bevmo 5 cent wine sale, mix and match

BevMo 5 Cent Wine Sale Is Back With A New Twist…

bevmo 5 cent wine sale, mix and match
BevMo Mix and Match Sale

If you are anything like me, your eyes light up when BevMo’s 5 Cent wine sale comes in to town.  My husband and I are big wine drinkers and enjoy travelling all over California, where we live as well as going wine tasting in different parts of the world! As a matter of fact, we end up purchasing way too many pricy bottles on our trips and then we wind up “saving them for a special occasion” and hence they sit forever…

bevmo 5 cent wine sale, mix and match
Santa Ynez Valley Wine Tasting

Since we buy so many pricy wines on trips and are afraid to drink them, we always end up rushing to our nearest BevMo for the 5 Cent Wine Sale every time it happens to as we call it “stock up.”  We have come to be acquainted with many fabulous wines at the Bevmo 5 Cent Wine Sale that regularly make their visit to our wine closet and disappear quickly.

Dani Shopping the 5 Cent Wine Sale At BevMo
Dani Shopping the 5 Cent Wine Sale At BevMo

For those of you that have never been to the BevMo  5 Cent wine sale, there are many fabulous offerings in that you are able to scout through the store and find a large variety of bottles of wine in which you are able to to buy one and you get the second bottle for 5 cents!!  Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it does happen!!:) BevMo has every varietal in this sale from Merlots to Chardonnay to Cabernet Sauvignon and even some types of wine that you have probably never heard of. They also have champagnes in this sale and an occasional spirit, such as a rum on the other side of the store that is buy one get one for 5 cents!  This is one of my favorite sales. 🙂

bevmo 5 cent wine sale, mix and match
BevMo 5 Cent Wine Sale

This BevMo Wine sale that just started on 9/11/13 and goes through 10/21 stands out to me in a special way because BevMo is now allowing you to MIX & MATCH wines!!!! I am sooo excited about this because in the past, we are stuck with purchasing two of the same wines and so by the time we are done shopping (usually 2-3 cases of wine later) we only have 6-18 varietals for our 12-36 bottles of wine because you have to get 2 of the same wines to get the Buy One, Get one 5 Cent deal!!  This time, you can do mix and match and select each individual bottle of wine you want and get another one for the same or lesser value!! Therefore for my three cases, I can now get 36 different types of bottles of wine rather than only 18!!

bevmo 5 cent wine sale, mix and match
Tuscany, Italy Wine Tasting

In BevMo you can find a variety of wines from around the world on sale for the 5 cent sale as well as sale wines on any given day. As I said I love to travel and go wine tasting! So far I have been wine tasting in Santa Ynez Valley, Temecula, Italy, Virginia, Napa Valley, Hawaii, Florida, and of course in my local BevMo store where I can sample wines from around the world as well. I still have a lot of other places I want to go wine tasting in this world and BevMo’s 5 Cent wine sale helps me to figure out what regions I would love to visit one day for an economical value!

bevmo 5 cent wine sale, mix and match
Ponte Winery Temecula

Make sure to head in to your local BevMo today to take advantage of the awesome 5 Cent Wine Sale that allows you to mix and match any of the bottles of wine available in the 5 cent wine sale! Get in there quick though so there are a large variety of varietals to select from! Don’t forget the sale ends on 10/21/13, so make sure you head into any BevMo store soon to shop till you drop!  I will see you there! 🙂

Here is a list of some of my personal favorite selections that are offered at this 5 cent wine sale below!! There are about 500 choices, so I am only sharing a few…there are many more I love:) For another article with some awesome wines, MY TOP 20 WINES UNDER $20.

Unruly Cabernet Sauvignon ’11

89 PTS WILFRED WONG. Gentle and effortless on the palate, the finely-structured ’11 Unruly Cabernet sails easily onto the palate; pretty, with red and black currant flavors. California

bevmo 5 cent wine sale, mix and match
Unruly Cabernet Suavignon 2011

Main & Geary Chardonnay ’12
92 PTS WILFRED WONG. Fine and stylish, the ripe-fruited ’12 Main & Geary Chardonnay shows power and finesse; ripe core fruit flavors run throughout the wine; long, firm finish. Sonoma, California

bevmo 5 cent wine sale, mix and match
Hawaii – Volcano Winery Big Island

Crooked Path Cabernet ’11
90 PTS WILFRED WONG. One of the best wines from a difficult vintage, the ’11 Crooked Path Cabernet excels with ripe fruit flavors that glide along the palate; smooth finish. Paso Robles, California

bevmo 5 cent wine sale, mix and match
Crooked Path Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Gen 5 Merlot ’10
92 PTS WILFRED WONG. Ripe and round, the smooth and really nicely layered ’10 Gen 5 Merlot shows excellent style and personality; almost silky in the finish. San Joaquin, California

bevmo 5 cent wine sale, mix and match
Gen 5 Merlot 2010


bevmo 5 cent wine sale, mix and match
Barrell Room Wine Tasting Virginia








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47 thoughts on “BevMo 5 Cent Wine Sale Is Back With A New Twist…

  1. This is awesome, I myself is also fund of Champagne but ironically never heard about the 5 Cent Wine Sale At BevMo. Anyway great read Ms. Deal’s Queen. Thanks for the share.

  2. Great pics. You look like you are having a good time. I am not a wine drinker but am a beer drinker. Does Bev Moe Have a special beer sale anytime.

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