color oops, hair color removal

How To Remove Hair Color From Your Hair in 20 Minutes for Under $15


color oops, hair color removal
Color Oops collage

I am so excited to share about a hair product that I fell in love with yesterday that removes color from your hair for under $15!  I have been dyeing my hair since the tender age of 14 and my hair has been through the gamut of every color…including black, red, green strips, blonde, and brown. I have been through every shade and like a lot of other women; I really enjoy experimenting with different looks!

color oops, hair color removal
Red 1

The past 15 years I have been boring in that I have only stuck with blonde and have just switched from dark blonde to light blonde in four different shades throughout the seasons each year, but this past May when I was invited in to have a color treatment by Nelson J Salon in Beverly Hills, I decided to go all out and make my hair red!!  I had not been a red head since I was 19 and I was so excited to have the color back. Nelson did such a fabulous job! See my article here for details –> NELSON j SALON BEVERLY HILLS. He also sells awesome conditioning products that you can read about here –> NELSON j PRODUCTS.


color oops, hair color removal
Red 1

I have now had my hair red since May 30 when Nelson colored it for me and it has looked beautiful, but red is really hard to keep!  Since I had my professional dye job by Nelson, I have dyed it two other times to keep the color fresh, to not have roots, and I have had to use red color depositing shampoo to keep in the color.  With red, I am unable to wash it daily, I need to dye my whole head of hair instead of just the roots, and I am afraid to dunk my head all the way into the Jacuzzi or swimming pool. You have to be so very careful with red, so I decided that I wanted to go back to my blonde color. It is summer and I love being lighter in the summer…

color oops, hair color removal
Extra Strength Color Oops

Yesterday I decided that I needed to stop doing red because it is unattainable to color my hair every 2 ½ weeks when roots start showing and I started to do some research and I found a product online that is sold in drugstores all over the place…take your pick CVS, Target, Walgreens, etc. and it was called “Color Oops.”  In reading about Color Oops, it was a hair color remover that gently removes permanent and semi-permanent color and it contains no ammonia, bleach or peroxide and it costs under $15!!  This truly sounded to good to be true…The process said it only took 20 minutes and you can recolor your hair the same day!!


color oops, hair color removal
Color Oops Before and After

I started to research Color Oops like crazy and read mass reviews online. I found so many positive reviews and of course a few negative ones as well…but what product or place does not have negative reviews, right?? After cautiously reading up on this product, I made my way over to my neighborhood salon, Modern Image in Lake Forest, which is also a hair and beauty supply store to get their opinion about the Color Oops product.  They had not seen this product before, so I ran over to buy one from CVS and brought it back to show them.  They were quite interested to see what would happen, considering they are awesome hair doctors (I call hairstylists hair doctors because they truly know some science to do the job).  I decided to try Color Oops first, rather than something in the salon because I have never used bleach before on my hair (except for the one time when I was 17 and had green strips in my hair) and I really did not want to do so.  I got in my car and told my friends at the salon I would be back to pick a color to put on my hair after I see the results of what Color Oops does to my hair.  I was nervous and worried my hair would turn orange, like a bad Sun-In treatment in the early 1980’s!

color oops, hair color removal
Right before Color Oops

As I got in my car and drove off, my excitement was building. I got home and started the 20 minute process immediately. One thing I will warn you of is that this product is very liquidly and not thick at all, so make sure you are standing over your sink so that the product can drip there as you apply it.  I waited the 20 minutes and was unsure of what to expect. It did smell bad for sure, but not any worse than dying your hair…


color oops, hair color removal
Extra Conditioning Color Oops

The rinse process is a long one and the longer you rinse your hair the more the hydrosulfites are able to reduce the dye molecules to return to your natural color before your last dye job.  You must rinse for at least 20 minutes and shampoo twice, then condition.  I admit my hair felt a little funky as I was rinsing this stuff out and I was nervous, but when I shampooed and conditioned and towel dried, I was excited to see that my hair looked the closest to my natural color I had not seen in years!!!

color oops, hair color removal
Right after Color Oops

I rushed back to the Modern Image Salon to share with them my new look and they thought it looked great and recommended I do not even dye it again and to just stick with it!  I totally appreciated their honest opinion and they seemed really happy for me.  For now, that is what I have decided to do…I do have a concert coming up in a few weeks and may try to go lighter before then, but for now I am a dark blonde/light golden brown and I love it!


color oops, hair color removal
After Color Oops 2

If you are thinking of checking out Color Oops made by Developus (also the maker of my amazing salon strength hair dye, Satin Care I have been using for 10 years or so) you totally should!!!  The only types of color this product will not take out are the fake unnatural colors, such as blue, green, purple, pink, etc; but if you want to remove color and start over, this is the product for you!!!  Let me know if you have used Color Oops below and how it worked for you!! To read more about Color Oops made by Developus, go to their website.  I would love to hear your thoughts below whether you have used this product or if you are interested in doing so!!

color oops, hair color removal
Excited Selfies with New Color



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22 thoughts on “How To Remove Hair Color From Your Hair in 20 Minutes for Under $15

  1. Cool product – in the past I’ve had many a hair opps! so I wish I’d know about it back then. good to know for the future though (although your hair always looks great!)

      1. Am wanting to go back to my original colour which is a auburn I was suppose to have blonde with brown highlights she did it the other way. Then I wanted blonde with purple highlights she did it the other way. I hate it.

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