Bagels and Brew National Bagel Day FREE BAGEL for Everyone and a GIVEAWAY


February 6, 2014 by danisdecadentdeals

bagels and brew, national bagel day, free bagel, orange county

Bagels and Brew Lake Forest

I simply had to do an article about Bagels and Brew celebrating National Bagel Day this upcoming Sunday, February 9th because I have loved them for years!  This Sunday at any of the Bagels and Brew locations, you can feel free to walk in and get a FREE bagel. There is no purchase necessary!  Let me tell you why this is so awesome….These are seriously some of the best bagels in town!!!

bagels and brew, national bagel day, free bagel, orange county

FREE Bagel National Bagel Day

When I moved to South Orange County my boyfriend at the time (who has now been my husband of almost 8 years) we would always go with his family to Bagels and Brew and when we ended up moving in together it became our place together as well!  For the past 11 years we have been going to Bagels and Brew alone and with my hubby’s entire family! There is literally something there for everyone.

bagels and brew, national bagel day, free bagel, orange county

Bagels and Brew inside (picture from Bagels and Brew)




I have such a warm and cozy feeling when I visit Bagels and Brew and the food is always fresh and delicious! Bagels and Brew currently has 3 locations in South Orange County.  These locations are in Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, and they have a newest location in Aliso Viejo!  All of the Bagels and Brew stores have different hours of operation. See the website here for details –> BAGELS AND BREW  

bagels and brew, national bagel day, free bagel, orange county

Look…even my cat Cornwallis picks her stuffed bagel toy over her food!

bagels and brew, national bagel day, free bagel, orange county

With my mother-in-law at Bagels and Brew

The Aliso Viejo store is the only store that has currently started selling dinner as well as breakfast and lunch. It is the only Bagels and Brew I have never been to, so I am going to have to check it out sometime soon and share back with all of you about their dinner items.:) To see Bagels and Brew menu click here –> MENU 

bagels and brew, national bagel day, free bagel, orange county

Turkey Pesto Supreme Sandwich on Bialy

There is a large variety of bagels at Bagels and Brew with over 25 different selections! This makes it very hard to choose what to get, but I am personally in love with the bialy for savory and the chocolate chip for sweet…oh wait and the pineapple coconut…Honestly there are just too many yummy ones and the cream cheese is to die for as well!  There are so many flavors to select from and they are all freshly made…YUM!

bagels and brew, national bagel day, free bagel, orange county

Parmesan Bagel ready for a dip into some cream cheese

Bagels and Brew has also recently introduced a gluten free menu…I know you are thinking bagels=gluten, but let me tell you Bagels and Brew has sooo much more than bagels!  Check out the gluten free menu here –> GLUTEN FREE MENU.   

In addition to bagels, Bagels and Brew serves steaks, burgers, sandwiches, salads, smoothies, coffee beverages, ice cream, and more.  I love their menu because of the variety, but of course I do have my favorites. I am literally in love with the Bistro Salad with their amazing balsamic dressing and my favorite sandwich is the Turkey Pesto Supreme on a bialy…they no longer have this item on the menu…I don’t know why, but if you ask for it, the item is still a key on the register 🙂 

bagels and brew, national bagel day, free bagel, orange county

Bagels and Brew Smoothies

I could go on all day about this place because I love it so dearly and have been visiting them for so very long, but I simply wanted to share about National Bagel Day so you can head in to Bagels and Brew to pick up your FREE BAGEL this Sunday, February 9th!  I also would like to offer my fans the opportunity to win a meal for 2 with beverages at Bagels and Brew because I love this place so very much!  To enter my Bagels and Brew contest to win a meal for two click on the Rafflecopter word below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enjoy your free bagel! I know I will and good luck in my contest. Let me know your thoughts below about this awesome establishment that is family owned and also regularly donates to charities and helps with blood drives! Bagels and Brew rock! I am sure you will love them just as much as I do!!

bagels and brew, national bagel day, free bagel, orange county

Bagel Loving Family

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52 thoughts on “Bagels and Brew National Bagel Day FREE BAGEL for Everyone and a GIVEAWAY

  1. Karen says:

    Yummy! Love the Mision Viejo location.

    • That is the one by me but ironically i always go to the Lake Forest location. I think it is because we used to live by that one and my hubby’s family lives there:) I need to get over to the Mission Viejo location:)

  2. marknels01 says:

    Nothing like a great bagel. Especially with a good cup of coffee.

  3. Ruby Lin says:

    Just a regular bagel with shmear

  4. Bagel and a schmear . . . yum!

  5. The turkey pesto sandwich looks yummy!

  6. Didn’t know there was a National Bagel Day! I enjoy raisin bagels, toasted with a bit of butter.

  7. Kungphoo says:

    Free bagels sound amazing! Thanks for sharing!-commenting for Robert of kungphoo

  8. Those all look so good. I love Everything bagels with veggie cream cheese. Now I’m getting hungry.

  9. Dov Shapira says:

    I never heard of bagels national day.
    Are they low carbs ?

  10. ladymarielle says:

    Their menu have a pretty wide range of meal choices. not just bagels! I love that! And I bet their gluten free menu will attract a lot of customers.

  11. Veronica says:

    Free bagels? I know someone who would love that offer!

  12. luzivone says:

    Bagels make my day… great way to star the morning! A bagel’s celebration day it is a nice idea!

  13. Teri Martinez says:

    Breakfast bagel

  14. raquel perez says:

    Never heard of em but hey I love bagels so Heres to a great bagel Celebration!!

  15. I love bagels! Too bad there isn’t a Bagels and Brew in my town.

  16. Tom Holmberg says:

    I love bagels and brew. Their omelettes are my favorite items on the menu. Very nice article

  17. JoCasey says:

    I love bagels – they’re so versatile. I’m envious I don’t live closer to you and your amazing offers!

  18. says:

    I used to go to B&B regularly and I would get the Parmesan bagel with butter.

  19. Jim Striegel says:

    Who knew that bagels had their own day! I do now:=)

  20. Lisa Hodges says:

    Happy Bagel Day! Thank you for always sharing these great give a ways and deals!

  21. Ive always wanted to try some gluten..

  22. tillybalou says:

    You guys really do have some fabulous fast food joints over there. Happy Bagel Day x

  23. Jennifer Monteiro says:

    I have not tried it but I would like to try the gluten free bagel.

  24. Bagel sandwich sounds good right now!

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