gaufree, artisan waffle sandwiches, irvine, belgian

Gaufree Artisan Waffle Sandwiches (Restaurant Closed)

gaufree, artisan waffle sandwiches, irvine, belgian
Gaufree Entrance

I went to visit Gaufree a few weeks ago for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised.  Gaufree is an Artisan Waffle Sandwich restaurant located in Irvine, California. The French word for waffle is Gaufre. In the United States waffles are malt based, but Gaufree uses yeast based dough that blends perfectly to create their delicious waffles in which they then design both savory and sweet waffle sandwiches.  Produce used in Gaufree sandwich is local, fresh and organic. Gaufree meats are free range, grass fed, as well as hormone free.  Dressings and condiments are all made from scratch.  There are even gluten free options.  Everything is delicious and made fresh to order! 

gaufree, artisan waffle sandwiches, irvine, belgian
Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwich

Gaufree is conveniently located close to my Alma Mater, Woodbridge High School and they even have a special for the high school students when they come in for lunch.  Woodbridge High school students can always get a FREE beverage with any purchase of a sandwich or salad.  There is also a five stars program offered in which you can follow Gaufree on their social media sites and enter their monthly drawing for a free sandwich by entering your email address!

gaufree, artisan waffle sandwiches, irvine, belgian
Organic Egg and smoked applewood bacon sandwich

When I visited Gaufree, I was quite impressed. Savory items that I tried included the Organic egg and smoked applewood smoked bacon sandwich that included farm fresh scrambled eggs, bacon and garden herb pesto, the second sandwich was the Organic buttermilk fried chicken made with lightly breaded boneless, skinless, farm raised chicken breast with Myer’s rum, and chipotle molasses dip.  I also tried the Kale salad made with cucumbers, Thai kaffir leaves, mint, Bermuda onions, garlic, red beets, roasted peanuts, chili oil, and Thai basil goat cheese with a kaffir lime dressing.

gaufree, artisan waffle sandwiches, irvine, belgian
Belgian Frites

Each of these items was made fresh to order and I thoroughly enjoyed the tasty blends of flavors.  My favorite sandwich out of the ones I mention above was the chicken and waffle sandwich.  It was very unique in flavor and I loved the rum and molasses blend of flavor.

gaufree, artisan waffle sandwiches, irvine, belgian
Peanut Butter Pie

Next, I tried 2 of the sweet waffle sandwiches, which included the Brussels Street waffle made with raspberry coulis and the Peanut butter pie waffle with sea salt caramel, bananas, peanuts, and powdered sugar.  Hands down the peanut butter waffle pie was my favorite! I was all over this delicious dessert and it was so large in size after my large meal I was excited to devour the second half of it later in the evening as part 2 of my dessert!

gaufree, artisan waffle sandwiches, irvine, belgian
Owner of gaufree and some of our friends

There are a variety of other fabulous options on the menu and I look forward to going back to check out some new items as well…No matter what I order for savory, I will be back to get the Peanut butter pie again!!  Yum!  Have you ever been to Gaufree? Please share your experience with me below! I would love to know what your favorite item was. 🙂 If you have not yet been to Gaufree, you should visit soon when you are in the Irvine area.  They also even have weekly specials offered; when I was there they had a Nutella sandwich for only $4.95!

gaufree, artisan waffle sandwiches, irvine, belgian
Fun with friends at Gaufree

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27 thoughts on “Gaufree Artisan Waffle Sandwiches (Restaurant Closed)

  1. MMM…The waffle sandwiches and desserts look and sound amazing! I know the waffle restaurants are coming out everywhere now it seems. I have not tried one yet, but after reading this post I will make an effort to find a restaurant where I live. 🙂

  2. I am in love with this place, whenever I come from NY to the OC I plan to return to Gaufree!!! Finally a place that has charming people and amazing food…

    1. Awesome! I loved this place myself! If you did not try the peanut butter pie, you must do so next time:) I was born in New York, in Queens:) Where in NY do you reside? I was in Manhattan visiting 2 years ago:)

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