Blaze Pizza, restaurants

Blaze Pizza – Made to Order, Economical and Delicious

Blaze Pizza, restaurants
Blaze Pizza entrance – Irvine

Have you been in to visit Blaze Pizza?  I love this place!  The pizzas are made fresh to order, you can select your own toppings, and the staff is friendly!  I have visited Blaze quite a few times and they have been consistent which explains why they are continually opening so many new restaurants! They are currently located throughout the United States with well over 50 locations and 38 locations on the way in the next year! This includes a location opening in 2016 in Canada! With many Blaze Pizza Restaurants opening soon and so many already in existence, it is obvious that they have a great product!

Blaze Pizza, restaurants
Chef Brad has a vision – Blaze Pizza Irvine

I first tried Blaze Pizza when they opened in the UCI center in Irvine over by the college a few years ago.  We all enjoyed their pizza, salads, s’more pie dessert, and beverages!  This is a great place to visit when you are on the run and you cannot beat the price and the nutritional value is decent.

Blaze Pizza, restaurants
Loving my pizza – Blaze Pizza Irvine

A few weeks ago I went on a girly getaway with my high school bestie, Peggy to Palm Springs and after stopping to visit the Cabazon Dinosaurs; we made our way to the Cabazon Outlet mall where we stumbled across a Blaze Pizza. This was an awesome find in that it was a place we both love and we were starved! With a “Build-Your-Own-Pizza” for a great price of $7.95 with unlimited toppings, how can you go wrong?  A one topping pizza is only $6.45 & a simple cheese pizza is only $5.45!  To top it off, all pizzas are a decent 11 inch size with 6 slices! Love it!! 🙂

Blaze Pizza, restaurants
Blaze Pizza Menu
Blaze Pizza, restaurants
My delicious mushroom, Canadian bacon, and pineapple pizza – Blaze Pizza Cabazon

My choice of pizza was to make my own and add Canadian Bacon, mushrooms, pineapple, and a special type of soft Italian cheese called ovalini, which by the way was delicious!   I loved my pizza and all six slices surprisingly only totaled to 670 calories!  That is pretty good for a pizza!  The ovalini cheese was delicious and brought back memories of when I have visited Italy. I do recommend that soft gooey mozzarella cheese! The sauce and the crust were perfect. The flavor of the crust, ingredients and the tomato sauce was just right!

Blaze Pizza, restaurants
As you Can see…I love my pizza – Blaze Pizza Cabazon

Peggy opted to order a vegetarian style pizza in which she selected mushrooms and artichokes!  She was quite happy with her selection. She opted to go a little lighter on the cheese than I, but I am always a cheese fanatic! 🙂

Blaze Pizza, restaurants
Peggy and her pizza – Blaze Pizza Cabazon

In addition to standard crust for their pizza at Blaze, they also have a gluten FREE crust available which I thought was pretty cool. However they do not have a separate oven, so make sure to make your choice wisely. 🙂  There are also a wide variety of salads…My personal favorite was the beet and goat cheese. 🙂

Blaze Pizza, restaurants
Blaze pizza Irivne gets down to business grand opening night
Blaze Pizza, restaurants
Fresh salad – Blaze Pizza Irvine

Also make sure to try their S’more pies for dessert! They are pretty impressive! 🙂

Blaze Pizza, restaurants
S’more pies from Blaze Pizza fresh and ready to eat

Online, Blaze Pizza has a nutrition calculator for your convenience to calculate how many calories each item is when dining. Like I said, I calculated my build your own pizza and mine was 670…not too bad for a full pizza! They also have vegan offerings and a full allergen information chart! 

Blaze Pizza, restaurants
A pizza is designed – Blaze Pizza Irvine

I thoroughly enjoy Blaze Pizza every time I visit! Have you ever been? Please share your thoughts in the comments below! 

Blaze Pizza, restaurants
Dani and her creation – Blaze Pizza Cabazon

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