA Bus – OC Fair Express

Metrolink Train stations that are available for a stop to catch the free OC Fair Express bus to the fair include:

The Depot at Santa Ana

1000 E Santa Ana Blvd.  – Boards on Santa Ana Blvd. at Santiago

Anaheim Canyon Metrolink Station

1039 N Pacificenter Dr. – Boards at Dock 2

Irvine Metrolink Station

2626 East Katella Ave. – Boards at Dock 8

Anaheim-ARTIC Metrolink Station

15215 Barranca Parkway – Boards at Dock 8

Metrolink Deal for the OC Fair
Riding the train with friends

All you have to do is purchase a train ticket at the vending machines (TVM) that are located on Metrolink train platforms.  Purchase a ticket prior to boarding the train. Just show your Metrolink ticket for a FREE ride to the fair when you enter the OC Fair Express Bus.  The non-stop bus will drop you off in front of the fair’s yellow gate & give you your coupon for a $3 entry ticket to the OC Fair! 

Metrolink Deal for the OC Fair
Metrolink Train in Transit

The OC Fair Express will run Fridays during the OC Fair from 12 noon until midnight, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 a.m. until midnight. Please don’t forget, if paying aboard the OC Fair Express, (have not taken a metrolink train and need to pay the $2 fee) have exact fare ready. The farebox does not make change or accept bills over $10.

Metrolink Deal for the OC Fair
OC Fair Express Route Map – Metrolink Drop Off Spots

Be sure to check your train schedule to ensure a successful trip home from the fair.  For Metrolink information visit or call 800-371-5465(LINK). 

Metrolink Deal for the OC Fair
Metrolink Routes

The OC Fair Express offers direct bus service from 9 locations. If riding Metrolink, you can connect to their direct bus services at the Anaheim Canyon, Santa Ana, Irvine, or Anaheim-ARTIC Metrolink stations that I give the addresses for above. All you have to do is show your valid Metrolink ticket and ride the bus for free!

Metrolink Deal for the OC Fair
Sample Metrolink Rates From a Variety of Cities to Catch the OC Fair Express to the OC Fair

Here is a discount tickets link as well 🙂 –> Metrolink Discounts.  There are many awesome deals as well from Metrolink, such as the $10 Weekend Day Pass which offers free transfers to most rail or bus carriers throughout Southern California. 

Metrolink Deal for the OC Fair
Metrolink Tickets
Metrolink Deal for the OC Fair
Metrolink Student Discounts
Metrolink Deal for the OC Fair
Weekend Day Pass

Last, but not least don’t forget to enter my contest going on to win FREE tickets to the fair, there is still time to do so & you can enter in my article –> HERE! That link also has every fair deal you can imagine including days that are discounted to enter the fair, as well as discount food days!

Metrolink Deal for the OC Fair
OC Fair Foodie Fun

The Orange County Fair is located at:

Orange County Fairgrounds
88 Fair Dr. 
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Metrolink Deal for the OC Fair
OC Fair – Watch the Piglets be born

My one last tip for all of you is that there will be a special kick-off event being hosted at the Irvine Metrolink Station this Friday, July 17 at 10:30 a.m.  There will be a full hour of fun with a photo booth, face painting, balloons, a raffle, and more. Plus, the first 100 people on the first bus from the Irvine Station, which departs at 11:25am, ride free! The first 100 will also receive an OC Fair Express backpack including a visor, sunglasses, water bottle, and more. Hope to see you there! Have a great time at the OC Fair!

Metrolink Deal for the OC Fair
OC Fair Express Kick off event

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