Sidecar Doughnuts Moist & Yummy in Costa Mesa, California


April 21, 2013 by danisdecadentdeals

Dani with the moist yummy sidecar doughnuts

Dani with the moist yummy sidecar doughnuts

There is an awesome new doughnut shop that has just opened in Orange County, California on Friday April 12th & its name is Sidecar Doughnuts.  There has been a buzz about these doughnuts circling around in my area for awhile from the foodie community.  Many foodies I am linked to in the area have been anxiously waiting for this operation to open as a storefront in Costa Mesa for months now.  My husband and I had the opportunity to try Sidecar Doughnuts a few months back

Sidecar doughnut samples

Sidecar doughnut samples

this winter at the Locale Magazine event in Newport Beach. The staff from Sidecar was sampling their doughnuts out of the back of a truck at the event and I remember loving a nutella doughnut they had, as well as the Huckleberry.  As the doughnut flavors circulated at our table, we all commented on the freshness of the ingredients and the softness of the cake on the doughnuts. Delish!!

Trays of yummies

Trays of yummies

After sampling the doughnuts a few months back, we were very excited for the grand opening of the Sidecar Doughnuts storefront in Costa Mesa, California.  Costa Mesa is a fun little eclectic town with a variety of restaurants, boutique stores, and nightclubs and it is situated next to it’s neighbor city, Newport Beach known for the gorgeous blue waves housed in the Pacific Ocean.

On Wednesday April 10th, I went for a sampling of the doughnuts at Sidecar

More Sidecar Yummies!

More Sidecar Yummies!

Doughnuts located on 17th street and Santa Ana Avenue in Costa Mesa and was quite pleased. Sidecar has a perfect space in a busy shopping center to create delectable cakey morsels of many flavors.  The doughnuts I sampled included huckleberry, Meyer lemon, cinnamon crumb, malasada, raspberry, and birthday cake. It was a perfect bite of each donut and each one pleased my taste buds greatly.  I definitely enjoyed all of the doughnuts, but my personal favorite was the huckleberry and the Meyer lemon came in as a close second.  I liked the fact that these two flavors struck me as the most original out of the pack.

Sidecar Staff rocks!

Sidecar Staff rocks!

There was one doughnut that was sold out by the time I arrived and that was the Malasada one filled with coconut crème. My husband ranted and raved about this one and I look forward to going back soon to try it for myself. Something awesome about Sidecar Doughnuts is that the variety of doughnuts is always changed regularly, so there is always something new to try. All doughnuts are made fresh daily each hour and once they sell out of fresh doughnuts, they only supply new ones the next day.

SIdecar doughnuts flavors of the day & prices

SIdecar doughnuts flavors of the day & prices

Owners, Brooke Des Prez and Sumter Pendergrast came together to create Sidecar Doughnuts.  Pendergast is an artist and clothing designer originally from Atlanta that had a dream to open a coffee shop in Orange County sharing one of his favorite blends of coffee from Portland, Oregon, Stumptown coffee.  Des Prez ran a catering business for the last 5 years in which she perfected the perfect doughnut.:)  When Des Prez & Pendergast came together their vision came alive and Sidecar Doughnuts was born.  I believe this place will be a great only fear for them…keeping enough doughnuts on the shelves to feed the hungry customers..rumor had it there was an hour line wrapped around the building last week..Get em while they are fresh daily..only at Sidecar Doughnuts in Costa Mesa…I know where I will be grabbing a bite this week…mmmhhhmmm…yum!!!

Sidecar Doughnuts by the dozen to go..

Sidecar Doughnuts by the dozen to go..

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31 thoughts on “Sidecar Doughnuts Moist & Yummy in Costa Mesa, California

  1. Wendy Chen says:

    Those are really tasty doughnuts!

  2. I could eat piles of donuts…love the sugar rush…so I limit myself to a few a year…and consider it a treat. The coconut cream sounds right up my alley!!!!

    • LOL! I love this comment Nikki! Too funny:) I have to admit..I am pretty sparing with my doughnuts as well because I do like having a waistline:) These doughnuts are fab though..Check em out when it is splurge time:)

  3. rmanea says:

    Now i want a boston cream donut!

  4. upliftingfam says:

    These doughnuts look amazing and aren’t your ordinary flavors. I love cinnamon rolls myself but since I have been trying to lose weight I stay away from them.

  5. Loretta says:

    Best wishes to all who enjoy doughnuts 🙂

  6. Don Purdum says:

    That’s awesome! We have a doghnut shop in our town outside of Dallas, TX called The Hole Thing. It’s been all over the Dallas news and people are ordering from out of state. The have a really interesting niche. Those pics are making hungry now, lol…

  7. Yummmm…..I am a chocoholic, but fortunately for me I can pass on a donut. But gee, these look GREAT! It’s a good thing I’m in Arizona!

  8. Your blog always makes me so hungry. I am out to have my breakfast now 🙂
    Great share, by the way

  9. oh sweety doughnuts for sure kids loves them

  10. Dov Shapira says:

    Your blogs crack me up.
    You do such a good job here and you know how to make me so hungry

  11. jagoterry says:

    NOT doughnuts !! they look far too good !!

  12. Jim Striegel says:

    My oh My…I must stay away. They look amazing!!!

  13. Oh my! Looks great Dani, but I better close my eyes before I jump in my car and head to Shipley’s donuts! Your posts are always so fun and yummy 🙂

  14. Mike says:

    Man, you do find the neatest stuff!

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