poqet donuts, doughnuts, irvine, donuts

Poqet Donuts in Irvine – Create Your Own and Unique Flavors

poqet donuts, doughnuts, irvine, donuts
PoqetDonuts in Irvine

There is a new gourmet donut shop in town that recently arrived to my hometown of the lovely city of Irvine and it is called PoqetDonuts!  There has been much hype surrounded around this donut place and it is well-deserved!  When I went to visit PoqetDonuts, I was greeted by a warm friendly face.  Linda, the manager was happy to help with any donut selections and she explained each of the donuts and told me what the ingredients were in each one. As we chatted about the donuts and customers continued to arrive, she offered free samples to each customer to try each of the donuts they desired! Great customer service! 

poqet donuts, doughnuts, irvine, donuts
Dani and manager, Linda – PoqetDonuts

Donuts have been on the rise lately and some of these shops are just ok.  What makes PoqetDonuts different is that not only do they have a bunch of amazing flavors that I had never seen; you can even design your own donut!  Yes, you heard me right. 🙂 There are a variety of toppings to select from including fresh fruit and tasty icings, nuts, and candies!  See my donut creation below!

poqet donuts, doughnuts, irvine, donuts
Create your donut – PoqetDonuts
poqet donuts, doughnuts, irvine, donuts
Dani’s creation at PoqetDonuts

I also loved that PoqetDonuts had mini donuts available for purchase! I thought this was an awesome idea because sometimes you want to try two or three different flavors, but you do not want to eat the whole donut.  The mini donuts are perfect for a party or those trying to eat a smaller amount!

poqet donuts, doughnuts, irvine, donuts
Mini Donut cake tower – PoqetDonuts
poqet donuts, doughnuts, irvine, donuts
Mini Donuts – PoqetDonuts

What made PoqetDonuts different to me than other donuts I have recently devoured was that every donut I tried was moist, fresh and full of flavor!  I have visited several donut shops in the past that are hit or miss in which a few of the donuts seem not as good as the others, or they seem like they have been sitting out for awhile. The awesome thing about PoqetDonuts was that the crowd continued to stay consistent and that even as they ran out of different donuts, they still had them ready and available fresh from the oven as a new batch immediately when they disappeared! 

poqet donuts, doughnuts, irvine, donuts
Varieties of Donuts – PoqetDonuts

The donuts I personally sampled that day were the lemon meringue, pistachio crème brulee, peanut butter no jelly, maple bacon, vegan Samoa, avocado, pumpkin cheesecake malasada, tiramisu, and of course my own donut I created. 🙂  I am looking forward to visiting again soon to try the butter salt and the nutella as those both sound delicious!

poqet donuts, doughnuts, irvine, donuts
Backstage Action in the kitchen – PoqetDonuts

My personal two favorites of all of the donuts I tried at Poqet (and there were quite a few) were the maple bacon and the peanut butter no jelly.  I had cut all of the donuts into samples when I brought them back to my place of work to share with the staff and students & I immediately ran out of these two donuts! The moist and chewy goodness of the dough with the fresh ingredients of some of the most delectable toppings made these donuts pure heaven!  The peanut butter mousse from the peanut butter donut really should be bottled and sold at the store because I would be buying jars of it weekly! 

poqet donuts, doughnuts, irvine, donuts
Maple Bacon Donuts – PoqetDonuts
poqet donuts, doughnuts, irvine, donuts
Peanut Butter and No Jelly Donut – PoqetDonuts

Some quotes from the staff at my work about these donuts included, “a hint of marzipan in a creamy pistachio filling,” (in regards to the pistachio crème brulee donut) Also there was, “ I can eat the peanut butter mousse all day,” (peanut butter no jelly donut)  and “I don’t even like bacon, but I loved their maple bacon donuts! They made me enjoy bacon!” (Maple bacon donut) 

poqet donuts, doughnuts, irvine, donuts
Happy D attacking the donuts – PoqetDonuts

I definitely plan to bring these in to my place of work again as everyone had instant donut love with these delectable bites of goodness!  Have you been to PoqetDonuts yet?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below! What is your favorite donut?

poqet donuts, doughnuts, irvine, donuts
PoqetDonuts to go
poqet donuts, doughnuts, irvine, donuts
Dani brings PoqetDonuts to work

PoqetDonuts is located at 17655 Harvard Ave., Ste B in the city of Irvine, CA. They are open Mondays through Thursdays from 6:00am – 4:00pm, Fridays & Saturdays from 6:00am-7:00pm and Sundays from 6:00am – 5:00pm.  Check them out asap if you have not yet been in to try them out! 🙂

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