I would like to list some of the group couponing sites I am subscribed to that have some pretty consistent good deals in this past year and a half I have been using.  They are all free to subscribe to and the deals come daily to your email inbox. Please click on deal names for live links below. 🙂

These include:

OC Register – Great local deals for the OC area 

Travelzoo – I use this one for nice fancy schmancy dinners..these are usually nicer upscale restaurants that offer 5 course dinners with wine pairings. This one occasionally has fabulous deals for Las Vegas when they come up to for club & dinner outings for 50 – 70 % off!!

Groupon – This one is probably most well known. I am subscribed to quite a few cities, such as Orange County, LA, San Diego, & Las Vegas.  This site also comes in handy when you are traveling elsewhere because you can look up deals for other states you would like to go..Be careful though…You don’t want your vacation to revolve around Groupons and it is easy to do when you see some of the great deals they have!!

Spreebird (now Boom Street)These deals I have used for my local South County area. This company is based out of Irvine I believe and while I still purchase their deals, I have not seen as many good ones pop us as there were last year..

KGB (now Boom Street)– I used to love this one last year too, but it has not had as many items lately either. This site also prides itself on selling not only restaurant deals(my fave deals) but also on selling lots of items.

Plum District (now Boom Street) – This is a site supposedly for families and moms with young children, but don’t be tricked by that advertisement. I have found some great deals in here as welll.. 

Living Social Deals – I used to use this one alot and still do use it, but it seems like they have offered more service deals lately which is really not my thing..I try to steer clear of massage packages and that sort of deal because they book super fast and then you have to call back th group coupon companies and beg for refunds because you cannot get an appointment before the expiration date…I had to do this three times in my Group couponing career and it was no fun!!  My coworker did love her massage at The Grand California Hotel on the Disney property though…If you are going to buy a massage or hotel deal, I guess I suggest making the appointment before you buy the deal..

Amazon Deals – This deal site usually has services they are trying to sell but every so often they throw some $6 movie tickets out there…that is when I go for it…

Yelp Deals – They used to email these to my inbox, but that stoppped…These are deals for restaurants…however..I did notice that if you go to Yelp.com site, you can search for deals on their page and although they are not as good as they were before, there are still a few that are existent if you have no group coupons and want to pick a place last minute.

Half Off Depot (Now Boom Street) – I am so angry at this company & WILL NOT use them again!!  This company is connected to other companies and they sell their products for deals.  I ordered a 64gb sd card that was supposed to be shipped to my house and 4 months later I still did not see it…When I reached out to Half off Depot, they told me I had to call the company that they were supposed to get it from and that company told me Half Off Depot was a fraud and that they had no contract with them. Half Off Depot told me that was not true, and although they would not refund my $39, they gave me a credit…Well to be honest, there was nothing I wanted from them for months, then I found a sterling silver bracelet that looked “ok” not great..so I bought it so I would not forget about my credit and when it came 2 months later it was a fake piece of garbage that was in no way sterling silver. I wasted too much time on this company and have given up…so I advise of you of this little story so you know what you are getting into if you use them…

Voice Deals by OC Weekly – These guys put out some fun events! I like them. We have attended fun food, wine and beer events in the OC through these guys and they always offer at least half off ticket prices. Love em.

Double Take Deals (now Local Flavor) – Good company…website is a little scattered and hard to navigate with all of the different cities all over the top of the page that makes it look a little busy and makes the site buggy and slow at times, but sometimes they have great deals like $20 bucks for $40 worth of merchandise or $50 for $75, but MAKE SURE YOU READ THE FINE PRINT. Some of these deals make you pay the $20 to get $40 worth of merchandise, but they count as two $20 gift cards that cannot be used concurrently & still have to both be used by the expiration date, which is usually a year from date of issue, but if you are like me and like to try an app, get a nice bottle of wine and a desert, these separate coupons are not really good deals..

I do have more sites I will introduce in the future, but I will say this is a good smattering of what I have!!:)

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