Black Friday Sales 2013


November 26, 2013 by danisdecadentdeals

Black Friday, shopping, sales

Dani Shopping Black Friday November 2012

Black Friday 2015 Deals: HERE CLICK ME

Black Friday is approaching us again soon. I have compiled a list of ads for Black Friday Below!    Enjoy some shopping till you are dropping!  I cannot wait to hit the mall!  I have put each website under each ad for easy access to find more deals for each of the stores listed. 🙂 Happy shopping.  Have a fabulous Thanksgiving my friends or as I like to call it “Turkey Day!!”

Promenade Temecula

Black Friday, shopping, sales

Promenade Temecula Black Friday Store Hours

Black Friday, shopping, sales Black Friday Sale


Black Friday, shopping, sales 50% off Everything thru 12-1 with promo code


Black Friday, shopping, sales

Express 50% off everything online and in stroes till Friday at noon


Black Friday, shopping, sales

Macy’s Black Friday Specials Preview

The Body Shop

Black Friday, shopping, sales

Body Shop Black Friday Tote Bag


Black Friday, shopping, sales

Kohl’s Black Friday Sales

Black Friday Mall Frenzy

Black Friday, shopping, sales

Black Friday Frenzy – 3 Different Malls

Black Friday, shopping, sales

Gap Outlet 40% off and coupon

Gap Outlet Store listings and hours: CLICK LINK HERE


Black Friday, shopping, sales

C. Wonder – New Store at Fashion Island Black Friday


Best Buy

Black Friday, shopping, sales

Best Buy Black Friday Deals


Black Friday, shopping, sales

Dani Shopping at Express

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21 thoughts on “Black Friday Sales 2013

  1. […] 2013 Black Friday Deals here —> BLACK FRIDAY 2013 <— As most of you can probably already tell, I love to shop, but I also love to save […]

  2. Loretta says:

    It’s simply amazing how many deals you have!!! I’m typically an on line shopper, but you almost make me want to go to the stores!!

  3. I love shopping online. My Christmas bonus, which is very healthy, pays out after the 15th, so I have to wait! 🙂 Considering a TV.

  4. I need to coordiante my shopping with yours next year! Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Annette says:

    Another black Friday sale! Must be a new trend! I haven’t seen a black Friday sale before. =)

  6. kungphoo says:

    This would be very helpful back in my younger years, when i would go out and beat the rush..

  7. JoCasey says:

    Fantastic offers as usual! Thank you

  8. ladymarielle says:

    The body shop one is tempting! Love scented lotions and body butter. They have a new scent in honey, I love it!

  9. Irene says:

    Wow you have made it easy to shop! Even having the layout of the Mall!!

  10. Thanks SO much for this Black Friday post! I love that you have the layout for people to see!

  11. What great deals you’ve shared. 50% off is my kind of special!

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