My friend, Andrea & I with our matching Coach Bags..I am honored to have helped her lose her Coach virginity!

I absolutely love to shop, but I also love to save. I developed an addiction to Coach purses a few years back because I started to realize that I was old enough and I work hard enough to use my money towards having nice purses that would not fall apart after having them for a few

Which shoe do you like better??

months. I was always a Nine West, Kohl’s, & Ross kind of purse person until I discovered Coach Outlet stores!  I would like to say as a deal fanatic, I have never purchased something directly from a standard Coach store, other than the cleaner they sell for $10 bucks to clean certain materials of their product.  In regular Coach stores their bags go for between $58 for a small standard cosmetic bag to $1,600 for the most expensive purse.

Dani with lots of choices to make!

In addition to handbags, Coach stores also sell watches, jewelry, men’s selections, perfumes, wallets, shoes, wristlets, accessories and sunglasses.  The sneakers by Coach range from $88 to $198.  The small wallets range from $38 to $78. I am sharing these specific price ranges because these are items I have bought from the Coach Outlet store and I only spent between $25 & $45 for wallets,

After an exhausting shopping journey at Coach Outlet at Las Vegas Stateline. 30% off baby!!

shoes were around $40 and handbags I have bought were between $70 & $180.  Something that I find to be super awesome about the Coach Outlet is that not only are bags less than half price, there is also an additional 30% off sale in the outlets at most times!  Just recently on my Coach Shopping Journey I bought 2 pairs of shoes and 2 nice size purses and I only spent $320.  This was a steal!!  I will say that Coach Outlets offer many different products than the regular stores, but they are definitely worth it.  There are some great items in these stores and they are always bustling with many customers.

After my most recent Coach Outlet shopping journey at the stateline in Las Vegas

If there is one thing I personally learned from writing this article, it is that I have shopped for way too many Coach items in my past and I think it is maybe possible to have too much of a good thing. When we start spending too much money on an item, savings definitely begin to disappear.  So…I am glad I wrote this and you will not see me in a Coach Outlet for awhile due to the mass consumption of Coach handbags I have already purchased in the distant past.  At least this shows that the bags can last for a long time because I started buying these bags about four years ago and they are all still in awesome condition! Happy shopping!

My happy family of Coach Shoes
Every Coach bag and wallet I have ever purchased!!