OC Fair Food
Let Them Have Cake

This year on the food gluttony tour, I got to try even more crazy new fair foods. Every year I think what can they possibly come up with next…but every year I am continually impressed!  I have made a picture collage below of a bunch of the new yummy fair food items as well as a couple of fair pictures from this year tossed in.  The OC Fair will commence on August 11, 2013, this upcoming Sunday, so make sure you get to go if you have not already or go again for one last time! I will be going Friday night and I want to still check out a few more of the fried goodies before they are gone…especially my favorite from last year the fried strawberry filled Twinkie!! Yum!! 

All of the items listed here can be viewed below, but new fair items, as well as a few oldies but goodies I had the opportunity to sample this year from several different vendors include: 

Australian Battered Potatoes Get them plain or with cheese, sour cream, and bacon bits or with chili and sour cream – Both of these combinations were fabulous…I definitely recommend them! 
Bacon A-Fair Gouda Truffle Bacon Fries – one of my personal favesCheesy Bacon Bombs – warm melty cheese…need I say more?Wild Boar on A Stick – Tender And Flavorful
Biggy’s Meat Market Big Chic On A Stic – 2 Pound Piece Of Chicken On A Stick – Tender, Juicy, & Flavorful…even better with one of the three sauces offeredBiggy 2 Pound Sausage with Sauces on A Stick – I am not a sausage person, but I definitely had fun posing for the picture and everyone thought it was tasty.2 Pound Rib on A stick drenched in BBQ Sauce 
Candy Factory Red Velvet Cake On A Stick – One of my favorite deserts…can never go wrong with cream cheese!Deep Fried PB & J – Peanut Butter & Jelly is only one of my faves, so this was no exception!Deep Fried S’more – Just think warmed marshmallows and chocolate..just like when you go campingBacon Cotton Candy – Artificially Flavored Bacon Flavored Cotton CandyChocolate Covered Peppers Dipped in Sprinkles
Chicken Charlie’s Waffle Dog – Hot Dog wrapped in a waffle and dipped in maple syrupDeep-Fried Cookie Dough – This is a must for those of you that always lick the batter (like myself) when bakingBacon Pickle – I did not try this one personally, but see picture below
Grantburger Ghost Pepper Burger A spicier burger with a great blend of flavorBleu Cheese Bacon Jam Burger – Yum!! I llove bleu cheese and the bacon jam was quite tasty!
Pink’s Veggie Dog – vegetarian hot dogGhiradelli Dog – cream cheese, bacon bits, and dark chocolate…This one was not my favorite, but it was definitely unique
Tasti Chips Dirty BBQ Chips – Slow simmered Beef , Honey chipoltle BBQ, Bleu Cheese, Shredded cheddar jack, diced tomatoes and green onion, topped with Sriracha aioli, & bacon sauceRegular Tasti ChipsCheese Jalapeno Chips & Ghost Chili Sauce – I am not a spicy food sort of person, but I heard these were great!


*Get to the OC Fair to celebrate their last week and try some of these yummy fried goodies above!  I want to hear which ones are your favorites!!

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