Year after year technology continues to out-date itself and as it does, we always want to upgrade to bigger and better services and products in the technology world, especially when it comes to our handheld devices that we call smart phones. These small computers that fit in the palm of our hand have become such a big part of each and every day of our existence!  Everyone now has one and we all like to have a decent cell phone plan, along with a device that has complete functionality.

Costco Wireless Phone Program, Cell phone deals
Dani with her new Samsung Galaxy S7 photo 1

I got my first cell phone when I was 21, which was the height of the craze right before everyone and their mother had one.  In 1997 when I got my first phone, I automatically selected Verizon Wireless because I heard that they had the largest number of cell towers and that they had the best reception of any cell phone service provider.  Since they were the only provider I had ever used, I had nothing to compare it to, however I did have friends and family with Sprint and AT&T and all they did was complain about missed calls, dropped calls, and calls in which they could not even connect with the person on the other side of the line.  There was an upside to having Verizon, yet they have always been the most expensive.

Today I would like to share with you the purpose of why I began to only shop for my future cell phones, as well as provider plans at Costco.  Slowly over time, I realized that the benefit of visiting the Costco kiosk of cell phones was beneficial as I have received many perks over the years!

Costco Wireless Phone Program, Cell phone deals
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At Costco, not only are all of the cell phone provider plans laid out right before your eyes, there are some very knowledgeable customer service agents standing by to assist you with your needs. At least I have certainly had that experience at the Irvine, California Costco location.  Up until this past Mother’s Day 2016, I had only used Verizon Wireless for 19 years, but I recently decided to make the switch to T-Mobile thanks to the explanation I received about bills and pricing from the friendly cell phone kiosk attendants at Costco.

For making the switch to T-Mobile, the cell phone provider (T-mobile) had their own perks such as paying off my cell phone contract at the company I was switching over from (Verizon).  For Costco members only though there are always additional perks!  They always seem to throw in other free items!  When switching to T-Mobile at Costco that day the Costco Kiosk attendants were able to throw in a $40 Costco gift card for each new phone purchased along with a 32 inch flat panel Samsung TV that regularly retails at Costco for $174.99 plus tax!  Both my husband and I decided to each purchase a brand new Samsung Galaxy S7, so we got this awesome deal! We literally ended up going home with 2 new TVs, 2 gift cards for Costco, 2 new phones and a cheaper cell phone plan with unlimited data and the ability to make FREE wifi calls from anywhere in the world and Mexico and Canada are part of our local  phone calling plan! 

Costco Wireless Phone Program, Cell phone deals
Costco Wireless Phones Kiosk

Over the years, Costco has been the only place I have went to upgrade my phone and inquire about cell services (as soon as the kiosk appeared) and every time I work with them, Costco always gives me some kind of a deal, whether it be rebates, free items (such as the TVs), gift cards, and even regular info about how to bring my cell phone bill price down!  If you need a new cell phone or are thinking of switching cell phone providers, seriously Costco is the only place to visit! 🙂  Please share your Costco cell phone experiences below. Also, if you are in the market for a new car, make sure to check out my article about Costco’s awesome auto purchase program here –> BUYING A CAR THROUGH COSTCO AND WHY YOU SHOULD!

Costco Wireless Phone Program, Cell phone deals
Our 2 FREE Costco TV Sets

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Costco Wireless Phone Program, Cell phone deals
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