bodies exhibit and titanic experience

Bodies Exhibit And Titanic Experience GIVEAWAY And Grand Opening


bodies exhibit and titanic experience
Premier Exhibitions – Bodies and Titanic

I am excited to say that “Bodies – The Exhibition” & “Titanic – The Experience” will soon be making their home at a new exhibition center in Buena Park, California.  These exhibits are a must see!  Read on to find out about these two awesome exhibits and how you can get a possible opportunity to check them out for FREE!

bodies exhibit and titanic experience
Bodies Exhibit

A few years back I attended one of the most awesome exhibits I have ever been to and it was called, “Bodies – the Exhibition.” The Bodies Exhibit in which I attended took place in the Tropicana hotel in Las Vegas. I was so very excited to go to this exhibit in that there were real human bodies that had been preserved permanently through a process called polymer preservation, in which human tissue is preserved using liquid silicone rubber which prevents the body from decay upon their expiration.  The exhibit is extremely educational for people to learn all about the human body.:)

bodies exhibit and titanic experience
Bodies Exhibit2

You are given the ability to look inside the human body and to see systems of the human body including skeletal, muscular, nervous, respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproductive, endocrine, and circulatory. See more HERE This was definitely an awesome experience I would recommend to everyone 🙂  I bought one of the books at the exhibit and as a high school teacher, it is one of my students’ favorite books to regularly pull off of my shelf to check out and it is educational!

bodies exhibit and titanic experience
Titanic First Class Hallway Recreation

In addition to Bodies, the Exhibit, Premier Exhibitions new location in Buena Park will also be offering the Titanic Experience Exhibit! Although I have never personally been to the Titanic exhibit, my husband told me it was amazing when it was at The Queen Mary where he used to work.  I look forward to going to check it out myself upon the grand opening of the Buena Park Premier Exhibition Center.  In the Titanic exhibit, you have the opportunity to go back in time 101 years to actually explore full room recreations of what the ship really looked like and there are over 250 artifacts to view that are real items from the Titanic ship that were preserved! The Titanic exhibit also offers a special package in which a dinner event can be booked.

bodies exhibit and titanic experience
Titanic Exhibit 2

There are individual tickets that can be purchased for each of these exhibits, as well as combination packages to see both exhibits for one reasonable price.  For tickets prices and purchases for individual exhibits, go to link HERE Tickets Prices: Adult – $16.75, Child (3-11) – $12.75, Senior (65+) – $14.75 These prices are for both exhibits, but there is also a combination ticket package offered for Adult – $28.50, Child (3-11) – $20.50, Senior (65+) – $24.50

bodies exhibit and titanic experience
Cardiovascular System

In honor of the grand opening of the Bodies Exhibit & The Titanic Experience in their new location in Buena Park on August 1st at the Premiere Exhibition Center, I am giving away 2 sets of combo tickets to 2 of my lucky blog readers! Enter contest here: a Rafflecopter giveaway
I will announce my 2 lucky winners on Wednesday, July 31st, a day prior to the grand opening!  These 4 tickets will give guests the availability to view both The Bodies – Exhibition & The Titanic Experience!  These are a total of $114 in value and there is no expiration date for the tickets.:)   

bodies exhibit and titanic experience
Titanic Exhibit

I look forward to hearing about your experience at these fabulous exhibits!  At the new Premiere Exhibition Center in Buena Park, there are also several opportunities for group rates, class field trips and more. They even have teacher guides accessible online. I am totally looking into this for my school and my students! This is a great opportunity! The location of the new Premier Exhibition Center in Buena Park is: 7711 Beach Blvd. Buena Park, CA (Former Movieland Wax Museum location)   Good luck in my contest!

bodies exhibit and titanic experience
Dani And Hubby in Las Vegas Ready To Go See Bodies

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