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I want to share with all of you an awesome new product line of natural cosmetics put together and created by hand by my good friend and owner, Jennifer Balogh. Live Love Simple BodyCare provides cosmetics with plant based ingredients that are all natural and nurture the skin.

Cosmetics, Beauty Products, Body Care, Live Love Simple
Products from the Live Love Simple BodyCare Cosmetic Line

When Jennifer decided to start her own product line, there were several factors that were important to her, such as using all natural ingredients, no animal testing, BPA free, and recyclable packaging to name a few. She hit all of these goals and more with her products! As of now, all of the factors below apply to the Live Love Simple BodyCare line!

  • Natural ingredients
  • Free of unnecessary dyes
  • Paraben free preservatives
  • No Silicones, No Mineral or Petroleum oils
  • SLS and SLES Free (skin irritants)
  • Phthalate Free Fragrances (Perfumes/Scrubs/Soaps)
  • No animal testing, people approved products
  • PET plastic, food safe, BPA free, and recyclable packaging
  • Responsible onsite recycling and safety practices

I was excited to test out several of the products available from Live Love Simple BodyCare and will share about them below and I also have a special 10% off code that will be available for the next four months for all of you.  Just use the promo code: DANI10 when you check out online through June 12, 2016 and I am also offering a chance to win a FREE product from me in contest link at the end of my article! 🙂

I decided to have Ms. Balogh hand select the items that she would like me to try so I would get a variety of goodness from the products and my experience would accentuate the different scentsual options (Valentine’s Day is coming… :)) from the product line!  Everything truly smelled amazing and worked fabulously!  As my student said after smelling and sampling these products, “Why isn’t she going on Shark Tank?  She so could make it!!!”

The first item I would like to share with you is the Aromatherapy Mist which is an air refresher that is meant to help with mental focus.  The ingredients in this product include organic white willow bark and witch hazel water and the scent is fantastic.  The scent that illuminates from this product when sprayed is everlasting and quite refreshing.  It smells a bit minty to me and definitely helped to wake me up in the middle of my workday when I sprayed it around my classroom! 

Cosmetics, Beauty Products, Body Care, Live Love Simple
Aromatherapy Mist Air Refresher – Mental Focus – Live Love Simple BodyCare

This product is available in 3 different sizes for three different prices. Prices start at only $5 for the 2 ounce spray, $17 for the 8 ounce, and $24 for the 16 ounce!  A little bit of this spray goes a long way and keeps your room smelling fresh all day!

The second item, which was one of my personal favorites, was the lemongrass coconut body cream. 🙂 This product was smooth and creamy and the smell made me feel like I was back in Cabo sipping a pina colada at the beach! Yum!  This product contains a vegetable based conditioning emulsifier and is vegan and at $8 for 4 ounces, you truly cannot beat the value!

Cosmetics, Beauty Products, Body Care, Live Love Simple
Lemongrass Coconut Body Cream – Live Love Simple BodyCare

The third item is the Manuka Body Scrub.  This item came in as a close second for me!  This is an awesome product in that it is not only a body scrub, but it is also soap and lotion all rolled into one!  This one is sure to rock your world and it is made with raw manuka honey, beeswax, mango butter and more!  It smells absolutely amazing and makes me think I am away at my favorite spa resort.  It literally smells like products I would purchase at the day spa! 16 ounces of this high quality product is available for $26.  This item is very complex and I would compare it to the brown sugar body wash from Fresh, but it is half the price! Great deal!! 

Cosmetics, Beauty Products, Body Care, Live Love Simple
Manuka Body Scrub – Live Love Simple BodyCare

The fourth item is a face moisturizer called, “All about the Face.” It is made for normal to dry skin and has a variety of natural ingredients which include carrot seed oil, sweet almond oil, and chamomile extract to name a few.  This product is very mellow in its scent which is perfect to not distract with the fresh feel that your face radiates when applying this product!

Cosmetics, Beauty Products, Body Care, Live Love Simple
All about the Face Moisturizer – Live Love Simple BodyCare

The fifth item is a Chamomile Facial Toner.  On the label, there is a full description about our normal ph balance of your skin and how this toner helps to restore balance. I personally found this information fascinating because I never use toner and did not realize how important it was for our skin until I read the label and spoke to my students that were quite knowledgeable about the importance of this product! 🙂  Prepared with chamomile flower extract, lavender flower extract and more, this product is also 100% vegan and costs $10 for a 4 ounce bottle.

