philly's best, cheese steaks

Philly’s Best Cheesesteak and Chicken Sandwiches Rock

philly's best, cheese steaks
Dani at Philly’s Best in Lake Forest

I have been going to Philly’s Best since they first opened in Irvine in 1992!  I used to go to the Woodbridge, Irvine location regularly as an off campus lunch option when attending Woodbridge High school and I have been in love with them ever since!  Recently I was invited in to Philly’s to devour a philly cheesesteak and a chicken cheesesteak sandwich and share all about the deliciousness with you! 

I am usually a big turkey hoagie person at Philly’s Best, so It was a bit difficult to walk in to the restaurant and have to order something different, but I must say I have a new love and I will revisit these sandwiches again rather than my same ol, same ol turkey hoagie with extra onions, oregano and white American cheese.

philly's best, cheese steaks
Philly’s Best Menu – Great food and great prices

Both the Philly cheesesteak original and the chicken version were delicious and we decided to add grilled onions to both of them for even more flavor!  All sandwiches at Philly’s Best are made on a fresh Amoroso roll, which are shipped from Philadelphia regularly!  These rolls are pretty amazing in flavor and I wish I could find them out here!

philly's best, cheese steaks
Fresh Amoroso Rolls – Philly’s Best
philly's best, cheese steaks
One chicken and one steak coming right up – Philly’s Best

Both the cheesesteak sandwich and the chicken and cheese are packed with fresh meat and cooked to order while you wait in the dining room.  To read more about Philly’s Best, how they originated, about their owners, details of all of the different menu items and more, visit my article here –> PHILLY’S BEST – AWESOME CHEESESTEAKS AND MORE. 

philly's best, cheese steaks
Which one do you prefer, chicken or steak -Philly’s Best

With a menu of delicious options and everything being economic in value and under $10, how could you go wrong?  I have always loved this place and I am happy that I went to get a different sandwich than I usually do. 🙂 It is always nice to change things up. 🙂

philly's best, cheese steaks
Kitchen in Lake Forest – Philly’s Best

Have you ever been to Philly’s Best?  What is your favorite menu item? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. 🙂

philly's best, cheese steaks
Oh yeah – That’s what I’m talking about – Philly’s Best
philly's best, cheese steaks
Philly’s Best has an awesome e-club

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