the orignal stuft scone, hood kitchen space, orange county

The Original Stuft Scone – Order Yours Online Now


the orignal stuft scone, hood kitchen space, orange county
The Hood Commercial Kitchen, Costa Mesa

On Friday I stopped by the Hood Kitchen Space to check out some freshly made scones from scratch.  A week prior I had been invited to check out “The Original Stuft Scone” at the Hood Kitchen Space in Costa Mesa by Chef Jayne and her husband/business partner, Richard.:) Chef Jayne has been baking her scones for more than 20 years, so I was excited to see what these scones had to offer. 

the orignal stuft scone, hood kitchen space, orange county
Freshly Baked Scones 2


Chef Jayne and her husband Richard, started The Original Stuft Scone Inc. this year in 2014.  Jayne is using recipes that have been perfected over the past 20 years, and all of her scones are hand made in the 5,400 square foot commercial kitchen called The Hood in Costa Mesa, California.


the orignal stuft scone, hood kitchen space, orange county
Chef Jayne Icing Scones fresh from the oven

Chef Jayne graduated from the Orange Coast College Culinary Arts program in 2006 and she brings to us some amazing flavors of scones that are stuffed with a variety of different delicious fillings, both sweet and savory!

the orignal stuft scone, hood kitchen space, orange county
My 3 Fresh Scones Prior to being devoured

I brought home 3 varieties of scones to try at home from a variety of 9 different flavors currently available!  All of the Jayne’s scones are uniquely named after different Orange County cities.  In the future they plan to do seasonal varieties as well!

As of now, scones are available for purchase online at the website link that can be found in first paragraph.  If you are a local coffee shop or café that would like to carry their product also feel free to reach out to them.  Their contact info can be found on their website.  Current scone varieties available include:

  • “San Clemente” – Currant
  • “Orange Coast” – Cranberry & Orange
  • “CHP’s” – Chocolate Chip
  • “La Habra Peno” – Cheddar & Jalapeno
  • “San Juan” – Stuffed with peanut butter & chocolate
  • “Strawberry Jamboree” – Strawberry jam topped with vanilla icing
  • “Coto Cream” – stuffed with non-dairy cream
  • “Surf City Cinnamon” – Stuffed with cinnamon paste
  • “Pacific Paradise” – Pineapple jam & toasted coconut topping
the orignal stuft scone, hood kitchen space, orange county
Chef Jayne and Hubby Robert With Scones

Traditional scones (top 3 above) are $10 for 4 scones and all scones below are $12 for 4 scones.  All orders must be placed before 2pm the day prior to assure proper delivery.

the orignal stuft scone, hood kitchen space, orange county
Fresh Stuft Scones

The three scones that I personally took home to try were the La Habra Peno – Cheddar & Jalapeno, the San Juan, stuffed with peanut butter and chocolate, and the Pacific Paradise (an OC Fair winner this year) stuffed with pineapple jam and covered with a coconut topping!  I loved all three of these and each of them had completely different flavor profiles as you could imagine considering there were 2 sweet and one savory. 

the orignal stuft scone, hood kitchen space, orange county
La Habra Peno – Cheddar and Jalapeno – Original Stuft Scone

The cheddar & jalapeno had a great amount of filling inside and overall this scone was the most satisfying of the three for us.  I thoroughly enjoyed the filling of the pineapple jam and coconut topping, although in the future I would like to see a little more filling inside to spread throughout the scone….or maybe a small side of pineapple jam to add on top? 🙂  I also really loved the peanut Butter and chocolate scone; the only thing I did add to mine was some strawberry jam. I loved the peanut butter & jelly idea! 🙂  I love the idea of being able to order extra topping spreads, but that is just me…I foresee there being many fresh innovative ideas to come with these scones upon purchase.

the orignal stuft scone, hood kitchen space, orange county
Pacific Paradise – Pineapple Jam and Toasted Coconut Topping – Original Stuft Scone

Both Jayne & Richard are very friendly and are willing to customize and make new scone creations, just ask them.:)  They have even had “design your own scone” contests on their facebook page in the past. 🙂

All three of these scones were fresh in flavor and I thoroughly enjoyed eating them. I look forward to seeing what other unique and innovative flavors “The Original Stuft Scone” will come up with in the future!  Which one of these scones would you like to try? Do you have any new flavors of scones you would recommend for this business? Please share your thoughts below! 🙂

the orignal stuft scone, hood kitchen space, orange county
Me with Chef Jayne & Richard

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23 thoughts on “The Original Stuft Scone – Order Yours Online Now

  1. The jalapeno and cheese looks fantastic. I’m also a sucker for all things tropical. I may have to give the pineapple coconut a try. 🙂

    1. ThankS for the comment love Heather!:) They were all great, but that pineapple one did also win OC Fair awards which I thought was pretty cool! Hopefully they sell side fillings soon to add! Let me know what you think when you try them!! Yumm!:) Have a great day!!:)

  2. I love coming to your website, but you always tease me with such deliciousness haha.

    These look so good, wish I can taste them, just love a couple thousands if miles too far haha.

  3. Those all sound so good! I love the three choices you made. I agree, that there should be an option to have a side of filling. Scones are good, but these look even better…so unique!

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