Dani in Front of Fleming's Prime Steakhouse
Dani in Front of Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse

If you have never been to Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, this restaurant is a definite must go to.  I love this place. The dining room is set to please the eye, with a large spacious area to sit, an extravagant bar, a private room downstairs for parties and a wide variety of specials offered to accommodate the current economy. Nestled in the quaint and cozy city of Newport Beach, California, they are located off of Bison & Mac Arthur in the ever so popular shopping center of Fashion Island.  I would like to share some of their

Private Dining Room in Fleming's
Private Dining Room in Fleming’s

fabulous offerings currently on their menu, as well as one offer, “Small Plates, Big Pours” that is going on through June 30.  If you are all about “Living Champagne Dreams on a Beer Budget” which defines the whole theme of my blog, then you are definitely going to love Fleming’s because you get the best offerings and delectable surprises for your money.  For a journey to please the taste buds in an elegant atmosphere, check these deals out!

Wine Ipad Menu Exclusive Only at Fleming's
Wine Ipad Menu Exclusive Only at Fleming’s

I recently went to Fleming’s to check out the “Small Plates, Big Pours” special offering that is going on right now through the end of June. Small Plates, Big Pours gives you an awesome opportunity to check out several of the menu offerings that Fleming’s Steakhouse has to offer along with some of their fabulous wine varietals. There are 7 different options to choose from on the Small Plates, Big Pours list.  The 7 menu items that are offered include these varieties with these recommended wines. These wines can be

Our Dining Area
Our Dining Area

mixed and matched to go with any of the dishes desired below. Wines paired with each menu item are suggestions of proper pairings from the chef, but ultimately you can make your own selection. The “Small Plates, Big Pours” going on through June 30 is $24.95 per person for their small plate of food and their ample pour of wine (1 ½ glass pour). You cannot beat the pours here! In addition to the wines mentioned below, this restaurant has over 100 wines by the glass on their menu!

Chef & Manager for Fleming's Prime Steakhouse
Chef & Manager for Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse

shiitake risotto, chili oil, porcini butter drizzle

Merlot – Esk Valley – Gimblet Gravels, New Zealand

chimichurri dipping sauce, fennel citrus salad

Pinot Gris – Villa Wolf – Pfalz, Germany

pistachio-mint pesto, “F17” sauce, polenta fries

Petite Sirah –Parducci True Grit- Mendocino County

boneless, savory arugula and spinach, natural au jus

Cabernet – B.R. Cohn – Silver North Coast

fresh vegetable salad, spicy mustard sauce

Pinot Noir – A to Z Wine Works – Oregon

meyer lemon-honey glaze, carrots, green beans, asparagus

Sauvignon Blanc – Hanna – Russian River Valley

soy-ginger dipping sauce, arugula, jicama salad

Chardonnay – Franciscan -Napa Valley

Best Wine Ever!! - Petite Sirah-Parducci True Grit from Mendocino
Best Wine Ever!! – Petite Sirah-Parducci True Grit from Mendocino
Pork Belly Appetizer
Pork Belly Appetizer
New Bedford Scallops with veggies
New Bedford Scallops with veggies

The two small plates that my husband and I tried were the Scallops and the Lamb Chops. Both of these plates were very yummy!  See some pictures in this post of our dishes as well as other dishes. My favorite wine by far that I would choose to pair with any dish was the Petite Sirah – Parducci True Grit from Mendocino County that truly made my mouth water. This wine was luscious and velvety in texture as I swirled it in my mouth and never ending flavors continued to escape. This was luscious and bold with a cherry, oak, and smoky flavor.

Dani & Priscilla
Dani & Priscilla

Another great deal going on at Fleming’s, which is their Happy Hour is called the, “5 for $6 till 7.”  With this deal, you get a choice of 5 different cocktails, 5 wines by the glass, and 5 different appetizers all for $6 each. These are all served at the bar before 7pm. This is a great way to start your evening and it is going on 7 days a week!

Wine Pad Contest to Win a Trip to Napa Valley
Wine Pad Contest to Win a Trip to Napa Valley

Items offered include:

RETROPOLITAN, Sailor Jerry Rum
BASIL LEMON DROP, Absolut Citron
TROPICAL MARTINI, Malibu Coconut Rum
SHADES OF ROSÉ, Lillet and St. Germain
SAUVIGNON BLANC, Vinedos Terranoble, Chile
CHARDONNAY, One Hope, California
PINOT NOIR, Mark West, California
MERLOT , Red Diamond, Washington
CABERNET, Avalon, California
charred grape tomatoes, wild arugula
SAMUEL ADAMS SEASONAL, 2 for $6 Disclaimer from Fleming’s: Due to local and/or state liquor laws, we are unable to offer alcoholic beverages on the “5 for $6 ’til 7” menu in MA, Charlotte, NC, OK, RI, UT. In CA, IL, IN, NC and VA, selling two or more drinks for the price of one is prohibited, so the beer selection will be offered at $3 each. “5–6–7” is served from 4 to 6 pm, 7 nights a week only at our Los Angeles/L.A. LIVE location.
Enjoying a Glass of Wine in the Bar with Friends
Enjoying a Glass of Wine in the Bar with Friends

The last item I must mention at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse is their Wine Country Brunch that is offered every Sunday from 10 a.m. – 2p.m. I have not been fortunate to check out this event just yet, but I plan to do so very soon.  Items offered at the Wine Country Brunch vary in price. Menu items offered at this time include Filet Mignon Eggs Benedict, Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Baked Brioche French Toast With A Walnut Crisp, & The Prime Burger With Fried Egg.  There is also a cocktail cart that is strolled through the dining room to offer garden-to-glass Bloody Marys & sparkling cocktails that are all handcrafted tableside.

Two Course - Taste the Season Menu - $40.95 Limited Time
Two Course – Taste the Season Menu – $40.95 Limited Time

Let me know about your experience about Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse below! You seriously cannot go wrong at this fabulous establishment! With locations throughout the United States, there are a variety of different Fleming’s Prime Steakhouses to visit! Check out the locations here: FLEMING’S LOCATIONS

Fleming's Truffles are amazing
Fleming’s Truffles are amazing

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