Greenleaf Fall Craft Cocktails and Appetizers


December 14, 2013 by danisdecadentdeals

Greenleaf Cocktail Menu

Greenleaf Cocktail Menu

Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop is a Los Angeles Based restaurant that has recently expanded to Orange County with 2 new locations that opened in Costa Mesa, California.  There is a Greenleaf on 17th Street and a new one housed in the awesome SOCO/ OC Mix shopping center where there is a variety of different shops, restaurants and fresh products to buy. See details about SOCO/OC Mix here –> SOCO/OC Mix

Dani and Laurie making Wine Based cocktails

Dani and Laurie making Wine Based cocktails

Greenleaf recently invited me in to check out some of their Fall Craft Cocktails made with wine based products. Greenleaf manager, Laurie Koss shared with us demonstrations for 3 different wine based cocktails and food items that were perfect pairings.  I had never heard of a variety of spirits being made from wine, but I was pleasantly surprised as I loved

Petrov vodka

Petrov vodka

the flavor! Wine based cocktails are much mellower than cocktails with 20% alcohol content, rather than a 40% from standard spirits, such as rum, vodka and tequila. Greenleaf has a wine and beer license so they really got crafty with these beverage ideas and I was quite pleased! The three main wine based liquors they used in the cocktails we sampled were Petrov Vodka which has the same flavor as triple distilled vodka, La Quinta Triple Sec, which compliments their La Quinta Agave Wine, and Ron Copa Rica Fermented Rum which is great for rum based cocktails. These were all new to me.

Strawberry Fresca Beverage

Strawberry Fresca Beverage

The first beverage that Laurie prepared for us was the Strawberry Fresca, which included Petrov Reserve, Triple Sec, Lemon Juice, Muddled Strawberry and Orange, Pomegranate Juice, cubed sugar, and sparkling soda, Prosecco float with a little bit of basil leaf on top! Paired with the Strawberry Fresca were some Kale chips (kale tossed in olive oil and lemon juice with kosher salt and baked) and amazing Parmesan crisps, which were my personal favorite made with parmesan and season blend baked. The other appetizer we were served was grilled pear, micro arugula, burrata cheese, crispy prosciutto, and balsamic reduction.  The parmesan chips were so delicious; people in our party ordered them to go. I think it would be perfect if they sold these in bags to purchase by the register…such amazing flavors!

Ginger Sparkler

Ginger Sparkler

The second beverage we tried was the Ginger Sparkler which consisted of Petrov Reserve, lemon juice, cubed sugar, muddled ginger zest, and Prosecco float.  Paired with the Ginger Sparkler we were served two amazing pizzas that were Wild Mushroom & Truffle Oil Pizza on a whole wheat tortilla, 3-cheese blend, wild mushrooms, arugula, truffle oil, and shaved pecorino romano. Pizza #2 was a Spicy Turkey Sausage & Fennel Pizza which was on a whole wheat tortilla,

Fun at Greenleaf

Fun at Greenleaf

mozzarella cheese, spicy romesco, turkey sausage, arugula, fennel, and shaved pecorino romano.  My personal favorite food item of the night was the mushroom pizza. The flavors blended together perfectly and the item was made on a fresh tortilla which is light and healthy. I am not a sausage or spicy person, but my party seemed to enjoy that pizza as well. 🙂

Cranberry Noir
Cranberry Noir

The third and last drink Laurie demonstrated for us was the Cranberry Noir, which was made with Leese Fitch Pinot Noir, cranberry juice, vanilla extract, lemon zest, Sea Salt, and sparkling soda.  I was very impressed with the vanilla flavor in this beverage. This drink was so very refreshing!  Paired with Cranberry Noir we ate Turkey Sliders on sesame seed buns, mini turkey patty, caramelized red onions, butter lettuce, roasted tomato, and fresh pomegranate/ cranberry aioli.  We also had meatball and toast with turkey meatballs in spicy tomato sauce, topped with fresh baby mozzarella and basil with whole wheat ciabatta. 

Wild Mushroom and Truffle Olive Oil Pizza

Wild Mushroom and Truffle Olive Oil Pizza

Greenleaf is a fun and casual place to go with friends and family or even for a date night or a dinner with a friend. I love how they have expanded from the Los Angeles area to the Orange County area!  Check out Greenleaf and let me know what you think of their food and beverages below!

Dani in front of Christmas tree in OC Mix

Dani in front of Christmas tree in OC Mix

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26 thoughts on “Greenleaf Fall Craft Cocktails and Appetizers

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever had a wine based cocktail but they sure look delicious!

  2. I have been to Greenleaf several times, and the food and ambiance are both wonderful! I love that they are doing something different with their cocktails to draw people in…Great for them!

  3. rmanea says:

    I love to eat and drink.. but i need to do that in moderation.. lol

  4. Jim Striegel says:

    I have never heard of this kind of drink. The ginger one sounds refreshing. I’d like to try these!

  5. Jo Casey says:

    Those drinks sound amazing – I rarely drink cocktails but they look worth a try

  6. These look really good…Cranberry Noir …yum!

  7. Brad Lynch says:

    This is very unique. Thank you for sharing with us!

  8. dawn says:

    These drinks sound so yummy and the food looks amazing.

  9. Vicki Bezio says:

    This place looks great! I will have to check it out when I am in the area.

  10. I have never heard of Greenleaf before but it looks like a great place to visit!

  11. Erica says:

    I know exactly where this is! I attended the Paul Mitchell School in the same plaza but it was not yet open when I was there. Thanks for the article, now I have a new spot for ‘date night’.

  12. Mmmmm the Strawberry Fresca is the one that I think I would love! It looks like an amazing place to visit!



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