I would like to share a bit about the Costco Auto program  because they are awesome! In March 2011 I was in the market for a new car.  I absolutely loved my 2003 Burgundy Camry, however the miles were around 130,000 and there were 0% interest rates that were existent…How could I say no? 🙂  Here I am saying goodbye to my car though as it was a super sad day.

Me with my Burgundy 2003 Toyota Camry Saying good bye:( Tears..

Although I was saying goodbye to 8 years of memories in the first new car I had ever bought on my own, I knew it was time:)  Before my burgundy Toyota Camry, my 2 cars were my dad’s 2 old used Toyota cars, a Celica & a Corolla, so as you can see I am a Toyota girl.:)

I was unsure of how to begin my search for my new car, but through research I discovered that as a Costco member, there were some decent deals on cars without having to haggle with the car sharks at the dealerships.  What I would like to share with everyone is that the Costco auto program allows you to go to specific dealerships with your membership prearranged through your local Costco & at specific dealerships to get a separate Costco member only price sheet  pricing plans.  The Costco pricing sheets at the selected dealerships are set in stone and the car dealers cannot have the opportunity to try to make more bang for their buck.

Upon arriving at the Power Toyota Irvine dealership, we were approached by a car salesman that knew we were coming and he cordially pulled us into his office and pulled out his Costco price sheet. Being the deal finder/money saver that I am I had already signed up on Edmund’s and received 10 million emails from Car dealerships all over my immediate areas of Orange County, Los Angeles, & San Diego offering me deals.  In looking at the Costco price sheet, I found that I was truly getting a good deal..There was one dealership, Power Toyota Buena Park which happened to be 30 miles away that was offering the car for $600 less, so I showed the cheaper deal to the Irvine Dealership & they were willing to knock another $600 off!  This was awesome. I will definitely go through the Costco Auto Program again and I love my Blueberry Bling Muffin car! (That is my car’s name..can’t even remember my burgundy car’s name now…how sad…)

My Blueberry Bling Muffin!!

Upon purchasing or leasing a new vehicle, you also receive a $50 gift card to use, so I got some windshield wiper blades, a silly steering wheel cover that is fluffy that my husband hates..hahaha, and some bug cleaner to make sure my fresh paint coat stays fresh. 🙂 If you purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle you receive a Costco gift card of $100 for Gold club members & $200 for Executive Club members.

Another fabulous benefit I would like to share about the Costco Auto Program is that there are select service stations at dealerships in all local areas that give you 15% off of your service work and parts with Costco membership!  How awesome is that?  I was thinking to myself there would probably not be very many options of dealerships in my area that would offer the 15% off discount in my area, but I was wrong…There were 2 of them within a ten-mile vicinity, so this is definitely something else to take advantage off if you need to service your car!

I thought it would be great to share info about the Costco Auto Program with all of you because right now is a great time to buy a new car with all the 0% interest rates because of the current economy and because I never even knew about this Costco Auto buying program and I have been a member for 10 years!  Happy car buying to you and if you have any questions about this program feel free to ask me:)

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