B. Toffee Betsy Thagard Newport Beach

Best Toffee On The Planet – B. Toffee Handmade By Betsy

B. Toffee Betsy Thagard Newport Beach
B. Toffee

A bit over 3 years ago I tried a fabulous brand of toffee called B. Toffee.  B. Toffee was an up and coming handmade toffee by a woman named Betsy Thagard from Newport Beach.  Upon going to her office and sampling her products, I was in instant heaven. My husband did a REVIEW on his blog to help publicize her tasty toffee and circulate her name.  From the moment I sampled the dark and milk chocolate varieties of the toffee, my mouth was happy and my tastebuds were elated!

B. Toffee Betsy Thagard Newport Beach
Dani And Betsy of B. Toffee

Betsy from B. Toffee first launched her hand crafted toffee in 2009 and has been growing ever since. Betsy first started making toffee for family and friends during the holidays 15 years ago when everyone kept requesting more.  B. Toffee is distinctively made with premium Guittard and Callebaut chocolates and topped with superior quality pecans. These are really some of the most flavorful ingredients.  It makes my mouth water just thinking of it.

B. Toffee Betsy Thagard Newport Beach
Yummy B. Toffee



B. Toffee specializes in gifts for events such as weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Baby Showers, graduations, etc. B. Toffee is sold in stores throughout Northern and Southern California, as well as a few stores in Michigan, one in Chicago, and one in New York. Betsy’s company, B. Toffee has continued to grow since I met her three years ago and I am so very happy for her.  This toffee is a must try!!

B. Toffee Betsy Thagard Newport Beach
Strawberry, Sour Cream And B. Toffee Bits

Recently Betsy opened her home to a group of us for a B. Toffee event. I was very happy to attend with OC Mom Blog and a fabulous group of women.  Betsy made us B. Toffeetinis (Fabulous toffee martinis) and there were cheeses, B. Toffee cookie bars, and her delectable strawberries rolled in sour cream and dipped in B. Toffee Bits!  We were all in heaven of course!  Check out my picture collage below to see the course of our evening, the best toffee ever, delicious martinis, strawberries, and other goodies…

B. Toffee Betsy Thagard Newport Beach
B. Toffeetini

To see some delicious B. Toffee recipes, such as the two I mentioned above, go to the BLOG section on the B. Toffee website.  B. Toffee has been featured in a variety of publications as can be seen on the website as well!  Congratulations B. Toffee for literally being the best toffee ever!

B. Toffee Betsy Thagard Newport Beach
B. Toffee Party People

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37 thoughts on “Best Toffee On The Planet – B. Toffee Handmade By Betsy

  1. That looks so yummy.. esp the strawberry one!.. that’s amazing to hear how far she got by making things she loves and what everyone will love!..

    1. Brad, as I mentioned to Irene, I do not sell this toffee. I only wanted to share how fabulous! Feel free to contact Betsy on her website listed in my article to accommodate you 2 see if she can 🙂 This stuff is grt!:-)

  2. I think that highlighting someone this way is a fantastic way to make sales, marketing, and community all harmonize. I’ll admit that I’m not a big sweets person, but I got hungry for toffee after reading this.

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