Pierce Street Annex, Costa Mesa, Halloween party costume contest

Pierce Street Annex – 38th Annual Halloween Party/Costume Contest and a Giveaway

Pierce Street Annex, Costa Mesa, Halloween party costume contest
2012 Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday and for my favorite holiday, I am spending it at one of my favorite bars/clubs in the OC this year!  Every year Pierce Street Annex, or as I like to call it “PSA” or “The Annex” throws a great Halloween Bash!!  Pierce Street Annex is the first drinking establishment (they do call it that… it is even posted on one of their signs 🙂 I frequented when I turned 21 & I still love to go for dancing, drinks, fun, & a casual environment with great people & familiar faces!  See all about “The Annex” right here—> PIERCE STREET ANNEXPSA is located in the city of Costa Mesa on 330 East 17th Street. Although this event has already passed see the 2013 pictures from this event here –> HALLOWEEN PSA 2013 PICTURES <—

Pierce Street Annex, Costa Mesa, Halloween party costume contest
PSA 38th Annual Halloween Party
Pierce Street Annex, Costa Mesa, Halloween party costume contest
Halloween 2001 at Pierce Street Annex

This Halloween, the 38th annual Halloween Party at Pierce Street Annex will begin at 8:00pm on Thursday, October 31, 2013.  There will be a costume contest with $1,400 in prizes/cash with happy hour prices until 8:30 pm.  Every year this party goes off and is a total blast!  This year will definitely once again be a fun celebration with crazy times!  The walls in this bar are covered with pictures of old memories of past Halloween parties, so my challenge is finding a costume that is not similar to one of the past years’ since I do grace the wall with my picture presence in this bar! 🙂

Pierce Street Annex, Costa Mesa, Halloween party costume contest
Packed Dance Floor in Costume 2012

This year I will be a judge for the costume contest and I would love to see you there!  Please come say hello!  I would love to meet you.  Also as a special deal for my fans, I am doing a Pierce Street Annex Giveaway for a FREE sweatshirt and a $25 gift certificate!  The only stipulation about obtaining this fabulous prize is that the winner must claim their gift the night of the Halloween Party event and they cannot use the gift card on Halloween, but it can be used any other day, 364 days of the year! J To enter my contest for a FREE sweatshirt and $25 gift card for Pierce Street Annex in Costa Mesa, please enter here —> a Rafflecopter giveaway<—– Winner will be announced on Thursday morning!  Due to the time sensitivity of this contest, winner will be expected to respond to my email within 2 hours that morning or new winner will be selected.

Pierce Street Annex, Costa Mesa, Halloween party costume contest
Rockstar Status 2012

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51 thoughts on “Pierce Street Annex – 38th Annual Halloween Party/Costume Contest and a Giveaway

  1. Lots of favorite moments there. Specially with D and T. One of them was when T had to save me from a creep thinking he was great looking that he had to lift his shirt to show his chest and said he was Italian, sexy, and he was all I needed. I couldn’t stop laughing then and I am still laughing about it right now. lmao

  2. Looks like a MUST DO! Does anyone know what time specifically the Costume Contest will start? I ask for logistical reasons….

      1. SO SAD! This was a joke! Asking people questions doesn’t do any good, no one there knows a thing! At five before 8 there were seven people in the place (there were more employees!), but the manager said he’d narrow down the contest start time to sometime before midnight (a four hour window!) He’s got nothing to do at the moment, but can’t take the time to even try to be polite! It was poorly run, with a bad attitude, and no concept on how a ‘promotion’ entices crowds or even works! I’d bet the entire prize money that they reneged on at least PART of the supposed $1,500 in cash prizes. IT WAS A JOKE! Sadly, THIS seems to be the experience at a lot of places this year, NO ONE seems to know what they’re doing! I’ve been to PSA before, but I’ll never go there again – EVER!

      2. I was a judge. There were alot of people there. We actually started at nine and we had about 75 contestants. My picture post will be up in an hour for that evidence. The entire contest was over before midnight. I actually was there as all of the contests received their cash prizes totaling to $1,400 in cash, so I am unsure of where you are getting your information from..the contest at Pierce Street always goes in three rounds…it has been that way since they started 38 years ago…they want people there so they can start giving numbers to people to get them in the contest and they are even nice enough to add some people that get there late to a second round..pretty generous if you ask me! The reason places get a bad name on yelp or other review sites are because of uninformed people like you. I am assuming you did not stay at Pierce Street because by about 10:30 pm you could not even move in there because it was soooo packed…see my pictures to come in the post…I am sorry you are so negative. 😦

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