burke williams, anti aging facial, H2V, spa therapy

Burke Williams Anti-Aging Facial Amazement

burke williams, anti aging facial, H2V, spa therapy
Shortly After my Facial and Engagement

I was recently invited in to Burke Williams to experience their Anti-Aging Facial. I was very excited about this opportunity as I had not received a facial in a good 10 years!  As a matter of fact, the last time I had a facial was when my husband proposed to me in Las Vegas, but that is a whole other story. 🙂

burke williams, anti aging facial, H2V, spa therapy
Front Entrance

I was quite honored and happy to visit Burke Williams Day Spa in that they have been around for nearly 30 years and there is one located within 6 miles vicinity of where I live!  Burke Williams has been a place I have been meaning to visit that I have heard is amazing from my friends that have been.  Their mission is that they are “Committed to creating an environment of refinement that inspires and provides its guest with a luxurious sanctuary to unwind.” There are 9 different Burke Williams locations across Northern and Southern California.  Their spa facility includes a variety of European-inspired treatments including massage therapy, body wraps, facials, baths, pedicures, manicures, and an array of different signature spa services and of course pure serenity and relaxation! I was very impressed with their Mission Viejo location!

burke williams, anti aging facial, H2V, spa therapy
Entry Sign 4

Upon arriving at the Burke Williams Spa I signed in and was given a tour of the facility. There are several relaxation areas as well as spas, steam rooms, and several luxurious areas to relax including a darker room.  Throughout the resort you can rehydrate with cucumber water and lemonade.  There is also fresh fruit to enjoy in the waiting area. 

burke williams, anti aging facial, H2V, spa therapy
A Sample Facial Photo from Burke Williams

The Anti-Aging Facial that I received utilizes the new defy antioxidant mask that is becoming quite popular.  The Burke Williams Anti-Aging Facial uses cutting edge regenerative technology through a custom blend of stem cells and illuminating concentrate. A unique combination of H2V R3 Transform and Matrixyl Peptides lifts, firms, brightens and evens the skins tone while repairing damage. The antioxidants and ingredients used in these masks are designed to target dryness in the face, which is what eventually leads to wrinkles and aging. 

burke williams, anti aging facial, H2V, spa therapy
Dani before and after anti-aging facial

During the facial, I also had an opportunity to discuss with my fabulous esthetician, Kristine about creating a custom anti-aging moisturizer just for my skin type.  I was quite pleased when she told me that I have youthful skin and that the one area I was missing my daily sunscreen was the base of my forehead that connects to my hairline.   I have very fair skin and do not like to be in the sun much, so it was good to know that my hard work of wearing sunscreen daily and staying out of the sun as much as possible has paid off. 🙂

burke williams, anti aging facial, H2V, spa therapy
H2V Buffing Creme Exfoliant I purchased

However, Kristine did recommend that I should give the H2V buffing cream to help minimize some blackheads on my nose when used as an exfoliant 2-3 times a week.  I decided to give it a try and purchased the product for $45. 

There is also a H2V Defy Antioxidant Mask (this is the one used during the facial) that is made with the nourishing oils, Resveratrol and Dragons Blood Extract and it restores youth to the skin’s surface. I was excited to hear that resveratrol was used as it is the antioxidant associated with red wine and anything to do with red wine sounds fabulous to me. 🙂

burke williams, anti aging facial, H2V, spa therapy
Reception Area

Resveratrol improves cellular function, increases collagen production, improves elasticity and reduces inflammation.  Dragons Blood Extract, an alkaloid derived from rainforest resin that is ultra-rich in taspine and works to regenerate tissue. H2V Defy antioxidant mask is currently available and can be purchased at any Burke Williams spa location for $48.00. There is also a program in which you can sign up to a Burke Williams Spa Membership that includes many perks such as discounts and other perks when going to the spa regularly. See website for details.

burke williams, anti aging facial, H2V, spa therapy
Burke Williams January email special

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Anti-Aging Facial currently offered at Burke Williams for $195 at 75 minutes long.  Of course there are a variety of other treatments offered at Burke Williams at several different price points and a membership you can sign up with to get free perks. I also personally recommend joining their emails where I regularly get coupons sent to my email. I am including the January coupon in this post. 🙂 Please let me know about your experience at Burke Williams below. 🙂

burke williams, anti aging facial, H2V, spa therapy
My lovely Thank you from Burke Williams

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burke williams, anti aging facial, H2V, spa therapy
Dani in Reception Area of Burke Williams

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  1. I love doing a spa day every once in a while. This one looks fantastic. And to have your own facial cream created – oh la la!

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