AAA membership, discounts and services
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Why should you join AAA? AAA is one of those funny things where if you are a member, you cannot imagine not being one, but if you are not a member you think of it as one of those things that you probably should have, but will look into it later.  I am here to share the details about AAA with youa dn why you should look into it now! J It personally cracks me up because my membership says that I have been a member for 44 years and I am only 37 years old!  It is funny how every member is grandfathered in to the length of time their parents have been memberships if your membership starts when you are still a minor!

AAA membership, discounts and services
Dani with AAA Card

I am one of those people that have had AAA for a very long time and I do not always reap the benefits because quite frankly, I am unsure of what all of them are…There are two reasons I have decided to do this series of articles. One of them is because I am fuzzy on what all of my benefits are and I need a refresher and the other reason is  because from time to time readers ask me to find deals for them & I always end up finding deals for so many of their requests on AAA.


AAA membership, discounts and services
Me and my old Toyota Corolla

I have owned 4 cars in my time and each one of them has been serviced through AAA!  Speaking of cars…If you seriously want to get you car for the best price…totally different story…go to the Costco Auto Program…Read about it here.–> COSTCO AUTO PROGRAM. Alright, getting back on track now…:)

I have personally used AAA for road service when I am in trouble.  I have also used them to get hotel discounts when I am booking online and I see the AAA rate offered…That seems to be the only time deals for AAA trigger my memory. I have also used them when I travel to go ask for advice about places to go and they give you free maps and you can buy discounted books about different destinations to travel.  In this article I would like to share the features of being a AAA member and what they have to offer.  In Part 2, read about all of the discounts you can get from AAA! PART 2- DISCOUNTS.

AAA membership, discounts and services

Please remember that although AAA is throughout the United States and while AAA throughout the US does share most of the same services, there may be discrepancies of variation from state to state. Too look up your state and what they have to offer, click here –> AAA IN YOUR STATE. Some great features offered by AAA Nationwide do include:

  • Roadside Help anytime.
  • DMV Registration Services in your local branch
  • Discounts
  • Auto Insurance
  • Travel Agency
  • Help to buy and care for your car
  • Identity theft monitoring
  • Home improvement and repair network
  • Driver’s Ed programs for teens
  • Online traffic school


AAA membership, discounts and services
Membership options

There are three different levels of Automobile Club benefits which include Classic, AAA Plus & AAA Premiere.  You can see the chart here to see all of the differences –> AAA MEMBERSHIPS. These memberships range from $48- $104.  This is really a great deal when you think of all you get, such as peace of mind when driving, discounts, and other goodies. 🙂

AAA membership, discounts and services
Dani Driving the Ring of Kerry In Ireland

In addition to helping with roadside service when you are stuck (AAA will replace your car battery and tow you where you need to go, as well as a variety of other things.), there are also travel packages and discounts!!  I love this. If you are an active person and like to explore the world while saving money, AAA discounts and travel are the way to go!


AAA membership, discounts and services
Toyota Camry I learned to Drive in – Yes, that is a 15 year old me

Another fabulous feature of AAA is their insurance program.  I have had my home and auto insurance with AAA for a long time and they seem to do a great job!  There were so many ways to get my insurance discounted as a member as well. I definitely think insurance with AAA is something else to inquire about if you are looking to purchase insurance!  Here is the link for more details about that –> AAA INSURANCE

Read Part 2 here all about the different discounts offered from AAA, so you can become a member and start taking advantage of the benefits!  There are so many great ways to save as a AAA member and so many places to go! 🙂 Visit their website for more information!

AAA membership, discounts and services
Me and my old burgundy Toyota Camry

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