wine tasting for free, total wine and more, wine
Dani at Huntington Beach Total Wine and More Store

Hello out there all of you wine lovers! I have some fabulous news that I have been keeping a secret for quite awhile now…and maybe we should not let the secret out to too many or these events will become too packed, but Total Wine & More has weekly 10 cent wine tastings that take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday each and every week in all Total Wine & More stores around the US!!  Every week, Total Wine & More Stores feature a new theme for their wines at their tasting table!

To be honest with you, I found out about this event last year by mistake when I was attending a Rhone Valley Wine Tasting course in Huntington Beach. You can read about Rhone Valley wines from France here –> WINE CLASS ABOUT RHONE VALLEY.  Anyhow, after leaving my wine class, I noticed a

wine tasting for free, total wine and more, wine
10 Cent Tasting Fee – Total Wine

crowd of people in the center of the store around a table with a variety of 5 different wines with a sign next to them that read, “Tasting Fee 10 cents!!”  I quickly made my way to the table to inquire and it was true…for a nominal fee of 10 cents, I could try those five wines as much as I chose to do so!!!


wine tasting for free, total wine and more, wine
A variety of wine in Total Wine and More

The awesome thing about the 10 cent wine sale is that it happens weekly & 3 days a week nonetheless!!!  I live in the state of California & they have to legally charge something if they choose to serve alcohol on the premises, hence the 10 cents, but for those of you in other states, the tasting is completely FREE, no 10 cents needed!!!  I am jealous! 🙂

All of the tasting themes for these amazing 10 cent tastings & even FREE in some states can be found on the website calendar here: Total Wine Calendar. You can identify which tastings are the weekly 10 cent ones by where the price says “Nominal tasting fee.” 

wine tasting for free, total wine and more, wine
Dani and HB Wine Instructor at Total Wine

Total Wine & More Stores are located throughout the US in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, & Washington!!  Tasting events range from either 12-6 or 1-7 depending on your store and date the wine tasting is offered.  See the local calendar link above to see when and where your 10 cent or FREE wine tasting event is weekly!!


wine tasting for free, total wine and more, wine
Try all of these wines for 10 cents – Total Wine

Even if you are not a wine person or are a less experienced wine drinker, these tastings are a great way to learn about wine or see what types of wine you would enjoy without spending very much money!

When I was at the tasting event, they were also allowing you to get 10% off of any of the bottles you tasted for the day which I thought was pretty cool!  I am not sure of if that is something that happens every time or if it was a special in particular that day, but I would ask about it. 🙂 It never hurts to ask! Have you been to this awesome event before?  Tell me about your experience in the comments below! 

wine tasting for free, total wine and more, wine
Total Wine and More Store Locations

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wine tasting for free, total wine and more, wine
Double FIsted Dani at Total Wine

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