Pierce Street Annex-Best Deal in the OC for Drinks, Dancing and Good Times


August 26, 2012 by danisdecadentdeals

The Annex!!!

This week I have decided to write about my favorite bar of all time. It is the first bar I went to when I turned 21 and almost 15 years later it is still the first bar I like to take people when they turn 21! Those of you that know me know that  still frequent this place pretty often! Pierce Street Annex has the

Headbanging with my friend visiting from Germany on the dance floor @ PSA

BEST bartenders, super friendly staff, best prices in town for drinks, no cover charge ever or bottle service VIP fee crap, a nice size dance floor, pool tables, a large patio and it even has a grill where you can cook your own hamburgers, chicken, steak, etc!

Wheel of Meat baby!!!

This bar is truly the “Cheers” of Orange County & all of the pictures all over the walls show how welcoming the place truly is. I am in pictures on several places on the walls in PSA…If you haunt this establishment, you will definitely find my picture on the wall. I have taken so many pictures at this bar that I will not be able to fit them all in this article…I probably have over 500, but I will have an extensive gallery at the bottom of this article.

Me, Tom & Peggy

Pierce Street Annex has the perfect location in Orange County in that it is central to both North & South Orange County. It is located in the city of Costa Mesa, a few miles from the city of Newport Beach and the fabulous ocean.  Costa Mesa is a great city in that there is so much to do there, but Pierce Street Annex always makes it worth my while to make the 20 mile trek from our home in South County in the Mission Viejo area.


More crazy times with fab people

I love the welcome feeling I always have when coming to this place.  It is definitely like a home away from home, maybe that is also because I used to live down the street from it in Newport Beach & my friends and I would regularly walk there with our Red solo cup in hand trekking over from the Coronado at Newport..haha. Truly the best apartment experience ever!!

Halloween with Gordon!


Pierce Street has given me so many fabulous memories with great friends, my husband, and all of the friends I have made in the bartenders and staff at Pierce Street. I really cannot say enough

Girl time at PSA

good things about this place. I would like to share some of the fabulous deals that are offered at Pierce Street as this is my deals blog and this place is definitely the best dance bar for your money, as well as a great place to chill with great welcoming people and the stiffest drinks in town!!

Group night at the Annex:)

Every month Pierce Street Annex issues a monthly calendar on their website as well as well as flyers that are on the bar surfaces and tables in the bar itself. The flyer promotes all of the monthly specials currently offered. A sample of the August flyer is listed below. There is always a ladies night, a karaoke night, live music night, and several other offers, but most importantly there are always good prices on drinks and never a cover charge with a super positive vibe always!!!

August Specials @ Pierce Street Annex

Another deal offered at Pierce Street Annex is the Birthday Party Special 10-4-$10 special.  Basically it works like this…You bring a party of 10 to celebrate and buy a round of drinks for the party of 10 & get these perks:

  1. A t-shirt (or) girl’s top
  2. A muscle mug (or) stylish martini glass
  3. A $10 gift certificate for a future visit
  4. A toasting round of shots for your group
  5. 9 varietals of wine “to go” for $10 each.

*One restriction to keep in mind is that this deal must be the day of, day before or day after actual birthday date & it is valid after 9pm.

Justin hard @ work at Pierce Street Annex

Pegs & I

Another awesome feature at PSA is that they sell half pound burgers, bratwurst, spicy sausage, & N. Y. Strip steak sandwich.

Stephanie, Holly, myself & our men:)

If there is a meat that is not served, they also allow you to bring your own piece of meat over from the neighboring Ralph’s grocery store.

Another fun Halloween at Pierce Street Annex

It is super awesome and as Pierce Street says, “It is a great way to ‘meat’ people.”  LOL.  Grilling hours are from noon to midnight from Sunday through Thursday and on Fridays and Saturdays from noon till 9pm.

I would like to give a shot out to the fabulous staff at Pierce Street

Happy group

Annex. These people are not only bartenders, doormen, DJ’s and management, over the years they have become our friends.  I can go in to get a drink and chill and chat with these people about world issues, as well as personal things going on in our lives. I have high respect for them and will continue coming to this bar well into my older years as the age range at this place truly is from 21-80!

Ann & I at super happy times

A 21st bday!!!

I love you all but some specific people that I always enjoy seeing when I enter this bar include Justin, Kelly, Dave, John, Marissa, DJ Johnny B, Doug, Gordon, & Stephanie we miss you!!  Lots of love to you all and we will be back soon!!!

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Tommy & I

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45 thoughts on “Pierce Street Annex-Best Deal in the OC for Drinks, Dancing and Good Times

  1. Joyce Szilagyi says:

    best article I’ve seen about my home bar…I agree with’s definitely my cheers bar when I’m in town…started going there in 1991…

    • Thank you Joyce! I am happy to hear you enjoyed PSA as much as I did and believe me it is still going strong. 🙂 You definitely need to hit up Pierce Street once again when in town! 🙂 Have a great day and thanks for the comment:)

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  8. Heidi T. says:

    Looks like a fun place!

  9. Gangesh says:

    Really! I will be there in near future for fun.

  10. Loretta says:

    Love dancing! Especially swing dancing!

  11. rmanea says:

    Wish i was closer to these places.. this looks like a really good time and the deals seem great!

  12. Looks like a good time!!!

  13. Looks like a real blast!! when is the next party, don’t want to miss it!!

  14. Dov Shapira says:

    It has been awhile since I had such good time, I am glad that you do Daniele

  15. Mark Nelson says:

    Looks like you all had a great time. Fun bars, fun friends and enjoying life!

  16. Looks like a great place to hang out and have fun.

  17. This would be a great place to enjoy the evening! I wish I were closer!

  18. I hope to be able to visit this place!! Sounds and looks like a ton of fun!!

  19. Heather Petersen says:

    Looks like you are having fun!

  20. jagoterry says:

    Looks like a great place to be. I love a family feel like ” Cheers” had. ( and I remember Cheers ! )

  21. ethosdel says:

    What a great time to be spent over the years at such a place with all the people… That retro red and black dance floor looks like it has had some wild nights on it! I dig, ty for the share.

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