Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop FREE Sandwich, Extra GIVEAWAY and Grand Opening (Restaurant Closed)


January 17, 2014 by danisdecadentdeals

capriotti's sandwich shop, grand opening, free sandwich, giveaway

Inside Capriotti’s

Do you enjoy eating fresh packed sandwiches full of flavor, as well as a variety of different unique options to try from? If so, you must check out Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop & I have great news for you because in this post I am going to tell each and every one of you how to claim your FREE sandwich! There are no strings attached…just a simple text message…Read on my friends!

capriotti's sandwich shop, grand opening, free sandwich, giveaway

Designing The Bobbie

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop is opening a third Orange County location next week on Monday, January 20th at the Irvine Marketplace.  The new location will be at the Irvine Marketplace at the address: 13258 Jamboree Road, Irvine, CA 92602

capriotti's sandwich shop, grand opening, free sandwich, giveaway

The one and Only Bobbie Sandwich – It is like Thanksgiving!

To celebrate the new restaurant, Capriotti’s is also offering 10 fans the chance to win a free sub per week for a year by texting FREE SUBS to 25328 until January 31, 2013. Winners will be notified via text by February 5, 2013 as to if they won. Just for entering the contest, the location will also offer all who enter a FREE SANDWICH at the new Irvine location by showing their confirmation text message for up to three days after receipt.  Yes, that is right my friends, EVERYONE gets at least one FREE SANDWICH!

capriotti's sandwich shop, grand opening, free sandwich, giveaway

Capriotti’s Sandwich Locations

In addition to the FREEE Sandwich everyone can get above at the NEW Irvine location and the opportunity to win a free sub every week for a year; I am also doing a giveaway for a 9” sandwich at any Capriotti’s location, so enter my contest here!  Locations of Capriotti’s include all of these different states: Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, Washington D.C., Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Utah & Wisconsin so be sure to share this contest with your friends!!!

Enter here –> a Rafflecopter giveaway  <–


capriotti's sandwich shop, grand opening, free sandwich, giveaway

Capriotti’s New Location Irvine

I recently went in to check out these sandwiches myself and I wanted to share my experience with two of the sandwiches we ordered. My husband and I tried the Famous “Bobbie” Sandwich that totally reminded me of Thanksgiving! It is very unique in flavor and the ingredients include; Homemade Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and mayo.  Seriously, even though it is January I was already missing Thanksgiving when I took a bite out of this sandwich!  The other sandwich he had was the Capastrami which was filled with hot pastrami, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and cole slaw.Yuuummm!! My roots are from New York, so I love a good pastrami sandwich! We also had a bag of Wise potato chips which made me crave the East Coast…ok well maybe not during the Polar Vortex… 🙂 Let me know below what you think of Capriotti’s and don’t forget to text to get your FREE sandwich before January 31st & enter my contest to get your FREE Sandwich at ANY Capriotti’s location!

capriotti's sandwich shop, grand opening, free sandwich, giveaway

Dani in Front of Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

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54 thoughts on “Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop FREE Sandwich, Extra GIVEAWAY and Grand Opening (Restaurant Closed)

  1. rmanea says:

    everyone gets a free sandwhich!! can you send it?? lol

  2. JoCasey says:

    OMG this is a great deal (and looks fab too!)

  3. suejansons says:

    It makes me want to find one in my area! Thanks!

  4. What’s that purple stuff in the sandwich?

  5. says:

    Their sandwiches are awesome!

  6. Jim Striegel says:

    Sounds like a great deal to me…I’m in!

  7. Oh no, a free sub a week for a year. To bad i don’t live in the area.

  8. Jessica says:

    looks like a creative sandwich, thanks so much for the post!

  9. Those subs look lush … it would just cost me too much in air fair from the UK to collect … good luck with the opening though xxx

  10. These remind me of subway but much better! I wish I could try one!

  11. Is that corn, cranberry and the works on that sandwich? Thank you for sharing this post!

  12. Irene says:

    Wow great contest. Wish there was one where I live!

  13. Chau says:

    I love the Bobbie!

  14. Vicki Bezio says:

    This looks delicious.. can’t wait to try it!

  15. Dov Shapira says:

    How decadent of you Dani, I like this deal and available in AZ :0

  16. petey hsieh says:

    I got the free sandwich here yesterday, employees were friendly, thank you!

  17. Jeff Brand says:

    I have heard of this place in Las Vegas. I didn’t know we had them here. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Kristin says:

    I freakin love Capriottis! My fav is the Cole Turkey.

  19. John says:

    The Bobbie is amazing!

  20. Dinah G says:

    I haven’t been, but that Bobbie sandwich looks DELICIOUS!!

  21. Amanda S. says:

    I’ve been to the Capriottis in Milwaukee. And of course I got the Bobbie – its crazy delicious 🙂

  22. Linda W. says:

    They all look good but I have a weakness for Italian subs. Gotta try ’em wherever I go.

  23. Teri Martinez says:

    Never been but the Bobby sounds like my kind of sandwich.

  24. pammlla says:

    Wow sounds like a great place!

  25. nuronerd says:

    I have never been but now realize there is a shop in my area. I would like to try the Veggie Turkey.

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