Champagnes Deli & Bistro in Newport Beach

I was fortunate enough to recently attend a dinner event at Champagnes Bistro & Deli in Newport Beach this past week. I had the opportunity to sample their new dinner menu on their garden patio lit up with cute twinkling lights and a welcoming atmosphere.  I had never eaten at Champagnes prior and I was very excited to try their menu.

Our features specials from the new menu!

The restaurant is family owned and had been in the same shopping center off of Bison Avenue in Newport Beach for 23 years.  Champagnes recently relocated within the same parking lot to a larger space and decided that they wanted to start a dinner menu.  Our night started off with a nice crisp and refreshing glass of Zonin Prosecco that I found to be quite light and fruity on my palate.

Zonin Prosecco yum!!

The bubbles were a nice starter before getting down to business to embark on a four course culinary adventure.  I love blogging about companies that offer great deals on food, services, and travel and Champagnes was an exceptional experience so I will share more below about their food items and why they are such a great deal.

Our first course consisted of Jumbo lump blue crab cakes, caramelized brussel sprouts, & firecracker shrimp.  I must say, I am never a fan of brussel sprouts, never when I was a child and never as an adult.  My husband has recently tried to cook them for me and even with his excellent culinary talents, I have never been impressed.

Yummy Brussel Sprouts!

Although, for the first time in my life I enjoyed the brussel sprouts at Champagnes. There was some type of rocket science in this recipe because they literally melted in my mouth as I devoured them!  They were very flavorful and buttery with garlic & lemon flavors tingling on my tongue.

Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes!

My second favorite item in this first course was the crab cakes.  The crab cakes were delicious on a bed of lettuce with mandarin oranges, basil aioli, and leeks. Yum!!!

The firecracker shrimp was also fabulous and had an intense sizzle. I am not into spicy food and the wasabi & firecracker sauce were a

Firecracker Shrimp!

little intense for me, so I was not able to eat much of this dish and I of course had to save my appetite for the three other courses to come.  I know my husband (he loves spicy foods) would have probably loves this dish the best and everyone else at our table did too.

Margherita Pizza

Our second course consisted of two kinds of pizzas and one salad.  We were served two artisanal thin crust pizzas, one being a Margherita style and the other being pepperoni, sausage and mushroom.

I absolutely loved the margherita style pizza.  It truly reminded me of September 2003 and the time I spent with my husband in Italy.  When we were in Rome, we were all about never-ending thin crust pizzas and fabulous Italian Chianti wines…This pizza literally brought me back to the Piazzas in Italy and the sights and sounds of the city.  Memories….:)  I don’t eat pepperoni or sausage, so I don’t think my review would do that pizza justice but from the reaction of my friend, Lola who was sitting next to me devouring the warm, moist goodness, I  would say the meat pizza was pretty fabulous as well.

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Pepperoni, Mushroom, and Sausage Pizza
Farm-acy Superfood Salad

The salad we had was called the “Farm-acy Superfood Salad” and it had many fresh plentiful ingredients which included mixed greens, organic spinach, strawberries, blueberries, red grapes, apple, oranges, dried cranberries, celery, red onions, cucumbers, spiced almonds, blue cheese and orange champagne vinaigrette.  This salad was refreshing and was perfect for the summer time weather we have been experiencing in sunny Southern California.

Chicken Breast Paillard

For our main course we were served Chicken Breast Paillard (my personal favorite), braised short rib beef bourguignon, and the signature Champagnes burger.  All of these selections were quite mouth-watering and delectable.  My two favorites were the chicken which was quite moist and had delicious flavoring and a lovely side of roasted veggies and the signature burger which featured an Angus burger with caramelized onion & roasted garlic aioli.  This burger was so juicy that most of the ingredients wound up all over my face and I was loving it!

Braised short rib beef bourguignon
Signature Champagnes burger

The last course was one of my personal favorites I love to have at the end of any fabulous meal which was the deserts of course!! The deserts featured were a

Belgian Chocolate Mousse

Belgian chocolate mousse and a sweetheart coconut cake.  Both of these deserts were phenomenal.  I cannot say that one was better than the other, it would simply depend on if you have a hankering for chocolate or coconut.  The presentation of the coconut cake completely blew me away in that there were hearts swirled out of raspberry sauce on the cake plate with creme fraiche to top it off!

Sweetheart Coconut Cake!!

YUMM!!!  I loved these deserts and will definitely order both to share when I go back to Champagne.

Being a deal blogger, I must say the price points at Champagnes were fabulous.  Starter prices ranged from $7.95 to $12.95 which was a generous serving of crab cakes being the most expensive appetizer and the least expensive being the Spinach & artichoke dip with house made crostini.  The soups and salads were also fairly priced between a small salad

Friendly & Awesome Staff!!

costing $4.95 and the most expensive entrée salad being the Classic Cobb Brown Derby Salad at $11.50.  Meats can be added for a few dollars more to salads that don’t have meat.  Entrees range between $9.50 for an herb roasted veggie sandwich and the most expensive entrée at $18.95, which was the Braised Short Rib Beef Bourguignon.

Dani in unique market area near front entrance! Wines galore!!

Champagnes also has a unique market upon entrance to the restaurant where you can purchase freshly made deli sandwiches when on the run, as well as an extensive variety of different bottles of wine that are available for purchase.  A new feature coming soon to Champagnes will be an order online selection in order to expedite an order quickly for pick up.In order to promote Champagnes new dinner menu, there are awesome cards you can receive  upon dining for breakfast or lunch at their establishment that give you an opportunity to receive $10 off a dinner service with a minimum purchase of $30.

Myself with Suki:)

This offer is a great deal, but make sure to visit Champagnes for breakfast or lunch soon because this offer expires on August 15th!  Go to Champagnes’ website to sign up for their e-club to receive more special announcements and offers directly to your inbox in the future.  I will definitely be frequenting champagne again soon. Enjoy!!

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