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Are you looking for a roommate to move into your place or are you looking to find a place to live?  If you are, there is an awesome service you must check out!  It is called .  This service is for people looking to rent out their rooms as well as people looking to rent rooms in apartments, condominiums or houses!  When I was in my early 20’s and needed roommates to fill my extra room in my Newport Beach apartment, I used the service and found 3 different roommates this way in a matter of days each time!  It is quick, easy and free to find people with this service, so I though I would share a bit about it with you.:), find a roomate website

I remember being really stressed out when a roommate would tell me they need to move out as our year lease was coming to an end.  With, I ended up feeling a bit more comfortable because I knew I had a tool to screen our potential people and to select people I saw fit to move in. 

In my time in my apartment in Newport Beach (4 years long and only place I ever had to recruit roommates) I had 4 different people.  The first roommate I had I met in a bathroom at the local night club/ bar, Pierce Street Annex and she worked in education, just as I did so we were a perfect match. When roommate #1 decided to move to a different city I was really scared I would not find anyone., find a roomate
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From surfing the net, I found a website called which was a free service in which I was able to sign up with an account and put in pertinent information revolving around the type of person I was looking for to room with. The service is free to sign up; the only drawback is that you cannot read messages from people that write you unless you sign up for a nominal fee.  The fees are as follows:  Choice Membership: $5.99 for a 3 day trial, $19.99 for 30, find a roomate
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days, and $29.99 for 60 days.  However, you get so many messages from people; you are able to find someone really quickly. Other roommate services cost much more than this one. In addition to this information, I would simply put my email address in my ad so that people could contact me if they chose to that were already paying for the services, so I never ended up spending a penny…

This service is based in the United States only and it is very helpful to find people in your area that are searching for roommates and have the same interests as yourself.  Free services included in include a photo profile, 2 way matching a roommate search, and an ability to contact potential roommates., find a roomate
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To use it take a few minutes to create a profile, and then you can simply search for roommates by using either “I need a room” or “I have a room” search, a state, and a city.  I instantly had so many people contacting me from this service after I sent emails to select people that looked interesting to me. In my emails to them I included my email address and then they contacted me and I said above, I never paid a penny! It is free & easy to get started!  Have you ever used  Let me know what you think of this service below.:), find a roomate
Roomie #4

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