Celebrating Father’s Day Locally And Nationally

Me & my daddy in 1982
Me & my daddy in 1982

I seriously cannot believe how fast the time is flying away this year! It seems like yesterday was New Year’s Eve & now here we are with Father’s Day on the way which means we are nearly half way through the year 2013!  I have always been a Daddy’s girl since I was small, as my pictures in this post will show. My dad has always known how to put a smile on my face and he has had the ability to cheer me up when I am feeling down. I do not feel that I have the opportunity to see him enough and he only lives 15 miles away…So I am putting together this special list of places and hopefully I will have the opportunity to go with my dad to one of them.:)

1983 June - Daddys bday
1983 June – Daddys bday
1988 January - Girl Scout Square Dance
1988 January – Girl Scout Square Dance
Me and Dad in 2011
Me and Dad in 2011

I have compiled a short list of a few places locally and nationally that have special offers for the special dad in your life.  There are definitely many options for this special day, but these are a few within different price ranges for the special man in your life!  Happy Father’s Day Daddy! I love you!!

Five Crowns Special Fathers Day Menu
Five Crowns Special Fathers Day Menu

First place here on my list is The Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar.  This restaurant is very special to me and they always have something special to offer. There is a Father’s Day Menu that can be viewed here. I am a Lawry’s VIP member for this restaurant…which is a great thing to have! It costs $25 to join and you get your $25 back on the first purchase you make and for every $250 you spend, you get a $25 gift card, as well as free appetizers and salt and pepper shakers on your anniversary and on your birthday!  Great place to go!!

Savannah Chophouse BBQ  and Beer Father's Day #1
Savannah Chophouse BBQ and Beer Father’s Day #1

Next, there is Savannah Chophouse in Laguna Niguel.  Their event is called the BBQ & Beer Brunch in the daytime for $32.95/person with bbq ribs, bbq chicken, prime rib, and Southern style chili. In the evening, there will be bbq dinner specials and buy 1, get 1 free drink for dad! Every dad that visits Savannah Chophouse for dinner on Father’s Day will receive a $20 gift card for a future visit! Check out their website HERE for more details.

Vintage Steakhouse $5 FREE Father's Day
Vintage Steakhouse $5 FREE Father’s Day

This next one is by far the best deal I see in this lineup which is for the Vintage Steakhouse! See my review of this restaurant HERE. This restaurant is located in Downtown San Juan Capistrano and is inside of what is like a real railroad train. The food here is pretty phenomenal! The deal offered from Vintage Steakhouse entitles every dad to a $5 brunch including a four-course meal, free flowing champagne, and a bacon bloody mary for all dads!!!  Each dad also gets a $20 gift certificate to take home with them for a future visit!! I don’t see how this deal is making the restaurant any money at all, but I would personally love to go take advantage of this awesome offer! You must bring in coupon on my page here printed to get this special.:)

The Ranch Father's Day Lobster Special
The Ranch Father’s Day Lobster Special

The Ranch in Anaheim (literally one of the best restaurants I have been to in Orange County, California) is offering 1 pound lobsters! Everything is fabulous in this restaurant! It is conveniently located off of the 5 freeway, close to Disneyland. See my husband’s review HERE for more specifics about different dishes!  This place is a gem.

Tamarind of London Father's Day Special
Tamarind of London Father’s Day Special

Tamarind of London is one place I have never been that I definitely want to check out soon, but it looks like they are having some fabulous deals as well or Dad’s Day! There is a 3-course dinner menu being offered for $55/ person and each dad walks away with a $20 gift card for their next visit to the Tamarind of London located in Newport Beach, California (location closed).

Macaroni Grill $5 FREE and Half Off Wine
Macaroni Grill $5 FREE and Half Off Wine

A classic favorite that is a little more pleasing to your wallet would be Macaroni Grill. They have an awesome deal going on right now on half priced bottles of wine, so being a wine lover myself, I must announce that oneJ  In addition to their wine special, right now if you purchase a $25 gift card as a gift or dad, you can get a FREE $5 bonus card…No complaints there.

Papa John's Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Father's Day Special
Papa John’s Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Father’s Day Special

Even a bit more economical are two deals, one from Papa John’s is a code that can be used anytime between now and Father’s Day to buy one large pizza,  get one free and a coupon code for El Pollo Loco that allows you to get a free large side dish with any 3-course family meal.

Dani and her dad 1983
Dani and her dad 1983
My 6th Birthday Party at Roller Skating Rink Skating Plus
My 6th Birthday Party at Roller Skating Rink Skating Plus
Cost Plus World Market Gift Ideas for Dad 30% off
Cost Plus World Market Gift Ideas for Dad 30% off

Stuck on gift ideas??? How about 30% off all grilling accessories at Cost Plus World Market?  This store always has awesome stuff, but grilling accessories, especially at a reasonable price could make a great gift for dad! I hope one of these Father’s Day ideas can work for you…I am leaning toward the Vintage Steakhouse one…I mean how can you beat it??  Buy the lunch and the grilling supplies and you still are on an economical budget at a fancy restaurant with your fabulous dad! Happy Father’s Day to all of you fabulous men out there!!

Me & my Dad in the late 80s
Me & my Dad in the late 80s
My Master's Degree Graduation 2010
My Master’s Degree Graduation 2010

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35 thoughts on “Celebrating Father’s Day Locally And Nationally

  1. Wow – I have a daughter that has just had her first birthday and can see my life flash in front of me as i scrolled down your post!! Wonderful memories for you and him and only hope i can look back in the years ahead with my own “Daddy’s girl”.

  2. Thanks for the sharing these great deals! I wish my dad was not in prison so I could take him to some of these places but oh well! I will just have my girls do this for their daddy 🙂

  3. My daughter has just passed her 1st birthday and your wonderful pictures are hopefully like a fast-forward of what we will look back on in the distant future. My Dad lives thousands of miles away physically but is next to me in spirit!! Love you Dad.

    1. Thank you so much for the comment Luke! I am sure you and your little girl will have so many fabulous moments together:) We are making memories everyday! Happy 1 year bday! Happy Father’s Day to you:) Hope you see your dad soon:)

  4. Wow! You’re super blessed to have your dad living only 15 miles away! Mine lives in Michigan, and I live in Florida… I don’t even know how many miles that is! haha 🙂 But it’s too far. I get to see him like 2x a year.

  5. OMG, I simply love this blog! Such great ideas I spent way to much time checking everything out and checking out what I lost out on, lol. I will be coming back not to mention this is such a great idea for all the single parent families out there, I will be sharing! Obtaining all the great places to go to with savings no less for father’s day makes this even better!

    1. Marian,

      Thank you so very much! That means so much to me! Please feel free to subscribe to get deals delivered straight to your inbox & thank you for sharing. It is appreciated..the more people I can reach with my savings, the better! Happy Father’s Day & Have a great day:)

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