The Mixing Glass Store – High Quality Bar Tools and Classes from Gabrielle Dion


February 17, 2014 by danisdecadentdeals

the mixing glass, oc mix, soco. gabrielle dion, barware

Entrance to the Mixing Glass

Recently I attended a grand opening for a new store called, The Mixing Glass in the OC Mix & SOCO in Costa Mesa where you can now find the highest quality bar tools that were unable to be found anywhere else in Orange County! Owner and award-winning mixologist, Gabrielle Dion, has brought curated cocktail ware and classes to come to her first-ever store. These tools include cocktail wares and supplies, bar tools imported from Japan and London, hard-to-

the mixing glass, oc mix, soco. gabrielle dion, barware

Bitters 2

find bitters that shoppers can sample, vintage barware and glassware, books, and cocktail kits like the Moscow Mule Kit which includes everything from the traditional copper mug to the ginger beer. Products in this store are items that owner, Gabrielle Dion uses regularly in her line of work.

the mixing glass, oc mix, soco. gabrielle dion, barware

Dani with unique Barware

In addition to items you can purchase in the store there will also soon be classes taught by top bartenders in the craft cocktail movement, such as lead bartender Ricky Yarnall from Harvard and Stone in Los Angeles, and Jason Schiffer from 320 Main

the mixing glass, oc mix, soco. gabrielle dion, barware

The Mixing Glass

to share their knowledge with Mixing Glass customers. These classes will be ranging from how to make homemade ingredients for cocktails, as well as bar mechanics, and Mixology 101.

the mixing glass, oc mix, soco. gabrielle dion, barware

Gorgeous Spread of Cheeses

When I attended the grand opening event, I was able to sample custom cocktails featuring cold-pressed juice from Birdie Bowl & Juicery and tea from the Seventh Tea Bar (another store in the OC MIX). There was also a gorgeous spread of cheeses to enjoy with our cocktails from the cheese shop located in the OC Mix…Amazing cheeses from that store

the mixing glass, oc mix, soco. gabrielle dion, barware

Serving the Cocktail

might I add!  Along with the cocktails created by Gabrielle Dion, there were cocktail-inspired appetizers by Bar Chef Ricky Yarnall. We had the opportunity to watch Gabrielle Dion show us live demos of how to make a cocktail properly to make sure to have all of the right flavors and crispness to the beverage that is based upon several factors, including how you place your ice in the glass, as well as the size of the cube.

the mixing glass, oc mix, soco. gabrielle dion, barware

Preparing Rum Punch

Before opening The Mixing Glass, Gabrielle Dion was named OC Weekly’s Best Bartender in 2012. She started her 10-year career in bartending at Pelican Hill Grill and also worked at Charlie Palmer in Bloomingdale’s in South Coast Plaza. Today, in addition to owning and operating The Mixing Glass, Dion is the bar manager at Broadway in Laguna Beach and also serves on the board of OC’s Bartender Cabinet trade group. Gabrielle is known for creating creative cocktails, often using different types of ingredients.

the mixing glass, oc mix, soco. gabrielle dion, barware

The OC Mix

The Mixing Glass pop-up shop is now open Saturdays from 11am-6pm at The OC Mix in Costa Mesa.  Other OC MIX articles include : MICHELLE HAUT CHOCOLATE, GREENLEAF FALL CRAFT COCKTAILS, RIVERA MAGAZINE CHEF CHALLENGE TO LIVE AND DINE & PATCHWORK EDIBLE PREVIEW.

the mixing glass, oc mix, soco. gabrielle dion, barware

Preparing Rum Punch


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20 thoughts on “The Mixing Glass Store – High Quality Bar Tools and Classes from Gabrielle Dion

  1. Dov Shapira says:

    What a neat place.
    Are bar tools the same as bar stools ?

  2. Now the OC can learn from award-winning mixologist Gabrielle Dion. All the tools, gadgets, and ingredients one could possibly need or want to take preparing cocktails to a high art form! I’m going to have to drive up from San Diego for this one!

  3. Jason says:

    Great post, I love learning about new businesses especially when there unique.

  4. Kungphoo says:

    The samplings of the cocktails sounds good.. we do not have cool places like this by us.. have to travel for them..

  5. This sounds like a super fun place! I love to learn about things like this…and to sample would be fun! You always do the coolest things Daniele! 🙂

  6. ladymarielle says:

    Love reading your blog! I always end up searching for similar spots here in Montreal! I really need to drop by in your neighborhood so that you can show me to these wonderful places that you always post about!

    • Thanks for the comment Marielle:) I appreciate that so very much! You are soo sweet:) So, I am curious are you able to find places like the ones I post in Montreal? 🙂 I would love to show you around if you come out here to visit! Let me know when you will be coming in town and we will make a plan! 🙂

  7. That looks like loads of fun. I love a great wine tasting

  8. Now thats a cool place to be.. i have found same kind of store here same as this palce.. Thanks for sharing

  9. Jim Striegel says:

    It seems like more and more people are having their own home bars. I like this idea.

  10. Jeff Brand says:

    Do they have any other stores or plan on expanding? I’ve not seen a store like this and great niche they have going for them.

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