Yogurtland Real Rewards program, earn free yogurt
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I know in our busy hectic lives sometimes we do not take the time to stop and smell the roses or we overlook things that maybe we should be taking a second look at.  Just recently I was thinking about how many times I visit Yogurtland in a month and how much money I spend.  I always think I will take a look at their rewards program, but I never get around to doing so. I always think some other time when there is more time…Well, my friends, I don’t think there is ever more time. So…just this past week when I was in Yogurtland purchasing my weekly fix, I decided to inquire.  

Yogurtland Real Rewards program, earn free yogurt
Yogurtland Real Rewards – Image courtesy of Yogurtland

After inquiring about the Yogurtland Rewards program and what I get as a consumer, it took me less than 3 minutes to download the application and show it to the cashier and get my FREE 3 ounces of yogurt simply for signing up in addition to points on my account to earn more FREE yogurt!  If you are anything like me, you love the sound of the word FREE. 🙂

Yogurtland Real Rewards program, earn free yogurt
Coconut Yogurt – One of my favorite flavors -Image courtesy of Yogurtland

So many people do not take the time to see how they could save and each little bit counts…and it all starts by signing up for simple applications or programs such as these..:)  Signing up with the Yogurtland Rewards program is pretty simple.  When you are in the store, just tell the team member at the register that you want to join and they will give you a card to register on the FREE application you download on your cell phone.  After entering the card number into the app it is stored and you will not have to enter it again.

Yogurtland Real Rewards program, earn free yogurt
FREE Yogurtland day 2013

Each time you purchase yogurt, you simply pull up the phone app and click on “my card” and show it to the attendant to scan and accrue points.  Upon signing up you get 3 FREE ounces of yogurt and a FREE 3 ounce birthday yogurt.  You can earn one point for every ounce you purchase and once you hit 60 points (which they call the raspberry level) you get 3 free ounces for each 36 points and a FREE 5 ounce birthday treat. The last level you can reach in the rewards program is the platinum level in which you need to have 240 points.  At this level you can get 4 ounces of yogurt FREE for every 36 points, a FREE 16 ounce birthday treat & another 16 ounce cup once you earn 520 points!

Yogurtland Real Rewards program, earn free yogurt
Tart – My Most Favorite Flavor of All – Image courtesy of Yogurtland

Join now like I did and start earning those points rather than just spending money and getting nothing back! I may have to start sharing some other Rewards programs that I love as well. I see a trend. 🙂

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Yogurtland Real Rewards program, earn free yogurt
Red Velvet cupcake batter – Another one of my favorites -Image courtesy of Yogurtland

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