Daniele in the plane on Mexicana Airlines

My husband and I love to regularly travel throughout the year to many different new places.  Travel can get very expensive and so I am always

Tommy in the plane with our little friend “the fly”

searching through many search engines for travel deals. Some of these search engines include Hotwire, Cheap Carribean, Beach Destinations, Affordable Tours, Expedia, Travelzooand well you get the picture…I could continue this list for another paragraph, but since this article is not about comparing the search engines, I will get back on task..lol.  I honestly have to say that I have learned that is sometimes cheaper to book hotels through their official websites, than through these search engines anyhow.

One year we decided to try an all-inclusive resort in Cancun.  This was in 2007. Since then we have revisited this resort also in 2008 & 2011..we are even contemplating on possibly going again for our Labor Day birthdays coming up in September.  I must say that after experiencing an all-inclusive resort we are having a hard time deciding to go on holiday anywhere else.  These resorts are truly the best deals if you are big foodies like my husband and I and if you want to have unlimited drinks and not worry about running up bar tabs or calculating tips at restaurants.  The way the all-inclusive plan works is you arrive, are given champagne and whisked away to a fabulous room with a little plastic bracelet on your arm to show you are a hotel guest!

Hyatt Zilara Hotel Beach view from our oceanfront room

Most all-inclusive resorts include several different restaurants (Between 3 & 6) on site at the hotel and  usually 2 or 3 bars, including pool bars, as well as mini bars and room service in some hotels.  Since we have been obsessed with our specific resort, Hyatt Zilara & have been there several times, I will be discussing their amenities because it is truly the most gorgeous property we have ever stayed at and is literally the best deal EVER that we have frequented!!! We normally always try new places, but this place we are stuck on!!

The gorgeous Hyatt Zilara lobby
The Hyatt Zilara in Cancun
Lounging at The Hyatt Zilara pool

The first time we went to Cancun we were actually booked at a place called Gran Caribe which is a sister property to the original Royal Hotel, now the Hyatt Zilara.  The Grand Caribe is owned & operated

The bed and the amazing turndown service!

by Playa ResortsThe Gran Caribe looked fabulous but we were offered to upgrade to the All Adult only resort next door which was The Royal for $200.  We contemplated a bit and were told we could go back and forth to both properties and eat at all of the restaurants, visit all of the bars and go to the pools on both properties with our bracelets and upgrade, so we thought why the hell not??  Seriously..it was the best decision we made ever!! You are seriously treated like Royalty at The Hyatt Zilara, formerly The Royal.

The jacuzzi tub at the Hyatt Zilara

The Hyatt Zilara property has all of their rooms facing the oceanfront of the beach and every room has a jacuzzi tub and a balcony with a hammock.  This was super awesome as the jacuzzi tub is situated facing the ocean and there were amazing bath salts as well..and I actually mean bath salts..not the crazy drug that apparently makes me people decide to eat one’s face..That was a crazy news story this year…anyhow..The rooms all have super comfy beds, ipod docking stations, and luxurious robes.  The rooms are all accompanied with mini-bars that have unlimited vodka, rum, tequila, and whiskey, along with unlimited sodas and snacks that included candies, chips, cookies and granola bars.  The rooms also have 24 hour room service which is definitely something to write home about. There is fabulous food there…many a times after a night of dancing at one of the many dance bars in the main hotel zone, a 2:30am cheeseburger was definitely something to look forward to delivered through what they call “the magic box” so they did not even have to enter our room!

Maria Marie Restaurant

The food is phenomenal at this property.  My husband is really big in the food community where we live and he wrote up a food blog about every restaurant on this property at Tom’s Foodie Blog Cancun Food Article.  Please refer to that article for the details of all of the fabulous food and drink items at the resort.

Maria Marie Restaurant on the property with one of our fave waiters!

Another feature of this property is the 24 hour game room. In the game room, there are a variety of board games, as well as table tennis, pool tables, and a helluvalot more snacks & a bar..best part…drumroll…..it is all self-serve!!! Unlimited cheeses, fried goodies, fruits, veggies, and deserts consistently being replenished!  In addition, there are about 30 different alcoholic beverage bottles, beers on tap, sodas, and wines…the wines are hit or miss though..See the blog above about that…however when we did find one we like and wanted a romantic night in our room, we simply took the bottle with us back to the room after uncorking it in the lounge:)  Good times I tell you!

Ready to go Clubbin’

This hotel also has an open air bar with wine tastings, whiskey tastings, martini tastings and tequila tastings. There are floating beds in the lobby that you can lay on and veg out and awesome comfy chairs to chill with drinks and make some new friends.  There is also a room where you can rent movies to play on the DVD players that are accompanied with flat screens in every room.  I honestly have no qualms about this place.

Happy couple!!
Pool time fun at The Hyatt Zilara
Anniversary Cake

Last, but definitely not least…the service is impeccable!!!  We did not have any bad service at this resort. We even had some of the same

Another year…another anniversary…at our fave place Hyatt Zilara of course!!

waiters on different years that we came.  All three years we went to The Royal Cancun(Now Hyatt Zilara), it was our wedding anniversary & every time they had surprises in store for us.  There was everything from handmade chocolate statues to champagne with chocolate covered strawberries…just fabulous. Their turn down service included rose petals made into hearts and gorgeous swans made with towels.  Writing this article has definitely made me crave this place to the fullest….we just may have to go in September..it is definitely the biggest bang for the buck.

White/Milk/Dark Chocolate Anniversary Display with Champagne:)
Chichen Itza

I understand that there are a variety of All inclusive properties throughout Mexico & the Caribbean, but this place holds our hearts!  You honestly cannot find nicer rooms, better service, higher quality food, or fabulous luxury like what you will find at The Hyatt Zilara hotel in Cancun! I cannot wait to go back to visit!

A fab waiter @ Maria Marie and me with the good luck pig!
Nightime @ the Beach in Cancun

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