Huntington Beach Hyatt Restaurant, the californian, rennovation
Dani in front of the fountain at HB Hyatt

A few months back I shared an article about my fabulous experience at The Californian Restaurant that is located inside of the Hyatt Hotel in Huntington Beach, California. I was so impressed with my dining experience so when I was invited to check out the new exciting vision to come for the restaurant I was quite excited! This restaurant is located inside of the Hyatt in the gorgeous city of Huntington Beach, California which is known for being surf city.  This resort is situated on the gorgeous Pacific Ocean and it feels like a small village within the city.

Huntington Beach Hyatt Restaurant, the californian, rennovation
Dani and Executive Chef, Manfred Lassahn

Upon entrance to “The Californian” I received a pleasant surprise of what is to come this upcoming March, when the restaurant will be completely re-emerging with not only a new name, but a new chef, a new menu, and a variety of new and upcoming ideas to be launched.  The vibe I received from attending the preview party for the new restaurant was magnificent.  Executive Chef Manfred Lassahn with over 20 years of experience working for the Hyatt shared with us share his exciting vision for this new restaurant concept featuring comfort food with attitude and awesome extras such as “bar jars” for noshing with culinary cocktails and Meat + Three “California Style” Sunday suppers.

Huntington Beach Hyatt Restaurant, the californian, rennovation
Pumpkin Martini 2

There will be a new separate bar for noshing and enjoying fine wine, beers, and cocktails.  One of my favorite cocktails I had the opportunity to enjoy was the pumpkin martini. This was an amazing beverage made with all fresh ingredients.  There will be seasonal as well as standard favorite cocktails on the menu I am excited to explore in the future. 

Beverage Manager, Chris Jack, recently relocated from Chicago was excited to share the new high-tech wine dispensers that will be at the new restaurant that are designed to serve and preserve wines.  These dispensers have the ability to store wines at cool temperatures, while oxygen is prevented from ever entering the bottle.  With these new wine dispensers, customers will have the ability to select

Huntington Beach Hyatt Restaurant, the californian, rennovation
Wine Dispenser

from a one ounce sample pour, a half glass or a full glass of wine for different price points. This will give customers an opportunity to sample expensive bottles for a small fee. There will be over 20 different wine selections from a variety of different regions throughout the world specifically selected to be paired with each dish on the menu. In addition to an extensive wine list that will be consistently changing to offer new wines, there will also a board that explains the soil content on the different regions and what to expect for the flavor.  My personal favorite wine I tried at the event was the Prado Enea Gran Reserva 2005 from the Muga Rioja region.  The tannins were big and bold and each sip I held to linger in my mouth to take in every last morsel of flavor.  It is a must try!!

Huntington Beach Hyatt Restaurant, the californian, rennovation
Bar Jars

The “Bar Jars” are a new offering that will be coming to the restaurant as small bites for while you wait for your entrees to be served. There will be a variety of Bar Jars as appetizers to pair with the wide variety of wine, beer, and cocktails offered at the restaurant.  Some of these Bar Jars include California Pistachio and Sherry Marinated Manchego Cheese, Marinated Artichoke Heart Spread, and Over Cured Tomatoes with Shallots and Vinegar, just to name a few. I sampled a variety of these jars and they were fabulous. I was personally blown away by the Manchego Cheese.

Huntington Beach Hyatt Restaurant, the californian, rennovation
Freshly sliced Iberico

An impressive number of different cold cuts will also be offered with house made breads and cheeses as well.  There is an impressive selection to choose from that will be available.  Select meats and appetizers from which I sampled included items such as Iberico with spicy tomato jam, cast iron skillet peppers, sea salt, aioli, and potatoes and roasted corn empanadas with aji. 

Huntington Beach Hyatt Restaurant, the californian, rennovation
The breakfast pantry

There will also be a Breakfast pantry in which guests will be able to enjoy house made pastries, artisan breakfast sandwiches, hot and cold cereals, as well as fresh juice, smoothies, cocktails, and coffee.  This will be the perfect place to visit to enjoy a quick bite or a leisurely breakfast.

There was a fresh selection of entrees offered that included a fresh salmon, an oven roasted garlic pork loin and a tender tri-tip marinated in the finest herbs. Side dishes included candied farmer’s market carrots, deep fried Brussels sprouts with walnuts and capers, creamy scalloped russet potato gratin with parmesan cheese, and wild rice with butternut squash, leek and corn.

Huntington Beach Hyatt Restaurant, the californian, rennovation
Dani with Desserts

From the desserts menu, there is a great variety of options that were offered which included Six Degrees of Chocolate, Espresso Crème Brulee, and White Chocolate Lemon Almond Biscotti to name a few!  Desserts are always one of my favorites!!  These were pretty amazing and I savored each bite!

Huntington Beach Hyatt Restaurant, the californian, rennovation
Entrance to the Restaurant

Although the new restaurant is not yet open and the name is still not selected, I am very much looking forward to seeing the finished product early next March 2014!  I hope to do a report about the finished restaurant when it is complete! Stay tuned for complete details of the fabulous dining experience to come. 

To see my original post about The Californian restaurant located inside the Huntington Beach Hyatt click here —> THE CALIFORNIAN.

Huntington Beach Hyatt Restaurant, the californian, rennovation
Our full and happy group

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