framed art, artwork, home decor, online shopping
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Have you ever used the website, “Framed Art” to buy artwork for your home or as a gift for someone?  I recently purchased an awesome famous print from them framed, click here    –> “The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.”  This company did a great job with the handling of my art and putting the picture together and it was shipped to me in a timely manner as well!  

framed art, artwork, home decor, online shopping
Package Arrives from Framed Art

The Framed Art website gives you a variety of choices to select from when selecting a piece of art if you are unsure of what theme, design, color or style you desire. The website gives you options of how to select your art piece based upon room in the house, style, subject, inspiration, framed photos, products, and more!  In addition, you can also shop for art by searching for a specific artist, color scheme, venue, décor, clearance and more…

framed art, artwork, home decor, online shopping
Excited my Gustav Klimt Art piece arrived from Framed Art
framed art, artwork, home decor, online shopping
Proud of my Gustav Klimt – The Kiss print

When I recently tried to purchase my piece of art, the price kept coming out to $130 and I was aiming to get the piece below $100.  I was able to bring the price down from $130 to $85 by changing a few features around, yet still purchasing the same piece. 

framed art, artwork, home decor, online shopping
Item purchased by me from Framed Art

The staff was very helpful at and gave me these suggestions to bring down the price of my item without changing the print:

  1. Change the glass. You have Museum Quality Glass, if you choose the next best (Non-Glare Glass) that brings it down nearly $40.
  2. Change the size. If you need this size to fit a specific sized space then this option won’t work. This print is 17×22 but is also available in 16×20. Changing it to 16×20 brings it down $12.
  3. Change the mat size. Same as above, this option won’t work if you need a specific size. But changing the mat size can bring the price down a bit. We go as small as 1 inch, right now it is 2.5 inches.

With the suggestions above, I simply decided to do away with the museum glass, which I probably did not need anyhow and viola…my issue was fixed! 🙂  After placing my order, it quickly arrived within 3 weeks! 🙂

framed art, artwork, home decor, online shopping
Loving my Gustav Klimt print and framing from Framed Art

The last thing I must state that is awesome about this company is there are always deals going on! If you sign up with their newsletter, you immediately get an extra 5% off promo code and there are always great deals happening on the website in addition to the promo code, such as 50% off prints and 60% off framed photos.  This deal is currently going on now!  J I definitely would use Framed Art again for future art purchases!  Have you ever used Framed Art?  Please share your experience below in the comments if so! Happy shopping. 🙂

framed art, artwork, home decor, online shopping
Framed Art Discount when you sign up for newsletter

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framed art, artwork, home decor, online shopping
I guess you could say I was pretty happy when my picture from Framed art arrived