gas buddy, cheap gas, phone app

How to Find Cheapest Gas in US and Canada

gas buddy, cheap gas, phone app
Gas Buddy Logo

I wanted to share with all of you about an awesome way to save money on gas while you are out and about!  There is an application I have on my phone that I use regularly called Gas Buddy that shows me where to buy gas for the cheapest price! 

Gas Buddy started back in 2000 as a website co-founded by Justin Toews with Dustin Coupal. Their goal was to help motorists find the cheapest local gas prices without having to drive out of their way. They were definitely successful! The two Senior Petroleum Analysts Patrick DeHaan and Gregg Laskoski that work with Gas Buddy are reliable sources that are familiar with gasoline trends over the years.

gas buddy, cheap gas, phone app
Map of US Gas prices – photo from gasbuddy

Gas Buddy as an application is awesome in that you as the consumer can regularly update gas prices from wherever you are located on the application to help others get the best price for gas. The nice function of the Gas Buddy application is that you can search within the near vicinity of where you are or where you will be travelling to.  On your phone and your computer you can search for gas prices not only within the United States, but also throughout all of Canada!  On the mobile phone application, you can search gas prices by location, price, and grade of fuel.

gas buddy, cheap gas, phone app
Lowest Gas Prices Last 24 Hours in Orange County – Photo Courtesy of Gas Buddy

On the computer there is even more flexibility with to see maps of gas prices in your local area and around the United States and Canada.  There is also a trip cost calculator to be able to find out how much the price of gas will be to get from one destination to another!  Historical gas charts on this site relay how the prices of gas have changed all over the US & Canada anywhere between now and 11 years ago! You can look at counties, cities or states on gas buddy to find out the price of gas you should be paying.  Gas Buddy has a points and prizes program they offer as well to earn free gas cards! 

gas buddy, cheap gas, phone app
Gas Buddy Application Interface – photo from gasbuddy

Check out online today and start saving now.  To download this awesome application on your phone and find out where to save money on gas while you are on the road, here are the links for convenient and easy downloads:

Download on the App Store for Apple  
Get App on Google Play 
Get App on your Windows Phone 
Get App for Blackberry at App World 
gas buddy, cheap gas, phone app
Historical Price Charts – Photo Courtesy of Gasbuddy

Let me know what you think of the Gas Buddy Application below.  This app has regularly rocked my world for the past few years, so I happily support it!  Have a great day and stay safe on the roads!

Daily Prize Giveaways - Photo from Gas Buddy Site

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gas buddy, cheap gas, phone app
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25 thoughts on “How to Find Cheapest Gas in US and Canada

  1. I LOVE GAS BUDDY. I’ve been using it for a while now and it saves me money every week. It’s ESPECIALLY useful if I’m in a less familiar neighborhood. It keeps me from pulling into the first station I see and potentially over-spending on gas. Great tool.

  2. I love Gas Buddy so much — it’s saved me so much dough over the years I’ve used it. It’s especially useful when I’m in a less familiar hood — it keeps me from pulling into the first station I see and potentially over-spending!

    1. That is awesome! I am so happy to hear that! It is a fabulous tool I could not go without! This is why I simply had to share about it! I am surprised that not everyone knows about it.:) Thanks for the comment AJ! 🙂

  3. I’ve heard of this app but never really paid much attention to it. I will now, having read your suggestion. Thanks for sharing this! This should help out a lot. 🙂

  4. I have heard about this app and think it is great. I think it would really come in handy in an area you are not familiar with. Thank you for helping us save money!

  5. I think we have something similar in the UK but I’ve forgotten what it’s called. Great idea though and we used it a lot 5 years ago when we spent a great deal of time living and working on the road all over the UK. x

  6. Whenever I’m low on gas and have a long commute, one of my favorite ways to use GasBuddy is to quickly scan all the prices along my commute and then just plan to where to fill up in advance. Amazing sometimes how much variation there is in prices along my route.

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