Cosmetics, Beauty Products, Body Care, Live Love Simple
Calming Chamomile Facial Toner – Live Love Simple BodyCare

The sixth item is “Queen of the Eye-ile” which is an all natural eye cream made with a boost of the vitamins a, c, & e and is infused with coffee as well to help with tired eyes!  When I used this product it literally smelled like I was in a field of lavender with the delicious intense smell of lavender oil and evening primrose! It went on like butter!  At $16, this item is a pretty good deal when you compare it to crazy prices of name brand products that are similar. I loved this product as well!

Cosmetics, Beauty Products, Body Care, Live Love Simple
Queen of the Eye-Ile Eye Cream – Live Love Simple BodyCare

The seventh & eighth items are perfume oils named “Summer Dreams” & “Honey Bee.”  I loved both of these as they were both fresh, clean scents that made me reminisce of my teenage years because I used to love roller ball perfumes! I was super excited to try these!  The two scents are very different in that the Honey Bee reminds me of a fresh summer day and it is a very youthful scent.  Summer Dreams is also lovely & I found the scent to be a little more adult. It has a very fresh scent that smells like fresh cotton & jojoba. It is quite lively and refreshing!  I love perfume oils because they always seem to last longer on my skin than perfume sprays do. Both of these are $7 each.

Cosmetics, Beauty Products, Body Care, Live Love Simple
Honey Bee Perfume Oil – Live Love Simple BodyCare
Cosmetics, Beauty Products, Body Care, Live Love Simple
Summer Dreams Perfume Oil – – Live Love Simple BodyCare

The ninth item is the “Man Chap,” which is a citrus mint chapstick.  This chapstick can really be used for men or women, but I do believe the scent and flavor of the chapstick is manlier than a flavor I would usually buy, like girly berry bliss or something. J This chapstick is made with wild orange, peppermint, and tea tree oil.  My hubby had fun strutting around putting on his man chap ($2.75) with his new man bun he bought as a joke for a holiday party. You can see his funny photo below! 🙂

Cosmetics, Beauty Products, Body Care, Live Love Simple
Man Chap – Citrus Mint Chapstick – Live Love Simple BodyCare
Cosmetics, Beauty Products, Body Care, Live Love Simple
My husband Tom with with his Man Chap and Man Bun – Live Love Simple BodyCare

The tenth and last product is lip plumping gloss.  Jenn gave me a lovely light pink shade that was full of sparkles.  I am all about the sparkles!  I honestly thought this product was great in comparison to other lip plumping products I have tried because with this one, my lips did not tingle terribly, the way they have with other lip plumping products. Made with all natural oils, the flavor of cinnamon and coconut enveloped my senses.  For anyone that regularly uses plumping products, I recommend trying this one because it is very mellow on your lips and does the job. J These glosses come in two different colors and the price is $6.

Cosmetics, Beauty Products, Body Care, Live Love Simple
Lip Plumping Gloss – Live Love Simple BodyCare

There are several other products on the website that are well worth checking out!  I have had a great time experimenting with all of these and I look forward to trying many other products from the Live Love Simple BodyCare line made by Jennifer Balogh!  Have you tried any of these products? Please let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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Also, please don’t forget my discount code to get 10% off all products on the Live Love Simple BodyCare website through June 12!! Just use the code: DANI10 when you check out and start shopping now! 🙂

“Our mission is to build a long standing relationship with our customers by creating natural, paraben free products that are high quality and still cost effective. Our products are not mass produced, packaged and shipped from big warehouses; they are handcrafted and tested on real people and yield real results. This allows us to offer fresh cosmetics with naturally derived ingredients and a lower percentage of (paraben free) preservatives. We are committed to a product line that keeps it basic and natural, allowing the healing properties of natural oils, butters and essential oils to speak for themselves. We work with our raw material distributors to ensure each selected ingredient is truly derived from vegetables. A Live Love Simple non vegan product simply means it contains raw pollen, honey or beeswax.  We use Aloe Vera whenever possible since it is rich in protein lectin, amino acids, iron, calcium and potassium, and above all…who wants to pay for water?!” – Jennifer Balogh, Owner.

Cosmetics, Beauty Products, Body Care, Live Love Simple
Dani with Live Love SImple BodyCare Products

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