Dani out at the mall shopping..with sales of course:)

Shopping is something we must all do in our lives, some of us love it and some of us hate it, but as we all know it is something that must be done.  This article is going to be based upon two different websites that I use regularly when I shop for products I want and products I need.  One of these sites, Retail Me Not is one I use for online shopping, which includes travel, clothing, and products.  The other site I use regularly is for when I am going to the mall or out to eat and that site is Mommy Saves Big.  These two sites are always ones that have some awesome deals.

Retail Me Not

Retail Me Not is super cool in that you can search for any store or site that sells something online and you can find a promotional code to use on different products’ websites to get discounts on your items.  Whenever I am going out of town I never book a hotel without going into this site to get a code.  It works the same way with when I am shopping at online stores, such as Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, etc.  Usually there are deal promo codes in this site and I never complete my purchase without a five minute search for a deal code.

Retail mme not screen shot deal codes

It is another way to save a bit more, because let’s face it I am a deal freak. You know that everything I purchase is usually on sale even before I put in the deal code, so this gives me the opportunity to save even more.

Mommy Saves Big

Mommy Saves Big is a website that I scour before stepping foot into the mall to print out all of the store coupons I can find for the places I like to shop.  I am a big Express, Macy’s, New York & Co, H&M, Old Navy, Gap, & Forever 21 kinda gal…I am always able to find coupons in this site for a majority of these stores, so it is critical for me before entering the mall to print out the coupons for myself as well as my friend I am going shopping with so we can maximize our savings to save more cash for our fun and crazy weekend outings and travel.:)

Mommy Saves Big Screen Shot

Sometimes, when I forget to print these out ahead of time, a lot of stores are willing to scan the coupons from your cell phones. I honestly would rather do it that way, as I really hate wasting trees, but some of the stores or the cashiers in the stores are sometimes old school and are unsure of how to properly scan the barcodes on coupons on my phone. Mommy Saves Big is also a great place to go for restaurant coupons. There are many fabulous printable coupons on their site. I regularly pull up the fast food coupons as an occasional routine for my students as a lunch treat to reward them for finishing their school work. Be sure to check it out!!

Groupon Logo

One other site that I use a little less frequently, only because I buy way too many group coupon deals so I don’t need last minute deals, is through Groupon.  In groupon, there are several tabs at the top of the page that show featured deal, all deals, now deals, getaways, goods, and rewards.  On the mobile groupon app there are nearby, featured, goods, getaways, kids deals, and rewards. In exploring these tabs, I found that the nearby/now deals options were awesome in that they offer last minute deals in whatever area you are located that you are able to buy to use that day.  This is a great way to find new places to go for restaurants, massages, and services for your car, etc. in your immediate location. These deals are great when you are in a hurry.  For example restaurants in “nearby/now deals” will charge $8 for $16 worth of food at a nearby restaurant, but the only stipulation is that it must be used that day. Please read the fine print for all of these deals as some of them are good for the full day and some are only good for a short time period.

Groupon Rewards tab

The “rewards tab” is also something to check out because there are several local businesses that are paired with groupon that offer free groupon rewards, like money in your groupon account.  Rewards points accumulate to convert into obtaining freebies at the local businesses listed in the rewards tab. The rest of the tabs are pretty self explanatory whether you are looking for goods, kids deals, or getaways for long vacations or weekend trips.

These are some of the great sites to check out for optimizing savings in restaurants, travel, clothing, and product shopping both online and in the stores.  I love retailmenot.com, mommysavesbig.com, and groupon.com to regularly purchase the items that I need and want for the things I want to wear, places I want to travel, and foods I want to eat. I hope you will enjoy these sites as much as I do. Please join my Facebook page for daily deals on items as well at http://www.facebook.com/DanisDecadentDeals

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