Cuisinart, coffee maker, long lasting, great price

Cuisinart Coffeemaker Lasts 10 Years and is a Great Price

Cuisinart, coffee maker, long lasting, great price
Out with the old, in with the new

How many of you out there love your morning daily dose of coffee?  If you are anything like me you actually look forward to it!  I was not always this way…I would say it started almost 10 years ago when I put a coffeemaker on my wedding registry as an item I would like to receive as a gift.  There were some days that I would stop at a Starbucks or an am/pm for a coffee or I would forgo the whole procedure, but after my aunt and uncle purchased the coffeemaker I had selected for my registry, everything changed!

Cuisinart, coffee maker, long lasting, great price
Cuisinart Thermal Coffeemaker

When making your wedding registry, you try to select a variety of items that you would not normally buy for yourself or items that are too high of a price tag when just starting out your future lives together.  I had cheesy little $20 coffeemakers in the past, but I decided to pick the nice $100 Cuisinart coffeemaker off the Robinson’s May (yes that store was my registry…I know it no longer exists & I miss it dearly!!!) registry simply because I had never owned a nice coffeemaker before and because my husband and I got a little scan happy scanning every item in the store to add to our registry!  That makes me crave another wedding! 🙂 When you get married it is truly one of the only times you can take a little scanner gun to walk around the store and decide what you would like to receive and actually receive them all on one special day! 

Cuisinart, coffee maker, long lasting, great price
Saying goodbye to my Cuisinart of almost 10 years

My Cuisnart Coffeemaker wedding gift from my aunt & uncle was shipped to me when they purchased it off of my registry online & I was pretty excited when it arrived.  I got the coffeemaker in April 2005 & I am happy to report that it lasted up until just this past month until the vary first week of July when it decided to give out.  I have to say, I never thought the life of a coffeemaker could be from April 2005 – July 2014!  That is almost 10 years. I spoke to some of my friends and family that explained to me their coffeemakers usually only are good for 2 or 3 years, so I must recommend this one to all of you because for the price and the amount of time it lasts and how well it works, it is definitely a Dani’s Decadent Deal!

Cuisinart, coffee maker, long lasting, great price
Thermal vs. Carafe Cuisinart Coffeemaker

This specific Cuisnart Coffee maker comes in two different styles…there is one with a thermal carafe and one with a glass carafe.  When my coffee pot broke, I did not think I would find the same model and so I searched everywhere online and found one at a store 20 minutes from home, put it on hold, and drove out the next day to pick it up. I brought home my new Cuisinart Coffee maker and was super excited since I had been missing out on my daily fix for 2 weeks and I had to drive to am/pm every day!  When I got home I took a photo with it that I put on my Dani’s Decadent Deals facebook page and one of my fans wrote me, “That is the best coffeepot, but I need the thermal pot because I always crack the glass one.”  After she said that, it was only then that I realized I had bought the wrong one!!!

Cuisinart, coffee maker, long lasting, great price
Excited with my New Cofeemaker before realizing I had wrong one

I also like the thermal pot…The Cuisnart model with the thermal pot is more sturdy (obviously cannot break) and the base is also made with metal which is much sturdier than the plastic base in my opinion.  I thanked my reader for making me aware because in my excitement I had not even noticed that I bought the wrong Cuisinart model.  I quickly found the thermal Cuisinart Coffeemaker model on Amazon, purchased it and waited another week for it to arrive.:) 

Cuisinart, coffee maker, long lasting, great price
Hello New coffeemaker…oops I got the glass one…needs to return

The Cuisinart Model that I am referring to in this article is Model DGB-650BC, the 10 Cup Grind & Brew and it is well worth the price at under $130!  I got this coffee maker on sale for $109 & it is normally $129 on their website.  The non-thermal version, with the glass coffee pot, costs a little under $100 on sale, but is normally around $109.  The metal base and coffee pot is well worth the extra $20 for a product that I know is going to last a long time!! The thermal carafe is much more well insulated, and this coffeemaker comes with a grinder (both thermal and glass), so every other month I simply purchase a bag of Starbucks coffee beans from Costco and voila….There is also a setting to have your coffee brew every morning on it’s own…I personally have not played around wit that setting yet.:)  Do any of you out there have this coffeemaker?  What do you think?  I love that something for $140 or so with tax can last me a good 10 years!  Enjoy your coffee! 🙂

Cuisinart, coffee maker, long lasting, great price
Super happy with my fianl selection – The thermal Cuisinart coffemaker

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